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EDIT: OWNER REVIEW: Yaktrax Pro - Jo Ann Moffi

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  • nazdarovye
    Jo Ann - Good job overall on the OR. You ve met most of our requirements right out of the gate, and your review is well-written (as well as free of spelling
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 29, 2006
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      Jo Ann -

      Good job overall on the OR. You've met most of our requirements right
      out of the gate, and your review is well-written (as well as free of
      spelling and conversion errors - thanks!)

      Here's my biggest point of concern: as it stands, this would be a
      great review for a running or walking magazine, but appears less
      relevant for a backpacking gear site, given your primary usage running
      on streets. However, instead of asking you to submit a review of
      something you've used in a setting more appropriate to our readers,
      I'm going to suggest that you clarify and flesh out your descriptions
      of your usage on the trail, as you may in fact have more to say about
      that, and your review is otherwise quite good. I've also provided a
      few other edits for you, noted below.

      When you've made these changes, please repost your OR here with the
      word "REPOST" included in the subject line of your message.

      I'll look forward to seeing your next version - thanks very much for
      the review.

      - Steve
      BGT OR Editor


      YakTrax Pro on Merrell Boots
      ***EDIT: I suggest removing this line and noting which boots you used
      in the body of your review.

      Yaktrax, Inc. claims the Yaktrax Pro gives instant traction,
      confidence and safety on ice and packed snow. Walking and running can
      be done as if ice and packed snow were dry surfaces.
      ***EDIT: Put this in quotes (if it is a quote) or note that this is
      also their claim.

      Putting on the Yaktrax Pro:

      To get the Yaktrax Pro on, put the toe of the shoe under the Velcro
      strap and into the toe end of the rubber 'frame'. Then, while
      grasping the thickened portion at the back if the Yaktrax Pro, push
      the toe of the shoe into the rubber frame at the same time as
      stretching the Yaktrax Pro over the heel of the shoe. This is easily
      accomplished when wearing the shoe. Getting the force to push the
      shoe and stretch the Yaktrax Pro at the same time when not wearing the
      shoe is a challenge I have yet to master. Once the Yaktrax Pro is on
      the shoe, go around the edge of the shoe and pull up on the outer
      edges of the rubber webbing so that it is around the entire outside
      perimeter of the shoe. The toe end of the Yaktrax Pro has a distinct
      mesh pattern that allows for easy centering at the toe of the shoe and
      the heel end of the Yaktrax has a thickened tab for ease of pulling on
      and off and centering at the heel of the shoe. Once the Yaktrax Pro is
      satisfactorily situated, tighten the Velcro strap across the top of
      the shoe.

      ***EDIT QUESTION: Is this your personal description, or Yaktrax's? If
      the former, personalize it a bit to make that clear; if the latter,
      consider removing this and restating your own experience.

      Field Information

      Location or locations where the shoes were worn:
      In and around Sault Ste Marie, Ontario and surrounding Algoma region.

      Description of Location(s):
      Around town on ice and snow covered sidewalks and streets, snow and
      ice covered trails, some muddy trails.

      ***EDIT: Please provide more details on your trail use; since this is
      a backpacking site, our readers will be especially interested in that.
      Further details on grades/slopes, number of trail days (or hours), and
      what kind and weight of packs you were carrying (if any) would all be

      The Yaktrax Pro are fairly easy to get on and off while indoors.
      However, once outside, getting the Yaktrax Pro on and off with cold
      fingers and (usually) wet/snowy shoes or boots is not a pleasant
      experience. Removing the Yaktrax Pro with gloves and/or mittens is
      possible, but putting them on is not easily accomplished without
      removing gloves, and is impossible without removing mittens. This is
      the nature of winter though, and I certainly don't expect any
      different. The design of the Yaktrax is intentionally tight to ensure
      the Yaktrax Pro do not come off during walking and running. It would
      be extremely difficult to design a removable traction device without
      this issue.

      ***EDIT: Please provide a little more detail on why they're difficult
      or impossible to remove outside (and depending on your handwear).

      I also used the Yaktrax Pro while hiking on snow packed trails. They
      performed similarly to ice and snow packed roads.

      ***EDIT: I think you mean to say they performed similarly to the way
      they performed on ice and snow packed roads; in any case, anything you
      can say to expand your observations while on an icy trail would be
      useful to our readers.

      - Stay on all footwear without slipping.
      ***EDIT: Or at least on the two types of footwear you used - best to
      be precise here

      [END OF EDITS]
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