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EDIT: Greatland Backpacking Dome Tent - Erich Roetz

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  • Roger Caffin
    EDIT: Greatland Backpacking Dome Tent - Erich Roetz Hi Eric Welcome to BGT. This is quite a good start. I have some small edits for you to fix, and these are
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 8, 2007
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      EDIT: Greatland Backpacking Dome Tent - Erich Roetz

      Hi Eric

      Welcome to BGT.
      This is quite a good start. I have some small edits for you to fix, and
      these are listed below. Please do not be offended by the terse manner used
      in spelling out the edits: that's just how I find it easiest to list them.

      In general terms I would say this OR is a shade short for such an large
      item - although at $30 it it is hardly expensive! If it was a more expensive
      tent (or any other 'backpacking' item) I would ask you to provide a lot more
      details about how it went in different weather. Please bear these comments
      in mind for the future.

      When you have fixed these matters please REPOST the plain text of your OR
      here on this channel.
      At the same time would you please put the new HTML version in the Tests /
      Owner Reviews folder on BGT.

      All Test Reports require photos of the gear, so we have moved to requiring
      them in the Owner Reviews as well these days. As I am sure you will know,
      pictures convey so much more information when used in conjunction with the
      text. If you have trouble with the pictures, and especially with the 'ALT'
      tags, let me know. The problem is well-known and easily fixed. If you have a
      photo of the tent in use that you could add to the OR, that would be very

      ******* When you post the plain text here please include the URL for the
      HTML file in the Test folder to make my life easier. It is now a requirement
      that we check the HTML version for various things like a clickable
      manufacturer's URL and some details of the layout before giving approval,
      and it is also a requirement that you provide the URL to help us Editors
      find your file. We are often editing several ORs at a time and are easily
      confused ...

      Edit Conventions
      Many Editors use the following convention in listing their edits and
      EDIT: you must fix this to comply with BackpackGearTest standards,
      Edit: you should seriously consider fixing this in some way,
      Comment: usually just that, although you might want to make a change as a
      However, if you think I have got something wrong or that what I am
      criticising is actually a matter of personal writing style, feel free to say
      so. Personal style is accepted, as long as it is reasonably clear what you

      If you are not sure exactly how to get going, we have an excellent Mentor
      program. It was established to help newbies through the somewhat confusing
      process of becoming gear testers, and to make sure they understand the
      'rules'. Mentoring is also available for veteran testers who'd like to get
      some feedback on their test applications or test reports. Whatever stage
      you're at the Mentots are here to help. If you'd like a Mentor, please
      contact the Mentor Coordinator (mentor@...) and please
      include "Mentor Request" in your subject line.

      Rules and Regulations
      In addition, you must take some time out to read through our Documentation
      pages to understand just what we are about, and what rules there are for our
      operations. You be required to state that you have read these and will
      comply with them when you apply for a Test. These pages are found at
      http://www.backpackgeartest.org/requirements.php. This is at least the
      second generation of our rules: they have evolved over time, but we try to
      keep them as simple and as plain as possible. If you find any problems with
      them, let us know.

      HTML Creation and Problems
      In some cases when editing the plain text of a review I find problems with
      the layout of the text version. This can happen when an HTML file is badly
      converted - possibly by Yahoo. If this seems to be a problem, you could
      consider trying one of the free HTML/text editors such as Note Tab Lite:
      this one has a good conversion tool built in for strippping out the html
      tags to create plain text. Some people who know nothing about HTML like the
      very point-and-click oriented NVU, although I don't. It mangles the
      underlying layout of text and HTML tags. Both can be found through Google.

      In other cases where there are serious HTML problems the source of the
      problems may be that you used MS Word to generate the HTML file. We have had
      extremely bad results from MS Word: in fact it has been responsible for most
      of the really bad layout problems I have ever seen. In particular it causes
      untold grief over the inclusion of pictures. Also, if you feed a cleaned-up
      HTML file through Word to fix just one small error, Word will usually
      completely rewrite the HTML into a ghastly mess. We strongly discourage you
      from using MS Word to create the HTML! However, if Word is all you have,
      please save the file as 'web page, filtered' rather than as 'web page' or
      XML. The filtering does help improve Word's efforts slightly. But our Report
      Writer is a better option.

