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Owner Review - Leatherman PST - Mike Caldwell

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  • Mike Caldwell
    Leatherman PST Multi-tool Owner Review October 2, 2007 Personal Information Name: Mike Caldwell Age: 25 Gender: Male Height: 6’2” – 1.88 m Weight:
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      Leatherman PST Multi-tool
      Owner Review
      October 2, 2007

      Personal Information

      Name: Mike Caldwell
      Age: 25
      Gender: Male
      Height: 6’2” – 1.88 m
      Weight: 211 lbs – 96 kg
      Email Address: gpstech0820@...
      City, State, Country: East Tawas, Michigan, USA
      Date: October 2, 2007

      Backpacking Background

      Typical Weight Carried: 30-50 lbs – 13.61-22.68 kg, light to heavy
      Pace, Area, Terrain: Around 5-10 miles - 8.05-16.10 km a day, trails and forests, gently sloping trails
      Shelter: Tent
      Activities: Cooking and practicing survival skills
      Bio: I’ve been camping and backpacking since I was about 12. Most of my backpacking experience has been in Michigan but has involved every type of weather and season this state has to offer. I had clubbed feet so I can’t travel as far as I’d like when I go. For this reason, I’ve started to lighten my load, train, and have a few trips planned that will involve longer distances and steeper terrain that I’m used to.

      Product Information

      Manufacturer: Leatherman
      Year Manufactured: 1995-2004
      URL: www.leatherman.com
      Listed Weight: 149 g – 5.3 oz
      Weight as delivered: 149 g – 5.3 oz
      Manufacturers MSRP: Tool has been retired, not found at www.leatherman.com. $78.95 at www.smartknives.com

      Field Information

      Locations: Michigan
      Description: In Huron, Manistee, Hiawatha National parks
      Weather: All, from summer through winter and from 95°F (35°C) to -10°F (-23.32°C)
      Other: I also used this tool almost everyday at work, on various science projects, and on my parent’s farm.

      General Information

      I’ve had this tool for almost 4 years and it’s been invaluable in more than one situation. It’s been useful from fixing broken zippers on a jacket to removing a huge splinter and taking care of some blisters to emergency car repairs in below freezing weather. I never went anywhere without this tool. It’s a little on the basic side when it comes to multi-tools today but every tool on it got used. I liked to the size and weight of it and it was always in the bottom of my pocket. I didn’t like that the knife didn’t lock but then again it was only used for small project. I ended up trying to use the wire cutters to snip a wire that was a little bigger than it was designed to handle. Needless to say, it didn’t cut and ended up bending the cutter so that they now stick together. I would have sent it in on the warranty but it was a Christmas gift and the warranty was lost and thrown out in the wrapping paper the same day it was opened. Other than that, the knife was
      very durable and I would recommend it to someone for an all around tool.

      Got a little couch potato?
      Check out fun summer activities for kids.

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