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Repost:: EDITED Merrell Mesa II Ventilator Mid-Rise Hiking Boots

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  • karguo
    Hi Rodger, Thought that you might have missed this. Thanks for all your help! Kara ... Rodger, thanks for the editing. I ve made all the changes and up loaded
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      Hi Rodger,

      Thought that you might have missed this. Thanks for all your help!


      Rodger, thanks for the editing. I've made all the changes and up
      loaded the html file on the site -

      Please let me know if you have any more suggests or edits. I find
      this process to be very helpful and its great to have someone
      constructively edit my writing and explain the rational behind the
      changes. Thanks for that!

      Kara Stanley


      Merrell Mesa II Ventilator Mid-Rise Hiking Boots
      By Kara Stanley
      April 25, 2008


      NAME: Kara Stanley
      EMAIL: karguo (at) yahoo dot com
      AGE: 25
      LOCATION: Washington, DC
      GENDER: F
      HEIGHT: 5' 10" (1.78 m)
      WEIGHT: 170 lb (77.10 kg)

      I backpacking for the first time in 2006 and am now hooked on it. I
      have hiked most of my life, though growing up the in South most of my
      hikes were flat land or small hills. Since moving to the DC area I
      have really gotten into hiking, doing both day hikes and multi-day
      backpacking trips, but warm weather hikes only! Since I am on a tight
      budget I tend to have heavier gear, but am hoping to covert to a
      lighter hiking style as money permits.

      Product Infomation:

      Manufacturer: Merrell
      Manufacture Date: 2006
      URL: <<HYPERLINK GOES HERE - "http://www.merrellboot.com/" LINK TEXT
      = "Merrell Boots">>
      Style: Mesa II Ventilator Hiking Boot
      MSRP: n/a
      Size: Women's US size 11 (Available in women's US sizing 5-11,
      including 1/2 sizes to 10)
      Color: Taupe
      Listed Weight: Both boots: 1 kg (2 lbs, 3 oz)
      Actual Weight: Both boots: 850 g (1 lb, 14 oz)
      Material: 1.6 mm (0.06 in) pigskin leather with breathable mesh
      panels upper and mesh lining, Benecke Ceaprene® toe bumper,
      breathable Ventilator bellows tongue.
      Warranty: "Merrell's warranty program applies to defective materials
      and workmanship and lasts for one year on shoes and boots and 90 days
      on sport sandals from the date of purchase."

      Product Description

      These are mid-rise light weight hiking boots which are a mix of gray
      leather and mesh with a dark green toe and heel bumpers and black and
      tan soles that have a grippy oval pattern on them. They lace through
      4 ribbon loops, one metal loop and finish off with metal hooks, which
      make them easy-on easy-off.

      and sole view">>

      Field Use:

      I purchased these boots in early August 2006 about a month before a 2-
      day hike. Since then I have worn them on everything from rocks to
      pavement to gravel trails, hiking over 170 miles in them to date.
      Most of the hikes have occurred in Northern Virginia and Southern
      Maryland, mostly along the Appalachian Trail and in Shenandoah
      National Park. Elevation ranges from about 1,500 to 3,500' (457 m to
      1,067 m). I did complete two four-day hikes, one in Glacier NP and
      the other in the Grand Tetons, total mileage about 70 miles (113 km)
      in a 10-day period (two off days between hikes).

      Product Review:

      I purchased the boots because I have weak ankles that often twist
      when walking on loose rocks and needed a mid-high boot that wasn't
      too heavy or too pricey. The Mesa II fit the bill and were available
      in a women's size 11, a size that is often hard to find.

      These boots are a mid-high boot that provides a good amount of ankle
      support for the lower ankle. Before purchasing them, I hiked in
      running shoes and often turned my ankles on loose rocks. Since I've
      started wearing the boots the number of times I twist my ankles while
      hiking has been reduced by approximately 85%. The fit is good, I have
      wide feet but these fit well even with thick wool hiking socks on. I
      did not break in the boots before doing a 20-mile 2-day hike and did
      not get any blisters. For the last half of the hike it was drizzling
      and the boots became damp, but still did not rub blisters. The only
      blister I've got was a result of the socks I wore on a 15 miles walk
      on a hard-packed dirt trail. Since switching sock types I've been
      blister free.

      They are a great 3 season boot as the ventilation mesh allows air to
      pass through. I would not recommend them for cold weather or cool
      windy conditions as the mesh allows the wind to cut right through the
      boot. They are by no means waterproof or very water resistant, even
      after the application of a fabric and leather waterproofer. That
      being said I have worn them with wool hiking socks during a spring
      storm and still found them to be comfortable and not rub blisters
      even though my feet blister easily.

      While hiking I have found that they are great on rocks as hardly
      anything can be felt through the sole, but what is felt helps me to
      keep in touch with the walking surface. I find that they are a bit
      uncomfortable when hiking on hard packed surfaces such as dirt roads
      and paved paths. This could probably be eliminated with gel-insoles,
      but since I do most of my hiking on dirt and rock paths I haven't
      bothered to try this. These boots were great on my two four-day hikes
      carrying a pack of about 40 lb (18 kg). My friend had horrid heavy
      boots which gave her blisters within the first five miles of the
      first day.

      My only complaint is that on the right boot the sole has started to
      separate from the boot in about three months ago. Since I am not good
      at keeping receipts, I have not tried to return them, I'll just glue
      it back down. Other then that they show moderate wear considering
      that I am very hard on my hiking boots and often hike with a 30 to 35
      lb (13.5 kg to 15.9 kg) backpack.

      that started to come unglued">>

      Overall they are a great boot at a great price. They feel more like a
      tennis shoe then a hiking boot. The ankle support they provide helps
      to reduce the chances of ankle twisting.

      Things I like:

      No break-in period needed
      Great ventilation
      Mid-rise provides added ankle support for those with weak ankles

      Things I don't like:

      Not warm enough for winter hikes
      Sole started to separate after about 6 months of use

      This report was created with the BGT Report Generator.
      Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.
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