      BGT Report Writer
      This is meant to make the process of creating BGT reports and test series as
      friendly as possible. The Report Writer enables the writer to create a
      report without knowing anything about HTML, or having to wrestle with
      workarounds in Word. Even for those who are fully HTML-literate it can be
      handy. See http://www.backpackgeartest.org/lesson.php?lesson=RR&page=1 for
      further information. It is highly recommemded.

      Uploading to BGT
      When uploading your Owner Review to the indicated folder, please ensure you
      select the button marked 'Owner Review'. If you require assistance with your
      upload, please ask in our Yahoo support group,
      BGTFileUploadHelp@yahoogroups.com. You can access this also via
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BGTFileUploadHelp/ . The most common upload
      failure involves a comment about missing <alt> tags, and this is usually due
      to the use of MS Word.

      Tester Agreement
      Before you can become a Tester with BGT you must sign the Tester Agreement.
      Basically, this is an undertaking to play by the rules and complete any Test
      series, or to return the gear if you can't. Sometimes things happen, and if
      you let us know UP FRONT we will understand. We do put family needs first.
      The single most important thing here is too COMMUNICATE! The agreement can
      be found at:

      The signed agreement should be forwarded to Jim Hatch. For Jim's address see
      msg http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BackpackGearTest/message/67320

      If this is your second approved review and you have submitted a Tester
      Agreement which has been acknowledged, you are now eligible to participate
      in the testing process by applying for tests. Further details on this may be
      found at

      Applying for Tests
      You will also need to join the Yahoo group where the Tests are announced:
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/backpackgeartesters/ This is where everything
      related to Tests and Testing takes place.

      Roger Caffin
      BGT OR Editor
      > Bio
      Comment: neatly done.

      > Manufacturer: Greatland
      > Manufacturer's Website: www.target.com
      Comment: but how would we know who really made it? Someone in China I
      imagine, at that price. In this case it is OK as is. Obviously, the MSRP is
      for Target as well.

      > Listed Weight: 8.5 lbs (3.9 kg)
      EDIT: lb without the 's' - everywhere.

      > IMAGE CAPTION = "Picture court esy of Target.com"
      EDIT: remove space in 'court esy'

      > Description: Two person backpacking tent. 9'Lx7'Wx48"H at center
      > (2.7m L x 2.1m W x 1.2m H.
      EDIT: you have the metric right, but need spaces in the imperial dimensions:
      9' L x 7' W x 48" H

      > The door has a zip up window
      EDIT: zip-up

      > An inverted U-shaped window with double zipper is opposite door.
      Comment: rather abbreviated English - OK here, but not in the main text

      > MSRP: $27.99
      Edit: repeated from above - consider removing.

      > have been to Moorefield, VA, Goochland, VA, Ft. Story, VA,
      EDIT: we have non-Americans in BGT, who may not know what 'VA' means. Please
      expand at least once.

      > I have seen that some tents with these hooks are reinforced to
      > the support poles.
      EDIT: a little obscure. Perhaps something like:
      ' I have seen that some tents with these hooks have them anchored to
      the support poles.'

      > 22 MPH (36 KM/HR) of wind with no leakage.
      EDIT: 22 mph (36 kph) is better

      > By removing the fly, was able to keep cool in the 80 deg F (44 deg C)
      > nights.
      EDIT: two fixes:
      ' By removing the fly, I was able to keep cool in the 80 F (44 C) nights.

      > and I was negligent in doing it earlier.
      Edit: it would read better if you wrote something like:
      ' and I had been negligent in not doing it earlier.'

      > The stakes included are standard steel stakes, but are a little flimsy
      Edit: I would write '... but they are a little flimsy...'

      > Summary: A little heavy for a true backpacking tent,
      Edit: delete 'summarey' here: it is in the line above.

      > but it would a comfortable weight if split up between two people.
      EDIT: 'but it would be a comfortable ...'

      > As the flooring is a bit thin, it does require a ground tarp.
      Edit: this is just verging on the projection. I recommend you write
      something like:
      'I think it does require ' as this tells the reader what YOU think.

      > Inexpensive
      Comment: And how!
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