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Re: [BackpackGearTest] REPOST: Owner Review - Casio G-shock Mudman Watch - Jeff Jacobs

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    Jeff, Sorry for the delay in replying to your post. You posted the day I was packing to go out of town. I ll get this edited by tomorrow night! Kathy OR
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      Sorry for the delay in replying to your post. You posted the day I was packing to go out of town. I'll get this edited by tomorrow night!

      OR Editor

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      From: Jeff Jacobs
      To: BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Thursday, November 01, 2007 11:06 AM
      Subject: [BackpackGearTest] REPOST: Owner Review - Casio G-shock Mudman Watch - Jeff Jacobs

      OR test Link...
      Owner review - G-shock Mudman Watch

      Reviewer Information

      Name: Jeff Jacobs
      Age: 28
      Gender: Male
      Height: 5ft. 5in. (65 in) (165 cm/1.65 m)
      Weight: 165 lbs (75 kg)
      Email address: shakyjake64@ ...
      City, State, Country: Palmyra, NY USA
      Date: Oct 4, 2007
      Backpacking Background: I have been camping in tents and campers
      as long as I can remember. Recently I have been camping in camp
      grounds with my family and go camping in the wilderness with
      friends. I enjoy day hikes of all kinds, and bicycling with my son.
      I plan on more involved camping/backpacking trips in the near future.

      Manufacturer: Casio
      Year of Manufacture: 2006
      Manufacturer's Website: <<LINK 1>>
      MSRP: US $99.00
      Listed Weight: 56 g
      Measured Weight: 56 g
      Other details:Color Options: Green, Khaki, Red, Black, Grey Camouflage, Green Camouflage
      Battery Type:CR2025
      Approx. Battery Life: 3 years
      Size: 52 mm x 46.3 mm x 16.3 mm

      Product Description:
      This watch comes packaged in a cardboard G-shock box and has the battery already installed. It also comes with an owners manual.
      <<IMAGE 1>> <<IMAGE 2>> <<IMAGE 3>> <<IMAGE 4>> <<IMAGE 5>> <<IMAGE 6>>
      This watch made my casio comes from their G-shock line of watches. G-shock watches are extremely shock resistant and most are rated at 200m water resistance, as this mudman is. This watch has a plastic case which is covered my a rubber bezel that protects the case. The inner parts of the watch are buffered from shock by many layers of rubber and plastic and the manufacturer describes this as the watch "floating in the case". The mudman gets it's name from another layer of protection that most watches do not have...all the buttons are sealed from the outside by rubber covers. In fact...the "buttons" that you see are actually the rubber covers that prevent any water, dirt, dust, or mud from getting into the watch. The manufacturer doesn't state this, but, because of the buttons being completely sealed off, you can push them under water without any water getting into the case. Here are some of the other features of the watch:
      - Electro luminescent back light, with auto light
      * The auto light option allows the light to illuminate when the watch is turned toward the face.
      - Low temperature resistant (-20 C, -3.99 F)
      - World Time (29 Time Zones, 48 cities)
      - Daylight savings time adjustment
      - 12/24 hour formats
      - 4 daily alarms + 1 snooze alarm
      - Countdown timer
      * Countdown range: 1 second to 24 hours
      * Auto repeat function, progress beeper
      - 1/100 second stopwatch (2 of them)
      * Measuring capacity: 999:59'59.99"
      * Measuring modes: Elapsed time, split time, 1st-2nd place times
      * Auto Start Function
      - Hourly chime
      - Mute options turns all sound off.
      - Flash alert (backlight flashes during alarms, hourly chime, end of countdown)
      - Auto Calendar (Preprogrammed until the year 2099)
      - Accuracy: +/-15 seconds per month

      Field Information:

      I have used this watch for almost a year. I have used it almost daily and in every environment that NY can offer. When I first got the watch it was winter, with temperatures well below freezing, and in the summer months the temperatures have gotten around 100 degrees. I have worn the watch while working out, light rock climbing, hiking, camping, out in the snow, swimming, and about everything in between.
      My first impression was that the watch was a good size, not too small and not big at all. It's not too thick either, for having such shock resistance. It was extremely comfortable on my wrist without any break in time. This really felt like a watch that could stand up to a lot.
      After a couple weeks of having this watch I started to notice something that worried me. I started seeing some fog on the inside of the face when I wore the watch outside in the cold weather. Most times when outside I pull my sleeve up past the watch so that I can still use the watch or I will attach it to something on my outer clothing. I asked some others on a forum and found out that everything was ok. Since the watches are made in areas that can be very humid (Thailand in this case) the watches have a tendency to retain some of that humidity and fog up in the cold. I took the watch apart in my garage in the cold dry winter air and let it set for a while. I then put it back together while in the dry air and that solved the problem.
      Another thing I noticed right off the bat is that the band is held on with screws, which seemed more secure than the normal pin. My suspicions were confirmed when I noticed that one of the screws didn't look right, after having been rough housing with my son. I unscrewed it to find it bent about half way in, but it was no less secure than when it wasn't bent. I contacted Casio, who gave me a number of a supplier and ordered a new screw. I still used the watch for a couple weeks while the screw was being shipped and the bent screw held up fine. This is nice to know it's secure, but you have to special order a screw, you just can't go to any store and replace the pin like a normal watch band, which is why when I ordered the screw I ordered 2.
      The buttons at first seem kind of hard to push. They are in fact only covers for the buttons...the buttons (including the light button located on the front of the watch below the face) are all sealed out from the outside elements by rubber covers. After a couple weeks these covers became more pliable and easier to push, but are slightly harder to push than normal buttons.
      The back light is very readable and not only lights up the face but the outer ring as well ( the area where the "Casio" and "mudman" are written. I have only used the auto feature just to try it out. This feature turns the back light on automatically once the watch is turned toward the face. The only problem with this is that it uses battery life due to accidental illumination whenever the watch is at a 45 degree angle. So, the only time I would use this is if it was necessary....perhaps when riding a bike and you can't use your other hand to turn on the back light. Setting the backlight to illuminate during alarms can also run the battery down.
      There are some "nubs" on the back of the watch that I assume are to keep the watch slightly off the wrist. They initially were uncomfortable and seemed to dig in, but after a few hours were unnoticeable.
      I mentioned earlier about the screws holding the band being secure...well another thing that I think adds to the durability and security of the strap is that it has 2 pins on the clasp that adjusts the watch. Whether this makes this area stronger or not I'm not sure, but it's a unique feature.
      The world time feature is a nice addition...especially if you're going to be traveling. It allows you to pick a time zone, based on a city name or how many hour you are ahead of or behind GMT. This was a nice feature on a watch when I was in the military and I still like this feature. Along with the time for that time zone it gives you the correct date as well, since the date may be different in that time zone due to it being before or after midnight there.
      The stopwatch I rarely use, and the fact that this watch has 2 is really not of great use for me. It's not bothersome, but I never use 2 stopwatches at once.
      The alarms are great. There are 4 normal alarms and 1 snooze alarm. The normal alarms can be set to go off daily, on a specific date, every day on a certain month, or a specific date on every month. If you leave the date info empty it will go off daily. If you enter a month, it will only go off only during that month. Enter a day but not a month it will only go off on that day every month. Or, enter a date and it will go off on that date. The snooze alarm once set will go off on the time set, and if not turned off will go off every 5 minutes until turned off.
      I use the countdown timer all the time. It also has a repeat option and a progress beeper, which goes off at 5 minutes, 3 minutes 2 minutes and 1 minute to let you know the progress.
      I have used this watch daily to include biking in my home town at an elevation of approximately 480ft during summer months with temps ranging from 70-100 degrees F. One place that I have used it on a regular basis is at High Tor Gully in Naples, NY . Temperatures there range from 60-100 degrees F while I've been there and elevations from 700ft to 2000ft. This gully is unforgiving at times. It starts out as a simple hike on wet rocky surfaces and eventually turns into some intermediate rock climbing. It is somewhat dry in the summer months and can have a strong stream running through it in the spring months. In the winter I have done some short hikes while wearing this watch exposed to the weather. In the winter of NY it can get bitter cold when I have been hiking...temps well below freezing at elevations from 400ft to about 1000 ft. I have gone swimming in both natural and man made pools with this watch without any problem as well.
      <<IMAGE 7>>
      Durability in this watch is awesome. I took a spill a while back where my mudman watch took the full force of my body weight slamming into a concrete curb....there is barely a mark on the watch. I have worn it on the outside of my clothing in some freezing snowy NY weather and it hasn't skipped a beat. I haven't been kind to this watch but you can't tell to look at it and it runs like the day I got it.

      I find this watch to be very durable for all types of outdoor
      activities, sports, and everyday use. Plus it's packed with features
      that make it a small but useful piece of gear.

      1. Durability - shock, water, and mud resistance
      2. Extremely comfortable
      3. Packed with features

      1. None.

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