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Attn Ray - REVISED: OR - Steens Mountain Crew - AB

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  • Andrew Buskov
    REVISED: OR - Steens Mountain Crew - AB Sorry for double post.. forgot to include url: http://tinyurl.com/2loyqa Here ya go Ray. Sorry I didn t get this to you
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2007
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      REVISED: OR - Steens Mountain Crew - AB

      Sorry for double post.. forgot to include url: http://tinyurl.com/2loyqa

      Here ya go Ray. Sorry I didn't get this to you sooner, I injured myself
      during a firefighting skill test and the drugs have knocked me out for the
      last 48 hours.

      I've changed a number of things around and tried to put more descriptive
      information in the overview while placing more opinionated information in
      the Impressions section.

      Thanks for your help.

      Columbia Steens Mountain LS Crew
      The Steens Mountain LS crew is a nice base layer, thermal shirt.
      Andrew Buskov

      Tester Biographical Information
      Name: Andrew Buskov
      Age: 32
      Gender: Male
      Height: 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)
      Weight: 216 lbs (98 kg)
      Email: Rescue(at)Corridor9(dot)net
      City, State Zip Madisonville, Kentucky 42431

      Backpacking Background:

      I started backpacking and became hooked on the outdoors. I realized that I
      enjoyed the colder weather and solitude of deep backcountry, and have hiked
      various environments from the green mountains of the Appalachians to the
      barren desert of Arizona. I prefer cold weather, but global warming is
      making that tougher every day. I'm usually a moderate weight hiker, but as
      an Emergency Medical Technician I'm trained to be prepared, so my pack
      usually weighs between 30 to 40 lbs (13 and 18 kg) while solo, to 60 lbs (27
      kg) when leading. Information about the author can be found at

      Product Information:
      Item: Columbia Steens Mountain Men's Long Sleeve Crew
      Manufacturer: Columbia
      Website: www.columbia.com
      Year of Manufacture: 2006
      MSRP: N/A
      Sizes Available: S - XXL
      Size Tested: XL
      Weight: 165 g (5.82 oz) Actual
      Colors Available: White, Black

      Product Overview:
      The Columbia Steens Mountain Long Sleeve Crew is a nice light weight, base
      layer, thermal shirt. Even though it's light weight, it offers wonderful
      warming abilities and heat retention while still wicking moisture away
      thanks to its Omni-Dry technology. The 100% polyester material makes for a
      comfortable shirt that has a wonderful silky feel, isn't rough to the touch
      at all, and is very easy to care for. As with a lot of active wear out on
      the market now, the Steens Mountain Crew only has one sewn in tag. The rest
      of the information is silk screened directly to the shirt. This includes the
      Columbia brand logo on the sleeve, as well as the sizing information and the
      manufacturer's location. All the seams are stitched together so they lie
      flat on the skin. The entire shirt is sewn in a traditional fashion with no
      gussets throughout the shirt.

      (Paraphrased from website)

      * Omni Dry for moisture control
      * Anti microbial for odor control
      * 100% Polyester

      Field Conditions:
      The Columbia Steens Mountain Long Sleeve Crew has been worn throughout this
      winter roughly 15 times on a number of outings. A good deal of these outings
      were around town when the weather was cool and I needed a bit more warmth.
      The area I live in has an elevation roughly 460 ft (140 m) above sea level.
      Local weather during the last three months ranged from 6 F (-14 C) to 81 F
      (27 C). Naturally most of the use has been in the lower range rather than in
      the early summer temps we've been seeing lately. In addition to the local
      use, probably half the 15 times I've worn this have been during day-hikes
      and backpacking trips. While the day hikes around town are probably the
      lowest elevation I have worn this shirt, the highest elevation occurred on
      my 4-day hike in the Smokies. The highest elevation there was above 6,640 ft
      (2024 m) where the weather ranged from 75 F (24 C) to 18 F (-8 C) while I
      was there.
      Product Impressions:
      My last set of thermal wear was military issue cold weather gear, so
      although it was very warm it was quite heavy. It was also real hard to layer
      due to the fact that my body generated a lot of heat when hiking, but needed
      more insulation when standing still. I was constantly sweating when hiking
      but freezing when resting. The benefits didn't outweigh the negatives in my
      opinion. I needed to get into something that was a little lighter weight,
      but still held in warmth relatively well. While shopping at a large discount
      retailer I found this shirt mixed in with a bunch of other standard cotton
      thermals. As I've always had good luck with Columbia wear, and being as how
      the price was just right, I purchased it with the intention of replacing my
      old cold weather gear.

      Immediately after trying it on I found the shirt to be real warm. In the
      store I could feel the shirt containing the heat my body was putting off,
      especially on my arms which are usually the first part of my body that feels
      cold. Unfortunately there was no packaging when I purchased it so I was glad
      that there was a tag sewn into the seams detailing the care and cleaning
      instructions. After getting it home I washed it as per the instructions on
      the shirt. Columbia gear always been easy to clean and the Steens Mountain
      Crew was no exception. I simply threw it in cold water with like colors and
      washed it just like I would any other. I was even able to throw it in the
      tumble dryer on low.

      The fabric is called Omni Dry which Columbia describes as a wicking yarn
      that enhances comfort and moisture management while resisting pilling. While
      it isn't as quick to wick moisture away as other clothing I have, I don't
      find myself as cold as I do with them either. There is a nice balance
      between being warm and being dry.

      As you can see by the pictures, this fabric is woven into a waffle pattern.
      I was a bit skeptical that this fabric would hold up. Other shirts that I
      have with a waffle pattern like this are exceptionally prone to snagging.
      Being as how this was always going to be a base layer, I wasn't really
      concerned. However, lately I have found myself wearing this as a piece of
      outer wear. To my surprise it's resistance to snagging has been exceptional.
      I've caught this on branches, shrubs, and thorns that would have shredded
      other shirts but the Steens Mountain Crew held up to everything I've thrown
      at it.

      The warming abilities of this shirt are only surpassed by its comfort. This
      is definitely one of the most comfortable base layers that I have ever
      owned. I have no problem wearing this shirt at any time, and under any other
      piece of clothing. The seams are sewn nice and tight and have not given me
      any discomfort whether wearing this under a jacket or under a backpack. They
      are also sewn in such a way that they offset from the shoulders and don't
      sit directly under my backpack straps. I have not felt any itching at all
      while wearing this shirt. The neck and sleeve cuffs are also nice and tight.
      At no point in time while wearing this shirt has the neck stretched out or
      sagged, nor have the cuffs lost their shape even after being repeatedly
      pushed up my forearms when I needed to cool off.

      The length of the shirt is long enough that it doesn't ride up when I'm
      donning my pack, yet short enough that it doesn't feel like I'm wearing a
      skirt. The sleeves are a bit long, but not so that they hinder any activity
      that I need to use my hands for. Personally, I like my sleeves a bit longer
      so this length is just right for me. The cut is also nice and tight against
      my body. This limits the excess amount of material hanging around my chest
      that bunches up when wearing a base layer under numerous other layers.

      I've tried to think of something that I dislike about the shirt but have yet
      to come up with anything, and after wearing this shirt throughout the winter
      period I have nothing but good things and praise to report. I would
      definitely suggest this shirt to anyone who is looking for a nice
      lightweight base layer piece of thermal clothing.

      Visit Corridor9.net
      Blogging about BackpackGearTest, Hiking, Firefighting, and Linux
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