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EDIT: REPOST: OR The North Face: Spectrum 33 Tent (2006 model)

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  • André Corterier
    ... Elizabeth, here are the edits for your reposted version. Good progress - please see below. André OR Editor ... wrote: ...
    Message 1 of 4 , May 30, 2007
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      > EDIT: REPOST: OR The North Face: Spectrum 33 Tent (2006 model)

      here are the edits for your reposted version. Good progress - please
      see below.

      OR Editor

      --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, "Elizabeth Teel"
      <elizabeth.teel@...> wrote:
      > Product Information:
      > Product website:
      > http://www.thenorthface.com/opencms/opencms/tnf/gear.jsp?
      > M5U
      > style: ultralight, single wall
      > listed capacity: 3 people
      > MSRP: $299
      > listed minimum weight: 4 lb 5 oz (1.96 kg)
      > listed packed weight: 4 lb 12 oz (2.15 kg)
      > tested weight: 4lbs. 11 oz (2.13 kg)

      EDIT: please be consistent in the abbreviations you use (I'd go with
      just "lb" on the tested weight).

      > The Spectrum 33 is an ultralight tent included in the North Face
      > Flight Series of equipment and apparel. According to the
      > manufacturer's website, the Flight Series products were designed for
      > lightweight packing on short, fast trips. I am not an ultralight
      > hiker, but was none the less lured in by this tent's structural
      > stability and light weight.

      Edit: You didn't have any firsthand experience then regarding its
      structural stability, right? Which makes this a point of projection.
      Easily fixed by calling it "apparent" structural stability - or
      inserting what it was that led you to assume structural stability on
      its behalf.

      > Treating it as a two person tent, though - 4 lb 12 oz

      EDIT: metric conversion is needed (throughout the text)

      > is still light. I have even started taking it on solo trips if the
      > weather looks foul. My previous tent was a true 3 person tent but
      > weighed close to 9 lb.

      EDIT: dito

      > The light weight of the Spectrum 33 is achieved chiefly because it
      > a single wall tent made of sil/nylon.

      EDIT: I'm told you likely got this information from the Campmor
      website. It is erroneous. What is usually referred to as SilNylon is
      a Nylon weave where the individual strands were coated with silicone
      before weaving. The resultant material is very slick, hard to work
      and nearly impossible to coat (and usually woven so tight it becomes
      waterproof and non-breathable). The tent fly on the Spectrum 33 is
      made from a Nylon weave which was coated with silicone on one side
      after weaving.

      > I was a little worried when buying a single wall tent because in the
      > past I have woken up to water dripping down on me from inside walls
      > poorly ventilated tents. Each exhale contains water vapor,

      EDIT: "to exhale" is the verb. I believe the noun you are looking for
      is "exhalation"

      > so the
      > water formed while my friends and I slept. Over a few hours, the
      > condensed on the tent walls and began raining back down on us.

      > When I bought this tent, I overlooked my worries about condensation
      > because of the tent's structural integrity.

      EDIT: same "projection" issue as above. Here, a few words about what
      made you assume it has such integrity would be much appreciated. You
      may then wish to rephrase the next few sentences so the reader gets
      an account of a) this is what I thought when I bought it (regarding
      its structural integrity) and this is how it turned out (which may
      require nothing more than saying it turned out you were right).

      > Living in the Southeast
      > means that I can often use 3-season gear year round. I wouldn't
      > recommend the Spectrum as a true 4 season tent by any means, but
      > been able to use it all winter in the South without ever fearing it
      > being weighed down by light snow or ice that formed in the night.
      > While the tent has never shown weakness while set up, the light
      > materials sometimes worry me in general. As someone who does not
      > usually use ultralight gear, I have been paranoid that "normal" wear
      > and tear may add up quickly. On the plus side, this has prompted me
      > take better care of the tent. I'm a little more careful about where
      > set the tent up, a little more careful how I set the tent up, and a
      > little more careful how its

      EDIT: how it's

      > stored at home. After a year of use, the
      > only sign of fragility that I've seen is a slight bend in one of the
      > tent poles. The bend is so minor, though, that I have not noticed
      > effect in either setup or stability.
      > There are a few additional features of the Spectrum 33 that are nice
      > even if they aren't very important. First, the tent comes with a
      > compression stuff sack. Without the poles or tent stakes, the tent
      > be compressed to approximately 8" x 9" (0.20 m x 0.23 m). This helps
      > the tent fit neatly into my pack. Second, there are glow in the dark
      > tabs on each zipper.

      Comment: Curious. I've seen glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls before, but
      they usually did not glow in the dark any more when I would have had
      use for them. But I tend to set up camp late, so the pulls don't get
      much sunlight (they're in my pack most of the day) and in the small
      hours of the morning when I may be contemplating a potty break they
      no longer glow.


      > Photo #1: Spectrum 33 with two 20" (0.51 m) wide sleeping pads
      > Photo #2: Close-up of Nano-Knuckles with cross poles
      > Photo #3: Whole tent from side (vestibule not staked out)
      > Photo #4: Spectrum 33 with two people inside

      EDIT: I do need to see the photos. What you need to do is to go to
      the backpackgeartest.org website, log in (this may require
      registering first if you have not already done so, you also do this
      on the website, top left) and go to the "test" folder and the "Owner
      Review" subfolder. There, you can click on "upload file" which will
      get you to a prompt screen asking you to designate a file to upload
      and designating the pictures to upload with it.

      Once you've done that and have checked that the review looks the way
      you wanted it to, please repost again (with the few additional edits
      above incorporated) and PROVIDE A LINK TO THE HTML VERSION. Snipurl
      or tinyurl is appreciated, as long links tend to break in Yahoo. I
      will then give your hmtl version a (likely final) once-over. Please
      do make sure that the manufacturer link in the html version is
      clickable. Should you encounter any problems with your upload, please
      contact the nice folks at

      Good work on the edits from last time. I'm looking forward to giving
      you the "OK to upload" on your first OR!


      OR Editor
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