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Repost OR Petzl Tactikka Led Head Lamp

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  • canoe21
    Repost Owners Review Petzl Tactikka Led Head Lamp Tester Owners information Date Oct . 29,2006 Name Lawrence A. Dalrymple Age 64 Gender Male Height 5 10
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2006
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      Repost Owners Review
      Petzl Tactikka Led Head Lamp
      Tester Owners information

      Date Oct . 29,2006

      Name Lawrence A. Dalrymple

      Age 64

      Gender Male

      Height 5' 10" 1.78 m.

      Weight 155 lbs. 70 kg.

      Email Canoe21@...

      City Sutton

      Province Ontario


      Personal biographical information

      I started camping at around 10 years old in Nova Scotia ,after moving to Ontario I took up car camping but I soon tired of this ,taking up canoe camping across a lot of Ontario ,I have my favoured places to go but still like to explore the back country , I am planning a 21 day trip in Lady Evelyn Smoothwater Park to do the North and South Channel of the Lady Evelyn River ,the portages are very strenuous with fantastic scenery .

      I like a three person tent as in rainy weather there is room to stretch out with my gear to read or listen to the radio even though it adds 2 lbs. [.91 kg. ]to my pack but then I do not carry it every day .I try to keep the weight down below 50 lbs. [22.68 kg. ] most of my portages are under 1 mile [1.61 km.] but I have traveled up to 5 miles [ 8.05 km. ] at times .The terrain in Northern Ontario is very rugged very steep hills and a lot of swamps .

      The Product

      Petzl Tackikka Head Lamp

      Manufacture Petzl

      Website http://www.Petzl.com

      Product Tactikka

      Tactikka has a row of three Led Lamps

      Purchased for $39.94 [Canadian ] in March 2006 ]

      Size 2 1/4"x1 1/4" {56x32 mm ]

      Lamp Weight 1.48 oz. [42g ] from the web

      Lamp and battery's 2.29 oz. [65 g ]from the web

      Head strap 1" [ 24.4 mm ]

      Light beam approximate 20' [6.10 m.]

      Light has a ratchet action to keep it in one place

      comes with a red fold down lens for night vision

      Warranty 3 years against all faults in materials or manufacturing

      Product Description

      The Tactikka is a well made compact head with three Led's lamp with no bells or whistles except for the fold down lens that works well to save night vision ,with a ratchet action to keep the lamp in one place along with a very comparable head strap .

      Petzl says on there web page that batteries will last up to 120 hours I believe this to be true as I used my lamp four 80 days and the led's are still bright on the same batteries .

      Field conditions

      Weather conditions were from light snow , rain , fog with temperature's from around 30 f. [-1.10 c ] to over 95 f. [35 c ]

      Field Use

      I used my Tactikka for 80 days this year while camping in Northern Ontario on a daily bases and traveling at night back to our camp through a wide range of conditions ,it gave me a lot of light making camping a lot more enjoyable liked the fold down red lens for traveling and getting in and out of my canoe and not loose my night vision .

      I would recommend this lamp to any one who wants a good reliable lamp to make the great outdoors' more enjoyable .


      The on off switch is very stiff and some times hard to turn on in the dark when I can not see it this is the only fault I could find with my Tactikka .

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