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OWNER REVIEW, Parachute Traveler Hammock, John Addleman

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  • John Addleman
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 27, 2007
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      BYER OF MAINE PARACHUTE TRAVELER HAMMOCK BY JOHN ADDLEMAN ON April 26, 2007 TESTER INFORMATION NAME: John Addleman EMAIL: wtvr (at) comcast (dot) net AGE: 18 LOCATION: South Central Pennsylvania GENDER: M HEIGHT: 5' 9" (1.75 m) WEIGHT: 165 lb (74.80 kg) TORSO: 17" STYLE: Light & Fast I've been backpacking for 6 months now but I've loved the outdoors all my life. I'm a senior in high school and I'm going to go to college in Boulder, Colorado. I go day hiking and rock climbing every weekend and every time I have an extra day off of school, you'll find me in the backcountry camping out. I'm usually hiking my local AT and its side trails, and since I'm in Pennsylvania my hiking is comprised of rocky trails and frequent ups and downs at low altitude. PRODUCT INFORMATION Manufacturer: Byer of Maine Year of Manufacture: 2007 Manufacturer's Website: http://www.byerofmaine.com MSRP: not provided on website (purchased for $20) Listed
      Weight: "about" 11 oz (~312 g) Measured Weight: I don't yet have a scale Other details: 54" x 84" (137cm x 213 cm) flat, weight limit 240 lbs (109 kg) The Parachute Traveler Hammock comes folded in a plastic blister pack with no accessories. Basic instructions such and hanging height, distance, and how to lie in the hammock are on the back of the package. The hammock has no spreader bars and is made from silk parachute nylon, with coreless braided paracord for the lines and loops on the end. It comes in three colors (red, orange, and green) and stuffs into an 8" x 4" (20x10 cm) bag that is sewn onto the side of the hammock. While in use, the storage bag can hold a drink or nighttime essentials. The hammock is designed to be laid in diagonally, "the Brazilian way", and would offer sufficient room for anyone under 6'6" (198 cm). To hang properly, the trees supporting the hammock should be from 9-11 feet apart (2.7-3.3 m). The proper setup for
      this hammock is very loose, with the hammock hanging in a deep 'U' to facilitate lying in the Brazilian fashion. FIELD USE I have used this hammock to sleep in on one 2 night trip, for relaxation on another, and for some VERY comfortable breaks while day hiking, all on the Pennsylvania section of the AT, in fair weather. After receiving the hammock, it became apparent that there were no hanging supplies provided, so those purchasing this item will need to keep that in mind, because that will add expense and weight. As a bed, the hammock can be quite comfortable but may not be the best option for stomach and side sleepers. When on one's back, lying diagonally, one's back stays straight. For example, I often get a sore or tense lower back and using this hammock did not affect that at all. One great thing about using a hammock is that the comfort element of using a sleeping pad is already taken care of, so one can use a light, thin closed-cell
      foam pad and still get a good night's sleep. The side pocket is especially useful when sleeping in the hammock because it can store water, a flashlight, one's glasses or watch, etc. Using a hammock as a bed is naturally limited to those hikers sleeping in forests without thick tree cover, so this would not be an option for those in arctic or above treeline conditions. For relaxing around camp, the hammock can still be useful, although some may not wish to bring an extra pound (.45 kg) of gear for no essential purpose. This weight includes the hanging gear that I have, but those with a greater expertise with knots than I may be able to hang the hammock with some rope and hitches. SUMMARY The hammock is lightweight, packs small, and is cheap compared to other lightweight hammocks. There have been no problems with durability yet, and it seems quite sturdy. THINGS I LIKE -Sewn on drink/miscellaneous/storage pocket -Comfortable for my back
      -Lightweight -Packs surprisingly small -Good value -Allows me to go without a heavy self-inflating mat without sacrificing comfort -Keeps me off the ground and away from snakes and creepy-crawlies as I sleep THINGS I DON'T LIKE -No bug protection -Hanging equipment not included -I don't feel comfortable sleeping in it on my stomach or side -Can't be used in certain situations This report was created with the BGT Report Generator. Copyright 2007. All rights reserved.

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