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EDIT: Owner Review - Leatherman Charge TTi - Jerry Meece

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  • TheMiddleSister
    Jerry, I have been assigned to edit your Owner s Review. This appears to be your very first review, so I tried to go easy on you! ;) Writing for BGT takes
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      I have been assigned to edit your Owner's Review. This appears to be your very first review, so I tried to go easy on you! ;) Writing for BGT takes practice and you needn't be discouraged by the editing process. If it seems "greek" to you, you might want to check in with the BGT mentoring program where eager volunteers will help you master the process of writing ORs, applying for tests and writing test reports. It's a great program and I'll be happy to put you in touch with Jennifer Pope.

      I noticed you are using Shane's wonderful ReportWriter program. It sure makes the process easier, doesn't it? Built into the ReportWriter is a spell checker. You might not have noticed it, but please in the future, run your reports through the spell checker before posting. It will save us all a bit of time.

      Since this is your first review and there are more than a couple edits, I would like you to REPOST your OR to the list when you have made the edits. When you repost, make sure that you have in the subject line "REPOST: Owner Review - Leatherman Charge TTi - Jerry Meece". Your name always needs to be in the subject line for reviews, reports, edits, etc.

      Also, after the corrections, you need to upload your HTML file to the Owner Review test folder so I can check out your HTML. When you repost, you must put a link in the e-mail to that file location so I can view the uploaded file.

      My list of edits follows. Let me know if you don't understand anything I've written.

      Conventionally the following terms are used in the editing process:
      *** EDIT: you must fix this to comply with BackpackGearTest standards [because the Editor says so!]
      *** Edit: you should seriously consider fixing this in some way [unless you seriously object with good reason]
      *** Comment: usually just that, although you might want to make a change of some sort as a result.

      Please e-mail me when you have made the edits and have uploaded the file with your pictures to the test folder. At that time, I'll check out the HTML and, if all is OK, give you the go ahead to upload. Please remember to use "REPOST" when you report the plain text of your corrected OR to the list.

      Kathy Waters
      OR Editor

      First some general edits/comments: You have a great start here, but need to flesh it out a bit. You mention general use of the Charge, can you please add some more detailed or specific uses. Also, a good description of the multi-tool is needed in your review. Paint a picture for me so I can visualize the product. Remember the reader may have no idea of what this product looks like and your review has to spell out the details of this product. What kind of edge do the blades have? Smooth? Sharp? Serrated? How wide is the blade? Is there any writing on the blade? The grip? The sheath? What color is the sheath? Does the sheath have a closure? Does the closure completely engulf the tool? Can the sheath attach to a belt or strap? How? ETC. You get the idea! (Make sure you have measurements, both imperial and metric for all thicknesses, lengths, etc. Make the product description a separate heading before your Field Use section.

      Also, please break up your Field Use section in a few paragraphs to make it easier to read?

      "Height: 71 in / 180cm"
      EDIT - Please add a space between "180" and "cm"

      " pack lite, freeze at night"
      EDIT - Delete the space between the first quote mark and "pack"; Capitalize "pack"; and add a period to the end of the sentence.

      "MSRP: USD 159"
      COMMENT - I couldn't find a MSRP on the Leatherman site. If the price is not actually the manufacturer's price, please delete the line. If you cannot readily find the MSRP, then state 'MSRP not available'.

      "Length: 4 in. / 10.cm (closed) 6.3 in. / (open)"
      EDIT - Delete the period but leave a space between "10" and "cm" and add the metric conversion for "6.3 in". Delete periods after measurements.

      "Weight: 8.2 ounces / 232 grams"
      Edit - To be consistent, you should change the above measurements to abbreviations.

      "Included Bits and Accessories: Phillips and flat tip eyeglass
      Edit - It looks like you have a hard carriage return here. If you delete it, "screwdriver" will be on the same line as "eyeglass" which is easier to read.

      "Screwdriver 1/8" and Torx #15, Phillips #1 and #2, Hex 3/32" and
      Hex 5/32" and 9/64", Hex 1/16" and .050, Hex 1/8" and 7/64",
      Robertson #2 and #3, Removable pocket clip, Nylon Sheath"
      Edit - Ditto here with hard carriage returns. However, you should delete the comma after "#3" and put "Removable pocketclip" on the next line deleting the comma after "clip" and "Nylon Sheath" on its own line, too.
      EDIT - BUMMER HERE, but you need to give metric conversions for the measurements so the world outside of the US can compute ;)

      "The Leatherman® Charge® was packaged in a thick plastic blister pack and came with the Charge®"
      Edit - Per Chapter 6 of the Survival Guide, "Trademark and Copyright symbols are not required or encouraged." Can you remove the Registered symbols?

      "Leatherman tools come with a, limited, 25 year warranty"
      Edit - I think the two commas should be deleted. Is there a reason they are needed?

      "...elevations of 7 to 11 thousand feet and temperatures from 5 to -20 degrees fahrenheight."
      EDIT - You need the metric conversions here, "Fahrenheit" is the correct spelling. However, the correct way of expressing temperatures in BGT report/reviews is minus the word "degrees" and either "F" or "C". Keep your report consistent though and either use measurements spelled out of abbreviations; i.e., "7000 to 11000 ft and temperatures from 5--20 F" (with the proper metric conversions, of course).

      "...the saw worked much better than expected since I had my doubts from experience. "
      COMMENT - Do you mean you had previous experience with this tool or other tools? If you mean other tools, can you please add that - "I had my doubts from previous experience with other multi-tools."?

      "I witnessed several others blades break, which I contributed to the extreme temperatures, but it was not a factor with the Charge®. "
      Edit - This sentence reads awkwardly to me. Since you are writing and comparing your past experience with blades to your experience with Leatherman, I think you need to make that clearer. At least, I'm assuming you are talking about other manufacturers! Better might be "I have witnessed several other manufacturers' blades break which I have contributed to the extreme temperatures, but extreme temperatures were not a factor with the Charge."

      "I did not have much need for the bits and accessories in the field because of the primitive shelters and such that we were using but have since used them
      for tasks around the house and found that they work well enough if that's all you have and seem of decent quality for emergency situations. Additional bit and accessories are available for the Charge® and allow you to customize your multi-tool to fit your personal needs. "
      EDIT - Ah, the dreaded "you" and "your" words! ;) This is projection and not permitted in BGT reviews/reports. You need to re-state using first person - your experiences. ..."if that's all I have"...

      "...they have sent me a new product for every one I have sent to the manufacture."
      EDIT - Change "manufacture" to "manufacturer".

      "I have used many multi-tools in my past including Leatherman, Gerber, SOG, and a few others I bought in a pinch "
      EDIT - Take out the other manufacturer names. In BGT reviews/reports, other manufacturers are not mentioned by name and direct comparisions are never made. You can indicate that you have used other multi-tools, just don't name them.

      COMMENT - A good way to summarize your reviews/reports is to list "Things I Like" and "Things I Don't Like", giving 2 or three examples.

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