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EDIT/APPROVAL: Owner Review - MSR PocketRocket - Joshua Coatsworth

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  • edwardripleyduggan
    Thanks, Josh, Good timing. Today finds me home, not working! For future reference (no big deal, but it makes the lot of editors easier, and is required) do
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      Thanks, Josh,

      Good timing. Today finds me home, not working! For future reference
      (no big deal, but it makes the lot of editors easier, and is required)
      do remember to provide the URL to your OR in the test folder along
      with the text version. No big deal--I went straight to it.

      I do have a few edits for you. After correction, you may upload to the


      When uploading your Owner Review, please ensure you select the button
      marked Owner Review.

      If you require assistance with your upload, please ask in our Yahoo!
      support group,

      BGTFileUploadHelp @

      As this is your second approved review, if you have submitted a Tester
      Agreement, for which see:


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      the testing process by applying for tests. If you have not sent your
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      You will also need to join:


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      However, please don't stop writing Owner Reviews. The more Owner
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      > OWNER REVIEW: MSR PocketRocket
      > OR
      > February 03, 2008

      ### EDIT: MSR PocketRocket Stove [we generally specify the type of
      gear in the title]

      Owner Review appears twice in the review title--please omit the first
      or second appearance, whichever is easier.

      I am averaging 18-24 lbs depending on the time of year.

      ### EDIT: I should have been on this before! There should be a metric
      conversion here--18-24 lb (8-11 kg). As a general rule, BGT prefers a
      simple "lb" to "lbs" for pounds

      > Manufacturer: MSR - Mountain Safety Research
      > Year of Manufacture: 2001
      > Manufacturer's Website: <<HYPERLINK GOES HERE -
      "http://www.msrgear.com/" LINK TEXT = "www.msrgear.com/">>
      > MSRP: US$ 39.99
      > Listed Weight: 3 oz (85 g)
      > Measured Weight: 3 oz (85 g) - stove only, no case
      > 4 oz (113 g) - including case
      > Fuel: MSR IsoPro Isobutane Canister (Approximately 60 minutes per
      > Fuel Canister Weight: 8 oz (227 g)
      > **Picture courtesy of MSR
      > FIELD USE
      > The MSR PocketRocket was used on multiple day backpacking trips on
      local parts of the Appalachian Trail between Lebanon, Pennsylvania and
      Hamburg, Pennsylvania. The temperatures varied from 30 degrees
      Fahrenheit (-1 C) to about 90 degrees Fahrenheit

      ### EDIT: Please convert all occurrences of the word "Fahrenheit" to
      simply "F", e.g. 30 F (-1 C) in the example above

      I have used an MSR Titan Kettle and a set of Snowpeak Ti

      ###COMMENT: Did you know SnowPeak uses titanium from (and I quote)
      "expired submarines?" I didn't.

      The stove is very easy to set up by twisting the canister on to the
      Iso canister and folding out the pot supports.

      ### EDIT: Something went wrong here.

      "The PocketRocket is very easy to set up by twisting the stove onto
      the canister and folding out the pot supports."

      As written, you have one too many canisters in the sentence! I'd drop

      The controls for the stove are easy to use even with gloves on.
      The flame control is adjustable and the stove is ignited by hand. I
      must always have an item to light the stove with (lighter, matches,
      Strike-Force, etc). The flame is a torch-like flame and has a wide
      array of adjustments. When adjusted to simmer the boiling times get
      longer and the wind deflector does almost nothing for the stove. The
      controls are very smooth and allow you to adjust to a quicker, hotter
      flame which I use the most
      > to boil my water for my Mountain House meals. I have used an MSR
      Titan Kettle and a Snowpeak Ti set of pots for cooking on this stove
      and both seem to yield the same results.

      ### EDIT: Since you've already stated your pots in detail earlier,
      maybe "Both the MSR and Snowpeak pots yield the same results on the

      The stoves

      ### EDIT: stove's

      flame is diffused in a wider pattern that allows for more even
      cooking. It has not scorched my pots yet, which is surprising
      considering the torch

      ### EDIT: maybe something like "...the blowtorch flame..." rather than
      just "torch."

      that can come out of such a small stove.
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