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OR (REVISED) - Wintergreen Expedition Shell Anorak - Gail S.

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  • woodswoman
    Here is my Revised OR for a favorite winter item: (Please ignore yahooisms in the chart) HTML:
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      Here is my Revised OR for a favorite winter item:
      (Please ignore yahooisms in the chart)





      Owner Review:
      Wintergreen Designs
      Expedition Shell Anorak
      February 2, 2007

      Reviewer Information

      Name: Gail Staisil
      Age: 54
      Gender: Female
      Height: 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)
      Weight: 140 (64 kg)
      Chest: 37 in (94 cm)
      Sleeve Length: 31 in (79 cm)
      Email: woodswoman2001@...
      Location: Marquette, Michigan USA

      For the last 18 years, backpacking has become a
      passion. I am a four-season backpacker and an
      off-trail navigator. Although I do take yearly trips
      to the American West or Southwest, the majority of my
      trips are in Michigan and Canada. My pack weight
      varies considerably, but my base weight is under 18 lb
      ( 8 kg). I am primarily a tarp camper who averages
      over 50 nights a year backpacking in a huge variety of
      weather conditions including relentless rain, wet snow
      and sub-zero temps.

      Wintergreen Designs
      Year of Manufacture
      URL http://www.wintergreendesigns.com
      Expedition Shell Anorak (partial zip)
      Red (Also available in Royal Blue, Arctic White,
      Loden, Teal, Berry, Black and Amethyst)
      Supplex 3-ply nylon
      Unisex Medium (XXS-XXL available)
      Manufacturer's Weight
      Actual Weight
      24.4 oz (692 g)
      $245.00 US (Manufactured in Ely, Minnesota)

      Product Description

      The Expedition Shell Anorak is one of many garments
      designed for cold weather usage by Wintergreen
      Designs. The company was founded when they began
      designing clothing for North Pole expeditions. The
      anorak is constructed with 3-ply Supplex fabric with a
      water repellent finish. The anorak has a lining made
      out of breathable Versatech fabric. The lining is
      unattached or suspended from the shoulders inside the
      garment. Other features include several drawcords with
      cordlocks including one at the waist, lower edge and
      hood. A roomy front pocket, Velcro-closures at the
      sleeve edges and decorative trim are part of the
      design. The anorak has a partial front zipper but it
      is also available with the option of a full-length
      zipper. A zip-on coyote fur ruff is an additional

      Field Information

      The Wintergreen Designs Expedition Shell Anorak has
      been my primary shell for winter expeditions for the
      last four years. I ordered the anorak in a size Unisex
      Medium that aligns well with the company's website
      chart requirements for height, but I fall on the low
      side for body weight. The size Medium is supposed to
      fit a person between 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m) and 5 ft 10 in
      (1.78 m) and their body weight ideally should be
      between 145-175 lb (66-79 kg). The anorak is designed
      to allow for layering of clothing. Since I wanted to
      be able to wear the anorak over many other layers if
      necessary, that size has worked out perfectly. Because
      my body runs at a cooler temperature than most people,
      I wanted a shell anorak that would keep me warm and
      covered through all types of wind chills and
      temperatures. The anorak is designed with a longer
      length than most shell garments. The anorak measures
      over 32 in (81 cm) long from the shoulders to the
      bottom edge. The additional length has been incredibly
      useful as I don't have to fear that a backpack belt or
      waistbelt for my sledge will ride upward and expose my
      waist area to wet snow or extreme cold. That was a
      major problem with other shell garments that I had
      used prior to purchasing the anorak.

      Fit/Construction Details

      Since the anorak is designed by the company to fit
      over a fleece anorak for extreme conditions, I often
      wear a combination of layers underneath it depending
      on the temperature and wind chill. I can easily fit a
      silk capilene shirt, a light fleece shirt and a light
      synthetic or down jacket underneath it if necessary.
      Even with all these layers, it still does not
      constrict my movement. I normally comfortably wear two
      layers under the anorak in temperatures below 20 F (-7
      C). During sustained activity, the lowest temperature
      that I have worn the anorak while wearing only two
      layers has been -20 F (-29 C). At these frigid
      temperatures I was also wearing the anorak's hood over
      a wool hat and a warm fleece neck gaiter.

      The Wintergreen Designs Expedition Shell Anorak is
      truly an oversized garment. The body of the anorak has
      a very straight cut with about a 48 in (122 cm)
      circumference for size Medium. However, the excess
      room can be cinched in with the use of the drawcord
      with a lockcord on each end that starts just
      underneath the large front pocket, circles the back of
      the waist and ends just inside the other edge of the
      pocket. The sleeves are of the batwing style and are
      very non-constricting. The bottom of the sleeves have
      approximately 12 in (30 cm) of circumference each.
      Excess room can be sealed off by securing the
      Velcro-lined tab on each sleeve edge that can be
      adjusted to many different positions.

      The lower front pocket is huge. It measures
      approximately 14 in (35.5 cm) in height and 17 in (43
      cm) in width with tapered edges at the top. Both upper
      side edges of the pocket have a 3 in (7.5 cm) storm
      flap over them. Inside the large pocket is almost an
      equally big internal zippered pocket. I often use that
      pocket to hold my identification and other small items
      that I don't want to lose like car keys. I often stow
      extra mittens, an extra hat, and a small snack in the
      outer pocket and there is still plenty of room to put
      my hands in there when I want to take a rest.

