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EDIT: Owner Review - Montrail Torre GTX - Sophie Pearson

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    Hi Sophie, Thanks for your owner review. Your initial edits are below and take the following format: EDIT: Must be fixed to comply with BackpackGearTest (BGT)
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 2, 2008
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      Hi Sophie,

      Thanks for your owner review. Your initial edits are below and take the following format:

      EDIT: Must be fixed to comply with BackpackGearTest (BGT) standards.
      Edit: Should be changed.
      Comment: Something to think about or just something random.

      When you have made the changes, please upload your new HTML version of your OR to the
      Tests/Owner Reviews folder on Backpackgeartest.org (you must be logged in to do so).
      Please include the URL for the OR in the test folder along with the plain text of the OR in a
      post to this Yahoo group. Your subject heading should read "REPOST OR – Product Name –
      Your Name".

      If you haven't already, you will need to read through our documentation pages detailing
      the BGT requirements. They can be found here:

      All Test Reports require photos of the gear. While we do not insist on the inclusion of
      photos in your first Owner Review, we do strongly encourage you to do so. Your second
      Owner Review will require a photo.

      We have an excellent mentor program that we recommend to all newcomers. It was
      established to help all newcomers through the somewhat confusing process of becoming
      gear testers. If you'd like a mentor, please contact the mentor coordinator, Jenn E., at
      mentor AT backpackgeartest.org. Please include "Mentor Request" in your subject line.

      Before you can become a tester with BGT, you must sign the Tester Agreement, which can
      be found here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BackpackGearTest/files/1%20BGT-

      The signed agreement should be forwarded to
      C Carnes
      18 E Earle Street
      Greenville, SC 29609

      On to your edits…

      BGT OR Editor

      >*Montrail Torre GTX*
      EDIT: Add the word "boots" so we know what the product is.
      Comment: I think underlined or bold headings will be more obvious in your HTML.
      EDIT: Next line needs to say "Owner Review"
      EDIT: The next line below that needs to have the date.

      >Height: 1.71m (5' 7")
      >Weight: 81kg (179lbs)
      Comment: It's okay to put feet, inches and pounds first, if you want. Most of the
      Americans at BGT do.
      EDIT: put a space between the number and m, kg, etc.
      EDIT: we prefer you use lb instead of lbs.
      EDIT: we also need any other info relevant to the particular test or review – in this case,
      add in your usual shoe size (no conversion necessary, but do say that it's US women's [or
      men's or whatever size you usually use]).

      >City, State, Country: Tampa, Fl USA
      EDIT: Write out Florida, the foreigners don't get our two-letter abbreviations.

      >Date: May 20, 2008
      EDIT: This doesn't need to be here (I know this is where it was in the old example online,
      but just stick it up where I said near the top instead).

      >*Backpacking Background*: I first started backpacking as a teenager. I did
      a month-long trip in the Arctic but most of my backpacking experience has
      been weekend to 10 day trips, in a range of terrains and climates. I am a
      volcanologist so also do day hikes carrying loaded packs over intense
      terrain. Nowadays I am nearly always in hot climates and I am heading more
      and more towards ultralight packing.
      Comment: AWESOME! Are you in school now? I'm a geologist, too. My research is actually
      in Florida.
      EDIT: Your background is only 68 words, so you have some wiggle room to add in a few
      other things. Keeping it under 100 words, please add in your typical pack weight and say
      whether you're including consumables or what. Also helpful is saying whether you usually
      use a tent or a hammock or what. If you want, you could give an estimate of what hot is
      and be sure to include both F and C.

      >URL: www.montrail.com
      EDIT: For your HTML, you will need to make this a clickable link to the Montrail website.

      >Listed weight: 0.65kg (1lb 7oz)
      >Weight as delivered: 0.73kg (1lb 10oz)
      EDIT: put spaces between the numbers and units
      EDIT: is this per pair? Does the manufacturer say what size boot they use for the
      measurement (because that could explain your higher weight)?

      >MSRP: $150
      EDIT: I couldn't find this on their website. If this is really an MSRP from the website or
      shoebox, great. If it's a retail price, get rid of it and just say, "N/A".

      >Product description:
      Edit: This section is hugely important, so I'd like to see this as a whole new heading.

