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Re: Owner Review: Black Diamond Firstlight

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  • Jason Boyle
    Hello Selena, Thanks for the post. Jamie should pick it up and add it to the que. We are all volunteers so it may take a few days for an editor to get back
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      Hello Selena,

      Thanks for the post. Jamie should pick it up and add it to the
      que. We are all volunteers so it may take a few days for an editor
      to get back to you. In the mean time - do you have a mentor? I
      highly recommend one to help you through the OR process. You can
      email Jenn at jennksnowy@... and she will set you up with a


      --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, "selenasal" <selenasal@...>
      > If you could help me fix this up before posting it. I don't have
      the metric, yet.
      > Name: Selena Leonard
      > Age: 21
      > Gender: Female
      > Height: 5'7"
      > Weight: 145 lbs
      > Email Address: SelenaALeonard@...
      > City, State, Country: Des Moines, Iowa, USA.
      > Date: February 25, 2008
      > Backpacking Background: Most of my backpacking started with the
      Appalachian Trail, and
      > has continued as short and long distance hikes ever since. The
      areas I've hiked and
      > backpacked include the Southwestern deserts; high desert; alpine
      and forested mountains;
      > Northwestern rainforests; beaches; swamp; and plenty of flat,
      forested areas. All of my
      > hiking has, so far, been in the continental US, lower Canada, or
      the Swiss/German Alps.
      > Black Diamond Firstlight tent
      > I have carried this tent for sections of each of my long distance
      hikes; and it is my primary
      > weekend tent. It is single walled, freestanding, 2 pounds, 9
      ounces (depending who you
      > ask - 10 oz), and has approximately enough room to comfortably fit
      one person, a pack,
      > and a dog. It can fit two people and gear, so long as it doesn't
      rain. I have repaired and
      > fixed this tent over time (it's at least 3000 miles old), and I
      have not found a vast
      > improvement among other single walled tents, given the features.
      > 3. Product Information
      > a. Manufacturer: Black Diamond
      > b. Year of Purchase: 2005
      > c. URL: http://www.bdel.com/
      > d. Listed Wt: 2 lb 11 oz
      > e. MSRP: $299 USD
      > f. Product Description: Single walled, two person tent. Optional
      vestibule. Floor is sil-
      > nylon, and it has an Epic fabric upper. One large door is on one
      skinny end of the tent, and
      > one vent is opposite for ventilation. It has two internal mesh
      pockets. It is assembled with
      > two internal poles, and comes with 4 titanium stakes and cord. It
      also comes with a stuff
      > sack for the tent, and a separate one for the poles and stakes,
      both of which are made of
      > silicone nylon.
      > Field Information
      > a. Locations of testing: Appalachian trail (spring/summer);
      Florida (winter); Iowa
      > (spring/summer/fall), Pacific Crest Trail (high desert, Sierras,
      Oregon), Pacific Northwest
      > (summer/fall); Canadian Rockies (summer); International AT
      (summer/fall); probably some
      > others.
      > b. Description of location: Varied
      > c. Weather conditions: Generally three season, some snow, plenty
      of rain, plenty of
      > humidity, and of cold.
      > This tent has performed well, I like it, and I can't find a
      replacement that is significantly
      > better than this. As it has aged, I have had to re-seam seal,
      patch the floor (duct tape has
      > worked so far), reseal the floor, and wash the tent. The stitching
      has held up well; and
      > Black Diamond was helpful when I called to ask about washing it.
      > I have a couple complaints with the tent. One, is that the poles
      can cause condensation
      > inside the tent, which can drip down into puddles. A bandana
      usually works for this, so
      > long as you realize it before you roll your bag into it. I have
      also had issues with the
      > overlapping fabric near the front door causing the condensation to
      collect. The vestibule
      > would probably solve that, but it also eliminates the advantage in
      weight that this tent
      > has.
      > This is one tradeoff of single-walled tents, and I have never had
      more condensation than
      > any other hikers camped around me who also use single-walled
      tents. I'm not sure that
      > the Epic fabric helps much; but, I do know that that being able to
      vent both sides of this
      > tent helps, especially if you face one of the walls into the wind.
      > The footprint is small, making it easy to find a campsite. And,
      for one person, it is roomy.
      > You can sit up, get dressed, eat, and still have room for gear. I
      remember one afternoon
      > in Oregon, when my hiking partner and I stopped for lunch in a wasp
      infested area; and
      > we could both sit in there and stretch out out legs, and have some
      room for food. I also
      > have a thing for freestanding tents, mostly for the ease of setup,
      and the range of places
      > you can set it up. There were a few times I set this up in AT
      shelters, and had no
      > problems, while others were stringing ropes to the floor and walls
      and such.
      > Probably my favorite thing about this tent, is that, if it is a
      clear night, you can sleep with
      > your head near the door, and look through the mesh at the stars,
      listening to the
      > mosquitos buzzing around outside.
      > One note, though, is that anyone over 6 feet tall should test this
      tent out before
      > committing to it. It may be possible to sleep diagonal, but it
      isn't a tent made for tall
      > people. For me, though, it's perfect.
      > Summary
      > Overall, this tent has done me well. I do not like the overlapping
      front panels, as these
      > can cause extra condensation. This tent is probably nearing its
      end, as I have had to
      > reseal the floor; but the actual craftsmanship has been good and
      has held up in all this
      > time. Day to day, this tent works well. It is roomy; comfortable;
      easy to use; and easy to
      > set up and take down. It also meets my needs of being a single
      walled, free standing, two
      > person tent. It has held up to all the weather that has come its
      way, including strong
      > winds, heavy rain, snow, and some hail. I've been happy with this
    • selenasal
      Please ignore this post until I can update it. If anyone has anything they d like me to add specifically, please do tell, though.
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        Please ignore this post until I can update it. If anyone has anything they'd like me to add
        specifically, please do tell, though.
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