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Owner Review Browning Model 079 Pocket Knife - Josh Moffi

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  • jmoffi_ca
    Browning Model 079 Pocket Knife Owner Review Name: Josh Moffi Age: 35 Gender: Male Height: 180 cm (5 ft, 11 in) Weight: 95 kg (210 lb) Email Address: joshmoffi
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2006
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      Browning Model 079 Pocket Knife
      Owner Review

      Name: Josh Moffi
      Age: 35
      Gender: Male
      Height: 180 cm (5 ft, 11 in)
      Weight: 95 kg (210 lb)
      Email Address: joshmoffi AT gmail DOT com
      City, State, Country: Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada
      Date: November 1, 2006

      Backpacking Background

      I have been backpacking since I was 3 years old. Many of my younger
      years were spent in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. I owned my
      first pack at the age of 4, my fist tent at the age of 9. I have
      backpacked various locations on the west coast from Oregon to Alaska.
      Once I introduced my wife to the thrill of backpacking, we expanded
      our activities to include car camping, canoe camping, geocaching,
      snowshoeing, and anything else that gets us out into the woods. I have
      traditionally carried the heaviest pack in every party I have hiked
      with. I have recently realized that by getting rid of some excessive
      items and lightening the weight of my pack, I can extend my trip by
      time and distance. I am expanding my range of activities again by
      getting into winter backpacking.

      Product Information

      Manufacturer: Browning
      Year of manufacture: 2006
      URL: http://www.browning.com/
      Material: Blade - 440 Stainless steel blade;
      Handle – Laminated wood; Pocket Clip - Chrome
      Blade Length: 7.62 cm (3 in)
      Overall Length: 19.68 cm (7¾ in)
      Closed Length: 13.97 cm (5½ in)
      Blade Style: Drop point
      Lock Style: Cross blade
      MSRP: N/A

      Field Information

      In Seattle and Anchorage the knife has been used for many general
      day-to-day purposes around home and work. The knife has been used
      daily, including cutting paper, cardboard, 16 GA speaker wire,
      electrical tape, packing tape and rope. While backpacking on the Kenai
      Peninsula the knife was used for everything in and around camp from
      food preparation to cutting rope.

      While working and hiking in and around Dutch Harbor, Alaska, the
      knife's uses ranged from cutting cardboard, cutting line on commercial
      fishing vessels, electrical tape, to cleaning fish. While fishing
      salmon recreationally the knife was rinsed repeatedly in salt water.
      Not recommended, but it was that nothing or put it back in my pocket
      with fish slime on it.

      I also use the knife while on an overnight camping and ice fishing
      trip in the Nancy Lake State Recreation Area, about 120 km (75 mi)
      north of Anchorage Alaska. During this time the knife was used to cut
      fishing line at low temperatures. The knife was also used for food
      preparation and cutting rope while on this trip.

      Product Review

      The knife has a nice shape both open and closed. The laminated wood
      handle is black accented with layers of green wood. The gentle curve
      to the end of the handle compliments the curve of the blade when the
      knife is closed. The colors are distinctive. The chrome pocket clip is
      curved to match the overall shape of the knife and accents the handle
      curve nicely.

      The Browning logo is cut right though the blade just in front of the
      opening knobs. The blade is finished with a flat finish. This gives
      the blade a toned down look that fits well with the colors of the
      handle. The blade tapers along the cutting edge as well as along the
      drop point, giving the blade a serious down to business look.

      The pocket clip keeps the knife easily accessible at the top of one's
      pocket. The blade has opening pegs on both sides to allow the knife
      to be opened either left or right handed with just a flick of the
      thumb. This makes it very easy to open the knife even with the other
      hand occupied. The knife has a curve cut into the handle for the index
      finger increasing grip in the handle. Once open the knife has
      excellent balance, it feels more like an extension of the hand than a
      tool. This increased grip and excellent balance allow for great
      control of the blade in all situations. The cross blade lock secures
      the blade while it is open, yet allows the lock to be easily released
      with the thumb, and the blade to be closed and stowed single-handed.

      I have owned this knife for six months and it has become my main
      pocketknife. The knife was purchased in May of 2006 when I thought I
      had left my regular pocketknife at home. I was going to be away
      working on the west coast for seven months and needed a replacement
      knife. This knife was chosen for A) being a similar size to the knife
      I had been carrying, B) simple colors that were not flashy, C)
      available right away, and D) it was on special. I wanted a sturdy
      knife that I would not mind if I lost or had to replace due to
      excessive use and abuse.

      After using the knife for a couple days, I realized that it was a
      bargain even at full price. I also realized that I had indeed packed
      my regular pocketknife, I just did not put it in its normal spot. I
      was so impressed with the Browning knife that I decided I would
      continue to use the Browning as my main pocketknife. The balance and
      weight were much nicer than the knife I had been using previously.

      I have used this knife extensively and have been hard on it, to the
      point of rinsing it in saltwater to get the fish slime off of it. I
      waited a week before re-rinsing it in freshwater and oiling it. This
      knife has preformed great regardless of the temperature or what was
      being cut. The only thing I do not like about this knife is the
      opening knobs collects dirt and debris where they meet the knife
      blade. This is easily remedied by a little extra attention to these
      areas when cleaning the blade. Otherwise it has been a very nice knife.


      My original reason for buying this knife was a quick replacement for
      my old pocketknife. This knife quickly exceeded my expectations and
      continues to be the knife I stick in my pocket each day, even after
      finding my old knife. I would gladly buy this knife again, even at
      full price. In fact, I regret not buying two when it was on sale.
      Browning has done an excellent job, producing a larger sized
      pocketknife that is still reasonably lightweight and has exceptional
      control. I now recommend to my friends that they consider looking at
      Browning's line of knives before they make the purchase of a new knife.
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