      >A medium weight, waterproof hiking boot. Leather with a
      vibram sole and goretex lining. High cut for ankle support.
      EDIT: This section needs to be a big chunk of your report going into the nitty gritty details
      of the boots. Your three short sentences here can be stuck together to make a good first
      sentence, but then you'll need to go into a lot more detail about these boots. The point of
      the review is to have something that's not available on the manufacturer's website, so
      you'll need to come up with your own good description. Check out some of the other boot
      reviews to get an idea: http://www.BackpackGearTest.org/reviews/Footwear/Boots/
      I'll list a few questions that come to my mind when thinking about boots, but don't let
      these limit you: What materials are the boots made from? How high do the boots go on
      your ankles? Is there a lot of cushioning material on the ankles? Is there good traction on
      the boots? Do they have Vibram (capital V) soles? Do you use the insoles that came with
      them? I like to separate out the opinion and comfort info like you've done in your review
      below, but you do need to give a good description up here.

      >I have had these boots for over two years and they have seen pretty much all
      you can imagine. From day hikes up volcanoes in Nicaragua and Ecuador, to
      long weekends in the Appalachians (Georgia and W Virginia) and the desert in
      Utah, to 10 day trips in the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. Terrain has gone
      from flat sand in Florida, to mountainous trails, to extremely uneven, rocky
      lava flows (believe me, boots do not like those!) Weather from 35°C (95°F)
      to sub-zero snowing to torrential rainstorms. They have seen it all and
      served me great throughout.
      Edit: This is good. If you can (this might be really hard with this much use), could you give
      an estimate of how much mileage you've put on these boots?
      Edit: You don't need the degree symbol in there.
      EDIT: sub-zero would need to be converted, so it's best just to say freezing

      >I had a pair of La Sportiva Nepal Top hiking boots for many years. Finally
      the solid soles and heavy weight were too much for me and I decided to get a
      mid-weight boot for my backpacking and fieldwork.
      EDIT: The La Sportiva's don't have anything to do with this, so it'd be better to just say you
      used to use heavy leather boots (or whatever they were), but decided to get…

      >I have wide, fairly short
      feet and tried on every boot that REI had in store. The REI spirit III
      backpacking boots were the only reasonable fit, but six months and many
      trips later they were still giving me blisters so I went back to REI and
      found the Montrail Torre GTX. It was love at first sight!
      EDIT: Cut out this whole part about REI and other boots that didn't fit.

      >They did not give me blisters or really require any breaking in. I have only had blisters 2
      or 3 times out of many trips, and that has been hiking recently in extreme heat in Florida
      where my feet have swollen.
      EDIT: So um…blisters? Or no blisters?

      >Sometimes the tongue rubs on my instep a little bit too, but after readjustment it's not a
      Edit: By fixing the laces?

      >I have also found that my feet are far less tired and achy than they used to be, or
      than my hiking companions generally complain about.
      Edit: Compared with full leather boots?

      >Unusually, the wide fitting for these boots really is wide. The heel is
      snug but the toe area has lots of space.
      Comment: That alone makes me want to go buy these! J

      >High insteps have always made it
      difficult to find boots that lace and fit comfortably (I know, I have
      strange feet!)
      Comment: Wait, I might just be foot-stupid, but is the instep the top part of the foot
      opposite the arch? That's the part of my foot that makes me love or hate boots.

      >but after some readjusting of the boot tongue these are
      flexible enough and lace high enough to get them to really fit any foot
      EDIT: Ooh, this is nearly projection and we're only allowed to talk about our own
      experience. So, instead try, "…to really fit my foot shape." And you can throw in "strange"
      if you like here!

      >The flexibility also means that they do not rub on my ankles, a
      problem I have had with previous boots.
      Edit/Comment: Do you mean at the back? Yeah, that's the worst.

      >The ankle support has saved me many
      times in uneven, rocky lava flows which put a lot of strain on the ankles.
      Comment: Aa! That sounds painful! Oh thank goodness you got me for an editor…

      >a real problem but it doesn't look as good and might cause a problem with
      waterproofness eventually.
      Edit/Comment: Okay, this is kind of almost borderline projection again because it hasn't
      actually caused a problem. I think the best way to deal with this is to say that although it
      hasn't caused a problem with the waterproofness so far, you're worried it might eventually
      (so in other words, specifically say that the waterproofness hasn't been affected).

      >The boots hold up really well in a range of weather conditions.
      Edit: To make sure the reader knows you're talking only about your own experience, say
      they "held up".

      >I use smartwool socks
      EDIT: That's a brand name and it's SmartWool.

      Edit: Your summary is great. Though it might be a bit redundant, it would also be nice to
      have pro and con (you can call them something else) lists with at least three bullet points
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