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Dawn Opland Please Read - Re: OWNER REVIEW - LEKI Makalu Titanium Poles

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  • chcoa
    PLEASE READ THIS EMAIL IN FULL. IT IS MOST IMPORTANT! Thanks for your Owner s Review. It has been added to the Owner Review Queue and will be picked up by an
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 2, 2006
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      Thanks for your Owner's Review. It has been added to the Owner
      Review Queue and will be picked up by an Edit Moderator soon. Do
      not worry if nothing happens with it for several days. All our
      Editors are volunteers and your report will be subject to an
      official edit within fourteen days. If you have not had a response
      from an Edit Moderator via the Yahoo Groups list within this
      timeframe, please let me know directly at jdeben@....

      To assist in this process, if this is your first Owner Review we ask
      that you post only ONE Owner Review for edit at a time. Our
      experience is that it is more efficient for both the Editors and
      yourself, if you post your first review, have it edited, approved
      and uploaded before you post your second and subsequent reviews.
      This way we can work with you on addressing any standard BGT policy
      edits which you can incorporate into your second and subsequent
      reviews before submission.

      If you are new to BackpackGearTest.org, welcome to the community!
      The Editors will work with you, within their own time constraints,
      to get your first two Owner Reviews approved and upload in a timely
      manner. Once these first two Owner Reviews have been approved and
      you have submitted your Tester Agreement you will be eligible to
      start applying for Tests. If you'd like more assistance or guidance
      with the process you can request a mentor by sending an email to
      Jennifer P, the mentor coordinator, at (jennifer.pope@...).

      You may receive edits or comments from other members of the group.
      These edits and comments, while not official, should be considered
      carefully, and if you find them substantial, revise and re-post your
      review. Incorporating member edits and re-submitting to the list
      will usually result in a better review, as well as making things
      easier for the official Editor. Please put REVISED in the subject
      line of your re-submitted review, if you take this route or make any
      changes to your review BEFORE the review has been taken by an Edit

      Additionally, it is important for you to monitor the Yahoo Groups
      list to keep track of the progress of your Owner Review. Once an
      Editor has taken your OR and made the necessary edits they will post
      their comments to the list with EDIT in the subject line. Once you
      have incorporated these edits into your review please use REPOST in
      the subject line. When your OR has been approved by the Editor they
      will use APPROVED in the subject line.

      If you'd like to keep track of the progress of your OR, the entire
      Owner Review Queue is posted to this yahoo group list on Fridays.

      If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask via
      the list or contact me directly.

      Jamie DeBenedetto
      Edit Administration Manager
    • edwardripleyduggan
      Hello Dawn, You have made a good first effort here. Though I have quite a few edits for you, the form of the review is generally good. One preliminary remark,
      Message 2 of 3 , Nov 6, 2006
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        Hello Dawn,

        You have made a good first effort here. Though I have quite a few
        edits for you, the form of the review is generally good. One
        preliminary remark, however. We customarily abbreviate the units of
        measure, but I am unaware of any requirement to do so, provided that
        the report is internally consistent in this regard.

        It is unnecessary to capitalize them, as they are not proper nouns. I
        haven't marked every instance, but please go through and change the
        case, except in the one instance where I have indicated that upper
        case is correct.

        Also lacking from the owner review is an important and required
        section, indicating the conditions under which the poles have been
        used. You touch on this, but not comprehensively. My way is not the
        only way to do it, but I'm quoting below the statement from one of my
        ORs. All of this information should be included in the review.

        "I have used the Raven in winter in the Catskills and Adirondack
        Mountains primarily, at temperatures down to -15 F (8 C) or a bit
        below (and up to or even a little above freezing), at elevations to
        4500 ft (1372 m). It has been used exclusively under icy or snowy
        conditions, on steep terrain."

        In the case of the Makalus, you might cover the range of weather a
        little further, for rain, etc.

        A few things you don't touch on are the carbide tips, which should be
        discussed--what sort of wear do these show, and have you had to change
        them? Do yours have the anti-shock mechanism? If not, please state; if
        so, talk about that.Do you use both snow and trekking baskets? If so,
        you might want to talk about changing the baskets, and the merits (or
        otherwise) of each.



        BGT OR Editor

        > LEKI Makalu Titanium Trekking Poles

        ### EDIT: This should be

        Owner Review LEKI Makalu Titanium Trekking Poles

        Review date: Date: 2 November 2006

        > Name: Dawn Opland
        > Age: 30
        > Gender: Female
        > Height: 5'5"

        ### EDIT: For consistency with the other units expressed in this
        review, this should be

        Height: 5 foot 5 inches

        (1.67 Meters)

        ### EDIT: lower-case m (and lowercase initial letter on units
        throughout, please.

        > Weight: 120 Pounds (54 Kilograms)
        > Email: dawn.opland@...
        > City, State, Country: Hudson, WI, United States
        > Date: 02 November 2006

        ### EDIT: Remove date from here as it is now at the head

        > Backpacking Background: I've been backpacking for six years, some
        weeklong trips, but
        > mostly shorter weekend trips. I like to pack light, but am not an
        ultralight diehard. I have
        > climbed mountains in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica.
        I recently moved to
        > Wisconsin from Maine and now my weekend trips are in terrain
        consisting of rolling hills
        > with flat sections interspersed. This December I will be traveling
        to Tanzania to hike
        > Kilimanjaro with a friend and have plans to backpack across Isle
        Royale next August.

