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Re: EDIT/Approval: Deuter Futura 32 Pack - Fuzzy

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    ... G day Roger ... the Product ... or has an ... should be ... Features ... frame day ... Trees and forest, indeed. I know I mention it elsewhere, but I can
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 4, 2007
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      --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, "Roger Caffin"
      <r.caffin@...> wrote:
      > EDIT/Approval: Deuter Futura 32 Pack - Fuzzy
      > Hi Chuck

      G'day Roger

      > One big thing you must fix though: you have not made it clear in
      the Product
      > Description whether this pack is frameless, has an internal frame,
      or has an
      > external frame. Trees and forest problem I suspect. But this info
      should be
      > right up front, maybe as a sentence in the Product Information or
      > section. Even something as simple as 'This is a 32 litre internal
      frame day
      > pack.' before the manufacturer details would suffice.

      Trees and forest, indeed. I know I mention it elsewhere, but I can
      do something up front.

      > When you have, you are clear to upload at
      > http://www.backpackgeartest.org/reviews/Packs/Frameless%20Backpacks%
      > I have put it in the Day packs section because of the 32 litre
      > even though it has a frame.

      That's where it was when it was a test series.

      > > Description
      > Comment: I am not sure you need to be so prolific in your
      description every
      > time. I found it a little over-whelming! I use less text and more
      > to the pictures myself. That said, I an NOT asking for any changes.

      I was a bit verbose, but this was my first test series. I was
      testing two other items before this one was complete, so *someone*
      thought I was doing a good job...

      > Comment: I had to reread this sentence a couple of times to
      understand it.
      > It is grammatically correct, but a little extended. If you reverse
      the order
      > of some sections I think it reads more easily. I have illustrated
      this here:
      > > compartment are three webbing loops: two hiking pole loops on the
      > > each one > 3/8 in (10 mm) wide and approximately 2 in (5 cm)
      long, and one
      > > ice axe loop, ...

      Thanks. I like yours...

      > > First Impressions
      > Comment: a very good write-up


      > > I snugged up the stabilizer straps. I had never had load
      > > lifter straps on a pack before, so I wasn't sure what to expect.
      > Comment: Personally, I think the pack torso is a bit short for you.


      > As you
      > note further down, the stabiliser straps should normally go
      > horizontally or even upwards. But, if it works for you ...

      It *is* the most comfortable pack I have ever worn.

      > > The Futura was with me in late July, 2003, on my first "long-
      > > distance" hike in some time: an attempt to hike the 13-mile (20.8
      > > Barr Trail up Pikes Peak - elevation 14,110' (4,301 m) - and back
      > Comment: you don't mention your starting altitude. I am assuming
      the climb
      > is not 4,301 m in 20.8 km!

      Starting elevation is 6500 ft (1981 m), so 2320 m in 20.8 km - which
      is still quite a climb for a flatlander from sea level.

      > > A few notes on sizing: I have a fairly long torso, at 20½-21 in
      > Comment: a very good section

      Thanks again.
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