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EDIT: OR-MSR Heat Exchanger - Suzi Gibson

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    Hi Suzi, Thanks for your OR. When you post these edits or submit future ORs, please also include a link to the HTML file in the test folder. Below are your
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 6, 2008
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      Hi Suzi,

      Thanks for your OR. When you post these edits or submit future ORs, please also include a
      link to the HTML file in the test folder.

      Below are your initial edits using BGT's conventional EDIT (must edit to comply with BGT
      standards), Edit (you should probably do these) and Comments (just that).

      Please repost your OR with both the text of the OR and a link to the HTML file in the test

      BGT OR Editor

      >Owner Review May 31, 2008
      EDIT: This will need to be corrected when you submit the OR to the BGT site.

      >Weight: 165 lbs (74.8 kg)
      Edit: We prefer lb to lbs.

      >City, State, Country: Anderson, SC, USA
      EDIT: Spell out South Carolina

      >Date: May 31, 2008
      EDIT: Cut this, you already have it at the top.

      >Backpacking Background:
      Edit: In this section, change lbs to lb.
      Edit: Also, you're at 104 words. If any seem unnecessary, you could cut them out. You're
      close to 100 though, so it's not a big deal.

      >Weight as Delivered: N/T
      EDIT: I don't know what "N/T" stands for, but it doesn't matter since you do need to weigh
      this yourself.
      EDIT: Please give some measurements as well (height, diameter – does the diameter

      >Product description (from MSR):
      EDIT: Cut this section. You need to describe the product in your own words.

      >MSRP: US$39.95
      EDIT: I couldn't find this product on the MSR website. If the MSRP really is $39.95, then
      leave it in. If this is a retail price, cut it.

      I used the MSR heat exchanger
      EDIT: Heat Exchanger

      >on numerous backpacking and car camping trips starting with its purchase in 2003.
      EDIT: Please say approximately how many trips and how many days it has been used.

      >(<10 mph or 16 kpm).
      EDIT: 16 km/h.

      >I even used it post Hurricane Ivan (September 2004) to prepare meals and increase fuel
      EDIT: That's cool information to add about using it at home after the hurricane, but I don't
      know what you mean by increasing fuel efficiency. Compared to using something else? It's

      >Design and Construction:
      EDIT: Ah-ha. I think this is your product description. Stick this description stuff up in the
      section above. You can use a few quoted words from MSR and/or double-check what they
      say to make sure you touched on the key points, but you can't use their whole description.
      EDIT: You'll need to start with a first sentence that says what a heat exchanger is. (Is this
      a common word – are products like this all called "heat exchangers?" I'm asking because
      I've never heard of it.)

      >On one side of the frame, there is a latch that can attach to one of two eyes on the
      opposing end of the heat exchanger depending on what size pot is being used.
      Comment: So is it only adjustable to two positions?

      >All together, the entire unit is a mere 6 oz (170 g).
      EDIT: Use the weight you measured.

      >The MSR heat exchanger
      EDIT: Heat Exchanger

      >Securing the heat exchanger to the pot is as simple as sliding your pot
      EDIT: But I don't have one. You mean YOUR pot.

      >into the heat exchanger
      EDIT: Heat Exchanger

      >The latch and thumb wheel assembly are easy to operate and secured to my pots very
      EDIT: secured the Heat Exchanger to my pots very well.

      >I did find it tricky to pull my pots off the stove with the heat exchanger in place.
      EDIT: Why?

      >The heat exchanger can be nested
      EDIT: Heat Exchanger

      >MSR cookpots
      Edit: cook pots

      >however it doesn't pack up efficiently and takes up precious space
      EDIT: Why?

      >The other drawback is that the design can make it tricky to clean in the field when food
      gets spilled on it.
      Edit: How have you remedied this? Or do you wait until you get home?

      * Can be tricky to pull pots off the stove with the pot grabber
      * Takes up a bit of space as the brace prevents it from folding up more
      EDIT: You need to mention these specifics in the body of the report as well.
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