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REPOST: OWNER REVIEW - Greatland Backpacking Dome Tent - Erich Roetz

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  • eroetz93
    Roger, Thank you for the comments. I recieved much help from my Mentor, Brian T. I made the corrections indicated and have reposted the OR to the BGT Test
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      Thank you for the comments. I recieved much help from my Mentor,
      Brian T. I made the corrections indicated and have reposted the OR
      to the BGT Test folder.

      October 27, 2007

      URL for the Backpack Gear Test OR section


      NAME: Erich Roetz
      EMAIL: eroetz93@...
      AGE: 39
      LOCATION: Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
      GENDER: m
      HEIGHT: 5' 8" (1.73 m)
      WEIGHT: 170 lb (77.10 kg)

      Backpacking Background: I started backpacking when I was Boy Scout
      over 27 years ago. I do mostly medium weight backpacking but am
      doing more lightweight backpacking now that my son is a Scout. We
      camp one weekend a month all year round in temperatures from very hot
      (Virginia summers of 100 F/38 C) to very cold (Pennsylvania winters -
      below freezing) from sea level to about 2000 ft (610 meters)


      Manufacturer: Greatland
      Year of Manufacture: 2006
      = "TARGET">>
      Listed weight: 8.5 lb (3.9 kg)
      Measured Weight: 6 lb 10.1 oz (3.01 kg)
      Tent Weight: 3 lb 5.5 oz (1.52 kg)
      Fly Weight: 14.5 oz (0.41 kg)
      Weight of Poles: 1 lb 15.9 oz (0.9 kg)
      Weight of Stakes: 6.2 oz (0.18 kg)
      <<IMAGE GOES HERE. ALT TEXT = "Dome Tent" IMAGE CAPTION = "Picture
      courtesy of Target.com">>
      Description: Two person backpacking tent. 9' L x 7' W x 48" H at
      center (2.7m L x 2.1m W x 1.2m H). Inverted U-shaped door with
      double zipper. The door has a zip-up window about half the size of
      the door. An inverted U-shaped window with a double zipper is
      located on the panel opposite door. The four other panels are mesh
      vents that can be covered by the rain fly. The tent is supported by
      three fiberglass shock corded poles, seven 2 ft (0.61m) sections that
      expand to 14 ft (4.27 m). The rain fly is secured with bungee corded
      hooks that are hooked to the base of the poles and reinforced with
      Velcro tabs that wrap around the poles. The tent is secured to the
      ground with six steel stakes.
      MSRP: $27.99


      I have used this tent on five camping trips over the past seven
      months. I bought it because my son just started in Scouting and I
      did not know how well he would like it. Luckily for me, he loves it
      and I am able to do some real backpacking and camping with him. We
      have been to Moorefield, Virginia, Goochland, Virginia, Ft. Story,
      Virginia, and Little Creek, Virginia. We camped mostly in a pine
      scrub environment, with the exception of Moorefield where we set up
      in a grassy field.

      Each trip, I set up the tent and stayed in it solo, but it is roomy
      enough for two adults or for three children. It is very easy to set
      up, it only takes about 10 minutes to set and take down. As for
      comfort, it is okay for me and my gear with a little room to spare.
      I can kneel in the tent and have no problems getting around. The
      tent comes with a mesh shelf and a hook to hang a lantern. I have
      seen that some tents with these hooks are anchored to the support
      poles. Without this support, I am hesitant to hang anything heavier
      than a flashlight.

      On my first trip with this tent, I put it up at night in a grassy
      field. With three poles and a fly, it was very easy to put up at
      night. It only took about 10 minutes. I am glad that it wasn't
      raining, as the tent has mesh vents along four of the six panels.
      This tent's flooring is a little thin, so I put down a ground tarp.
      On the second night, we received about 2 in (5cm) of rain and about
      22 mph (36 kph) of wind with no leakage. I kept warm inside with
      temp of 40 F (4 C).

      My second trip was during the summer in Goochland, VA. By removing
      the fly, I was able to keep cool in the 80 F (44 C) nights.

      The next two trips with the tent were similar to the second: hot and
      humid. I sealed the seams after the second trip. I didn't notice
      any leaks, but the owners' manual recommended it and I was negligent
      in not doing it earlier. It was easy to apply and adhered to the
      nylon well. I do recommend doing this in a well ventilated area
      because of the sealer. The stakes included are standard steel
      stakes, but they are a little flimsy and tend to bend in the clay
      surface of the Virginia clay.


      A little heavy for a true backpacking tent, but it would be a
      comfortable weight if split up between two people. As the flooring
      is a bit thin, I think it does require a ground tarp. It is a good
      price for someone just introduced to backpacking. It is a good tent
      for the heavy weight camper or beginning backpackers.


      Weather Resistant


      Flimsy stakes
      Heavy for backpacking

      What I would add:
      Support for hang hook


      Erich Roetz

      This report was created with the BGT Report Generator.
      Copyright 2007. All rights reserved.
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