        ### COMMENT: I generally advise against listing specific trips, as
        this review will be read long after you have made them, at which point
        this will no longer be a valid statement of fact. What I would like
        here is an approximate pack-weight for a typical trip, before food and
        > Manufacturer: LEKI
        > Leki USA, Inc.
        > 458 Sonwil Drive
        > Buffalo, NY 14225
        > Tel: 716-683-1022
        > Fax: 716-683-1296
        > E-Mail: service@...
        > Year of Manufacture: 2003
        > URL: www.leki.com
        > MSRP: 99.95/pair

        ### EDIT: MSRP: US$99.95/pair

        I have a query. I didn't look very hard, but I didn't see MSRPs on
        LEKI's site. If this is a retailer price, please omit and say simply
        MSRP: n/a. Otherwise, keep as is (with the edit).

        > Listed Weight: 16.6 ounces/pair (471 grams/pair)
        > Weight as delivered: 16.0 ounces/pair (454 grams/pair)
        > Length (measured from the tip):
        > 50.0 inches fully extended (127 Centimeters)
        > 24.0 inches collapsed (61 Centimeters)
        > Poles are black with silver lettering and a red stripe running along

        ### EDIT: I'm not clear what you mean here by 3-sides. Could you
        clarify the language slightly? The hyphen between 3 and sides is not
        required, and arguably, a pole of circular form does not have sides. I
        think probably just "...and three red stripes running along the sides
        of the top section." suffices.

        of the top
        > section. The baskets are 2"

        ### EDIT: 2 inches (and cm conversion, please)

        diameter and made of black plastic. The foam grips are also
        > black with a cork "cap" that houses the wrist strap adjustment. The
        wrist strap is made of
        > black nylon with a soft fleece material sewn onto the side that
        touches your

        ## EDIT: We generally avoid the use of "you," your," etc., as
        projecting the writer's experience on the reader. "...on the side that
        touches my skin."

        skin. The
        > poles arrive with minimal packaging; the wrist straps are looped
        together and a plastic clip
        > holds the tip ends together

        ### EDIT: add "when received" for clarity

        . My poles also came with a tiny LEKI carabineer

        ### EDIT: carabiner or karabiner is correct.

        (not intended
        > for climbing purposes).
        > The sections are extended and collapsed by twisting each section at
        the "hub" and then
        > pulling or pushing the loosened section to lengthen or shorten to
        the desired height. You
        > can get a more detailed explanation

        ### EDIT: A more detailed explanation of LEKI's internal tightening
        mechanism may be found by visiting their website. [avoids "you"]

        behind LEKI's internal tightening mechanism by
        > visiting their website.
        > Wrist straps are adjusted by pulling the tiny "plug" out from the
        top of the handgrips, now
        > the straps are free and the slack can be adjusted to suit your
        preference. If you enjoy year
        > round hiking you'll likely be adjusting your straps twice a year,
        once in the winter to
        > accommodate your gloves and then again in the spring for your wrists
        sans gloves.

        ### EDIT: Please reword the previous sentences to put this in terms of
        your experience, not the hypothetical "you."

        It can
        > be difficult to get the plug out of the handgrip without using a pliers.
        > I have been using my LEKI poles for the past 3-years

        ### EDIT: three years

        , mostly in the granite Appalachian
        > Mountains in Maine. The poles are in great shape despite the rough
        terrain. The only area
        > of the poles showing much sign of wear are the plastic baskets,
        which I will probably
        > replace within the next two years. I continue to be impressed with
        the foam grips, they
        > are not disintegrating and do not leave black residue on my hands
        (I've had this happen
        > before).

        ### COMMENT: Maybe " (I've had this happen with other brands of pole).
        Don't specify the brand or style though; we don't do "shootout" reviews.

        > My only complaint is that I've had issues adjusting the length
        during winter snowshoeing
        > hikes. In temperatures below 10-degrees Fahrenheit (-12 Celsius)

        ### COMMENT: caps for Fahrenheit and Celsius are right and proper, as
        they are named for Messrs. Fahrenheit and Celsius!

        the pole sections do
        > not loosen or tighten as well as in the summertime. Speaking of
        cold temperatures, you
        > can adjust the pole's length with gloves on, but it's much easier to
        just use your bare
        > hands.

        ### EDIT: Lose the yous, please! <g>--that rhymes.

        I've seen some newer poles by Black Diamond that use an external
        > mechanism that may interest anyone who does a lot of hiking in cold

        ### EDIT: Because of the "shootout" factor, please discard this last
        sentence, or just state that you have seen poles with such an external
        mechanism that may work better. Actually, I do a lot of winter
        mountaineering (Catskills, Dacks, and occasionally Whites) and I have
        never had too many issues the Leki locking mechanism. The BD Flicklock
        mechanism *is* better, but the "Binary" mechanism found on the lower
        section of some of their poles is a trifle awkward at the best of
        times, and impossible in winter.

        > Another consideration for uses would be as a tent pole. Some
        ultralight shelters are
        > propped up using tent poles. I have never tried this, but it is
        something to consider if
        > you're looking for a way to reduce your pack weight.

        ### EDIT: All perfectly correct, and indeed I was using my poles in
        this manner on Saturday might. The issue is that you haven't done
        this. You can get away with the first two sentences as a simple
        statement of fact but things go awry around "I have never tried this."
        Better to say "I have never tried this, but it might be something I
        would consider for reducing my pack weight." [If indeed it is].

        > In summary, these poles are fairly light at 16 ounces and a bargain
        for the manufacturer's
        > price of $99.95/pair.

        ### EDIT: See query as per price above.

        They have never inadvertently collapsed on me during ascent/
        > descent and are still in great shape after years of use.
        > Buy them for:
        > 1. Low price for their weight
        > 2. Durability
        > Not so hot:
        > 1. Reliability of locking mechanism in cold temperatures
        > 2. Wrist straps could be easier to adjust
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