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EDIT: Owner Review MSR Pocket Rocket Stove – Don Meredith

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  • pamwyant
    Hi Don, thanks for deciding to contribute. It s good to hear you use the website often. This is a very good effort for a first review, and its good you chose
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 2, 2007
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      Hi Don, thanks for deciding to contribute. It's good to hear you use
      the website often.

      This is a very good effort for a first review, and its good you chose
      something that you have obviously used a lot. I do have a few edits
      and things for your consideration though.

      Your edits will follow the normal convention:

      EDIT: Must correct

      Edit: Change is needed, with the wording up to you. If you strongly
      disagree with the edit, you are welcome to provide your reasoning and
      we'll take that under consideration.

      Comment: A recommendation for improvement that does not necessarily
      have to be followed, or merely a comment.

      MSR Pocket Rocket Stove

      ### EDIT: Actually the manufacturer has `PocketRocket' as one word,
      and this should be corrected to reflect their name throughout the

      Height: 6' 1" (1.85 Meters)
      Weight: 250 Pounds (79 Kilograms)

      ###EDIT: The conversion for 250 lb is 113 kg. Generally we like to
      see pounds abbreviated to lb and kilograms to kg, as well as meters
      to just `M', however this is an option and up to you. The
      conversions do have to be correct however.

      Email address: donmeredith74@...
      City, State, Country: Lexington, South Carolina, U.S.
      Date: 24-Nov-07

      ### EDIT: I realize you took this from the sample in the tester
      documentation, but we now require the date directly under the review
      title, so you need to move it from your biography and place it under
      the title. This format should be followed for all future reports.
      (Once in a while, requirements may be changed slightly and the
      documentation may not always reflect those changes, but these
      instances will be few and you will soon learn them.)

      Backpacking Background: I've been camping & backing for 10 years now.

      ### EDIT: backpacking instead of backing.

      I enjoy backpacking in the mountains of North & South Carolina and
      kayak camping on the coast and on local rivers and lakes. The majority
      of my camping over the past few years has been on the Foothills Trail
      in South Carolina (www.foothillstrail.org). I typically camp one to
      two nights in warm humid weather typical of the Southeast. Depending
      on the location and weather I will either camp with a one-man tent or
      a tarp.

      ### Comment: We really like to see a little more on your style. Do
      you consider yourself a traditional weight, light weight, or ultra-
      light weight hiker? Could you add that while still keeping your bio
      under 100 words?

      Test Conditions

      I have used this stove in a wide variety of environments over the past
      few years ranging from balmy nights kayak camping on the barrier
      islands off of South Carolina's coast to cold windy trips on Mount
      Mitchell in North Carolina.

      ### Edit: A good start, but we need just a little more. With a
      canister stove, lower temperatures are a special concern. Please
      state the temperature ranges, and also a general altitude range. (I
      realize altitude is fairly moderate even in the NC mountains, but for
      the sake of our international readers, it is preferred to give
      elevation ranges (i.e. 5000 ft/1500 m). Round the conversions in a
      sensible manner. I.E. The actual conversion for 5000 ft is 524 m,
      but since 5000 is a rounded estimate, the metric conversion should be
      also. The rules of rounding, abbreviating, etc. can be found at the
      bottom of the handy conversion tool at this url:
      Also, what types of surfaces have you used it on? Tabletops, bare
      dirt, rocks, level, unlevel, etc?

      Three foldout legs that support the pot or pan and the flame is
      adjusted using a wire
      extension from a brass valve on the stove body.

      ### Edit: This sentence needs a bit of clarification. Either you've
      left out part of a thought about the foldout legs, or have the
      word `that' in the sentence needlessly. Actually I'd like to see it
      broken into two sentences, with each a little more descriptive. Tell
      us how the foldout legs work – how far they fold out, how they work
      (swivel on a rivet & stop when the bottom of the leg touches the top
      of the stove base?) Tell us a little more about the wire extension –
      wedge shape, passes through a small hole in the brass valve, etc.
      Which direction for on? Which for off?

      Product Review

      The Pocket Rocket is a simple stove to use. You simply screw the stove
      to the fuel canister, light the flame and begin cooking.

      ### EDIT: It's a hard thing to learn, but we try to avoid using the
      word `you', since that normally is termed projecting. Some
      information on this is located in section 5, here:
      So, please change the word `you' to "I", or use "One simply screws
      the stove…" or "A person simply screws the stove…"

      ### Comment: You might consider adding a bit on lighting the flame –
      do you usually use matches or a lighter? Or both alternately? Do
      you have to be careful of your hand position or the stove position
      when you light it, or is the burner easy to access with both lighter
      and match? Do you usually open the valve partially or fully to light
      it? These types of things might seem insignificant to an experienced
      backpacker, but important to someone new, so the more detail you can
      put in your report, the better. Once you've started applying for
      gear, showing that you can write detailed reports can help tip the
      scales in your favor when tester selections are made.

      I have never had difficulty threading the stove to fuel canisters
      and have never
      witnessed a leak. I have not performed controlled tests to confirm
      the claims for boil time on MSR's website. My water is always ready
      for use in 2-3 minutes at camp so I am pleased with boil times.

      ### Edit: Can you let us know how much water you typically boil? I
      believe MSR claims 3 ½ minutes for 1 L, so if yours is done in 2
      minutes I guess it is less water, but it would be nice to clarify

      The stove's efficiency drops during windy conditions but the effect
      severe. During breezy days I try to find a natural wind break when I
      set up the stove. This is usually sufficient to maintain efficient
      boil times.

      ### Comment: Unfortunately, I did find the effect severe on mine.
      Over 17 minutes for a boil. The wind breaks undoubtedly help.

      The Pocket Rocket comes with a triangular plastic storage case. This
      case serves well to store and protect the stove during trips and
      during storage at home.

      When folded for storage, the MSR Pocket Rocket will fit inside of
      almost any drinking cup or other small container, which is essential
      to protecting the stove when it is not in use. MSR provides a
      triangular plastic holder for the stove, but it just as easy to keep
      it in a pot or cup.

      ### Comment: You might want to consider re-ordering the two
      paragraphs above a bit, since the second sort of repeats the
      information in the first, but states it a bit differently. You might
      even combine them into one paragraph. I.E. When folded for storage,
      the MSR PocketRocket will fit inside almost any drinking cup or other
      small container. MSR provides a triangular plastic holder for the
      stove, which serves well to store and protect it during trips and
      storage at home, but it is just as easy to keep it in a pot or cup.
      Also, do you have a favorite place you like to carry it in your
      pack? You might mention that.


      I have used the Pocket Rocket for three years now and it has been
      exposed to salt water and typical bumps and bruises encountered when
      backpacking. I haven't taken any particular care to clean or maintain
      the stove during this time. There is no sign of oxidation from the
      salt water and the stove still works as it did right out of the

      ### Comment: Is the salt water from spray only or was the stove
      actually submerged? You might clarify that.

      Once you've addressed the necessary EDIT/Edits and made any changes
      you would like based on the comments, you will need to repost to this
      list, using the title: REPOST: Owner Review MSR Pocket Rocket
      Stove – Don Meredith.

      I look forward to seeing the revisions,
      Pam Wyant
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