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Repost: Owner Review - Garmont Syncro - John Heubi

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  • johnandronda
    Thanks Ray! I missed the Edit you had posted until Jamie had just sent out a follow up. Sorry about that! I think I made all of the changes that you
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      Thanks Ray! I missed the Edit you had posted until Jamie had just
      sent out a follow up. Sorry about that! I think I made all of the
      changes that you mentioned. Let me know what you think.
      Thanks again,

      August 03, 2007


      NAME: John Heubi
      EMAIL: johnandronda@...
      AGE: 36
      LOCATION: Issaquah, Washington, USA
      GENDER: m
      HEIGHT: 5' 7" (1.70 m)
      WEIGHT: 165 lb (74.80 kg)

      I started my back country experiences in the Midwest's State Parks,
      State Forests, and National Forests as low mileage (1-4 mi/1.5-6.5 km)
      weekend trips. Approximately 5 years ago, my wife and I began to
      complete some week long backpacking treks of 15 - 50 mi (24 - 80 km)
      culminating in a 2100 + mi (3400 + km) thru hike of the Appalachian
      Trail in 2006. I now live in an area that is nestled in the foothills
      of the Cascade Mountains in Washington with access to hundreds of
      miles of trails from a trail head that is a few hundred yards / meters
      from my front door.


      Manufacturer: Garmont
      Manufacturer's Website: <<HYPERLINK GOES HERE -
      "http://www.garmont.com" LINK TEXT = "Garmont">>
      Listed Weight: 695 g (24.52 oz) (1/2 pair)
      Measured Weight: US men's size 8 = 600 g (21.16 oz) US women's size
      6.5 = 555 g (19.58 oz) (1/2 pair)
      Upper Material: 2 mm (.08in) Nubuck
      Lining: Gore-Tex Sierra
      Frame: Flex light and polyurethane
      Sole: Vibram
      Manufacturer's Description: The Syncro's stability, traction,
      Gore-Tex waterproof lining, and abrasion resistance make it at home on
      light backpacking trips. Its pliable, seamless Nubuk forefoot upper
      means little break-in and its BiUurethane mid sole provides comfort
      for everyday wear and short day hikes.

      My Syncro boots stand at 6.5 inches (16.51 cm) at the front of the
      ankle and 11.75 inches (29.84 cm). The brown all leather upper is
      double stitched at almost every seam. The leather is double stitched
      to nylon at the ankle and single stitched to the nylon tongue. There
      is an extra piece of leather at the top of the tongue which helps in
      putting on the boots. The out sole is black , molded one piece Vibram.

      Starting at the base of the tongue, the round nylon laces run through
      four pairs of metal loops. After the loops, there is a pair of
      bigger loops with a built in ball bearing which helps in cinching at
      the ankle. The laces then go through two pairs of speed hooks.

      The inside lining of the boot is Gore-Tex and has a soft, brushed feel
      to it. There is a removable insole. There are seams inside the boot
      at the ankle and the top of the tongue and then again under the insole.


      My wife and I chose the Garmont Syncros with the intent of thru hiking
      the Appalachian Trail. Thru hiking gave us the opportunity to test
      these boots under diverse situations. We hiked on concrete, pavement,
      dirt, mud, rock surface, gravel (large and small), and more at
      elevations ranging from sea level to a height of 6643 feet (2025 m).
      We wore the boots thru all four seasons with every variety of weather
      including dry periods, humid periods, rain, sleet, and snow. We also
      got to experience large differences in temperature with a trip low of
      0 F (-17 C) and a high of 105 F (40.5 C). We hiked approximately 1000
      miles (1600 km) before purchasing our second pair which made it
      through the remaining 1100 + mi (1770 + km).

      I weighed an average of 180 pounds (82 kg) with a pack weight average
      of about 38 pounds (17 kg). My wife weighed an average of 135 pounds
      (61 kg) with a pack weight average of about 25 pounds (11 kg). We
      would hike somewhere between 10 - 16 mi (16 - 25 km) on an average day
      with several days that peaked at 19 - 24 mi (30 - 38 km). On average,
      we would hike for about 7 days, and then take a full day off. We
      always wore a light to mid weight hiking sock in combination with a
      sock liner.

      These boots were completely water proof for approximately the first
      500 mi (805 km) of use. We hiked during a period when it rained about
      21 out of 30 days. The trail often seemed more like a creek. These
      boots (in combination with rain pants and gaiters) kept our feet
      completely dry.

      They offer a good balance between flexibility and stiffness. The
      boot's stiffness helped protect our feet in the most rugged of trail
      conditions. There is enough flexibility in the boot to make it
      comfortable enough to be worn around the campsite or in town.

      The durability is terrific. The all leather upper held up to the
      rocks and roots of the AT. I saw many other brands of shoes and boots
      that had the upper peeling away from the sole. That was never the
      case with these. The soles also stayed intact. They did not split,
      crack, or develop holes.

      Longevity seemed good. I have read many accounts of AT Thru Hikers
      who said that 2 - 4 pairs of boots would be needed for this trek. We
      made it with two. When we ordered our second pair from the
      manufacturer, we were told that these boots are only expected to last
      500 mi (805 km). We averaged over 1000 mi (1610 km) in ours.

      The Syncro boots felt warm in the winter, probably due to the solid
      leather upper which would keep the wind out. There was also good
      breatheability during the heat of summer.

      No foot sores! My wife only had one blister, and I had a hot spot on
      each foot during break in. No other issues during the entire thru hike.

      We had the chance to properly break in our first pair of boots before
      hitting the Trail. We had to break in the second pair while hiking.
      It took about two weeks for a good break in and I only had one hot
      spot on each foot during that time.

      I have used these boots under the most extreme of hiking conditions,
      but it would be nice if there was a little more cushion, arch and sole
      support. The boots are very comfortable to wear, but I did experience
      some fatigue in the sole, arch, and heel of my feet.

      I was told by the manufacturer that the boots were only expected to
      last 500 mi (805 km). My boots (both pairs) stopped being waterproof
      at about 500 mi (805 km). They started with small leaks at the tip of
      the toe and at the inside and outside of the ball of the foot. By
      1000 mi (1610 km), they are only remotely water resistant and my feet
      would become completely saturated when hiking in rainy conditions.
      The comfort level also dropped after that distance.

      Things I like

      No Blisters
      Completely Waterproof


      Not enough cushion and support in the inner sole
      Waterproof qualities were lost after 500 mi (805 km)

      This report was created with the BGT Report Generator.
      Copyright 2007. All rights reserved.
    • rayestrella1
      Hi John OK, this is looking pretty good. I have a couple of edits (one from before). Once it is fixed you can repost here again. You can also put a HTML copy
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        Hi John

        OK, this is looking pretty good. I have a couple of edits (one from
        before). Once it is fixed you can repost here again. You can also put
        a HTML copy in the Owner Review Test Folder. It is found at the end
        of the list of reviews on the main page or here;

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        have it uploaded.

        ***I have been backpacking for almost 16 years. <snip>

        EDIT: your bio is a bit long. We ask that they stay 100 words or less

        ***The inside lining of the boot is Gore-Tex and has a soft, brushed
        to it.

        EDIT: actually that is not the Gore-Tex. The Gore-Tex is rubbery
        feeling material that is sandwiched inside the boot under the lining
        you are describing.
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