      I bought the anorak in the partial-zip design option.
      It is easy to pull over my head without difficulty
      even when I'm wearing several layers underneath. This
      has been important to me lately as I have trouble with
      one of my shoulders making many garments frustrating
      to remove. The partial zip is over 15 in (38 cm) in
      length and it extends upward to the bottom of my chin
      on the hood. The zipper is backed by a storm flap. The
      adjustable hood is roomy enough to layer hats
      underneath. I have worn two hats underneath very
      comfortably including a medium weight wool hat and a
      wool and fleece bomber hat with ear flaps.

      The attention to detail on the anorak is superb. All
      of the seams are constructed neatly and the extras
      like the storm flaps on the pocket, the contoured hood
      detail with an adjustable buckle, the suspended lining
      and the Velcro-tab sleeve edges are all features that
      are very accommodating to the user. The hood, shoulder
      seams and lower edge are all trimmed with an
      attractive embroidered trim that compliments the color
      of the anorak - a nice touch indeed.


      I find the Wintergreen Expedition Shell Anorak works
      the best for aerobic-sustained activity like pulling a
      sledge when the temperatures are low. It offers a lot
      more warmth and wind protection than many similar
      shell garments due to the suspended lining and the
      length of the anorak. If the temperatures are above
      the mid 20 F (- 7 C) range, I usually take off the
      anorak or take off one of the layers underneath if I
      become too hot. However, before that happens, I vent
      the jacket sleeves and the partial zip to let in more
      air. I normally don't seal off the bottom drawstring
      unless I am sitting down for a rest and want to keep
      the warm air inside of the anorak.

      The jacket is protected with Durepel Plus water
      repellent. It has worked rather well for sledging and
      backpacking in snow blizzards. After I set up my camp,
      I just brush it off the flakes as the snow slides off
      quite well. I oftentimes remove the anorak at camp and
      put on multiple layers of insulated clothing instead.
      However, for warmer conditions in the shoulder seasons
      of winter, I have put on an insulated jacket
      underneath and one over the anorak as an alternative.

      I have also worn the anorak for snowshoe daytrips and
      occasionally around town when the temperatures are
      below zero (0 F/-18 C). The longer length, the
      windproofness and the nonbulky appearance are all fine
      attributes. Even though the anorak could surely be
      used for warmer temperatures in the spring and fall, I
      normally reserve it for winter use.


      The Wintergreen Designs Expedition Shell Anorak has
      been very comfortable to wear under my backpack or
      under a waistbelt for my sledge. The Supplex nylon
      material is very soft so it doesn't seem to bunch up
      or irritate underneath. In addition, the absence of
      bulky seams seems to eliminate possible irritation
      points under shoulder harness straps on a backpack.

      Even though the anorak is heavier than a lot of
      jackets, it's easy to stow when I need to do that. It
      rolls up quite nicely as the fabric of the anorak and
      lining are very soft. When I'm pulling a sledge, I
      just stow the anorak loosely underneath the sledge's
      cover if the conditions are only producing powder-type

      I haven't done anything special to care for the anorak
      other than to wash it when it becomes necessary. The
      anorak's inside care tag clearly states to machine
      wash in cold water and then to hang or fluff dry. I
      normally put it in a dryer for a few minutes and then
      hang it to dry. No bleach should be used on the
      product. Most of my winter trips aren't very
      dirt-prone but on the last trip I got a bunch of
      grease on the anorak from the door joints on a
      friend's vehicle. I simply softly scrubbed it with a
      bit of liquid detergent and all the stains
      disappeared. I have probably washed it more than I
      care to admit in the last four years just because I am
      picky about my clothing. If the anorak picks up an
      odor from a companions camp fire, I tend to wash it
      for only that reason. There isn't any noticeable wear
      on the anorak even though it has been used quite a
      bit. I have been very pleased with the durable,
      colorfast and fine appearance of the fabric.The anorak
      has been exposed to some real rough vegetation during
      bushwhacks and it's no worse for the wear. Wintergreen
      Designs have an excellent guarantee on their products
      but hopefully I'll never need it:

      We Guarantee Everything We Make. If youÂ’re not
      satisfied with one of our garments, we will happily
      refund, replace or repair it. Damage due to wear and
      tear will be repaired at a reasonable charge.

      The anorak was worn on all of my winter backpacking
      and sledge trips in the state of Michigan, USA or in
      Ontario, Canada during the last four winter seasons.
      In addition, the anorak has been worn for other cold
      weather outings. The terrain I travel include mostly
      hilly boreal or deciduous forests, frozen swamps,
      frozen lakes and lakeshores. Elevations ranged from
      600 ft (183 m) to 2000 ft (610 m) and temperatures
      ranged from a low of approximately -20 F (-29 C) to a
      high of over 32 F (0 C).

      Overall, the Wintergreen Designs Expedition Shell
      Anorak has served its purpose well. I have been
      incredibly happy with its performance during my trips.
      It has definitely fulfilled my quest to find a
      suitable anorak for extreme winter activities. The
      overall great design of the anorak is one of its
      greatest attributes, but the attention to detail in
      its construction make it superb.


      * Breathable
      * Extra long length offers more protection from
      the elements
      * Attractive appearance
      * Functional tunnel pocket with secret inner large
      pocket with zipper
      * Adjustable hood
      * Packs easily, not bulky
      * Works best for temperatures below 20 F (-7 C)


      * Heavy if it is stowed rather than worn
      * Expensive


      **There is a pleasure in the pathless woods** - Lord Byron

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