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EDIT: Owner Review - Osprey Exposure 50 Backpack - Justin Prince

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  • colonelcorn76
    Hi Justin, Good start on this one. Packs are actually some of the hardest pieces of gear to write a good review on--just take a look at some of the ones on
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2006
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      Hi Justin,
      Good start on this one. Packs are actually some of the hardest
      pieces of gear to write a good review on--just take a look at some
      of the ones on BGT.

      I've made some comments and observations as well as some technical
      edits below. Don't be put off by the number as they're fairly
      typical of a new OR for a complex piece of gear. Take another cut
      through adding and correcting as I've suggested and repost it here
      with REPOST in the subject line. I'll pick it up and take another
      look through.

      Thanks again for the good work.
      Edit Moderator

      --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, "justin" <geartest@...>


      ### EDIT: A couple of other pieces of info would be useful here --
      like what torso size "Medium" relates to (assuming that's the one
      you've got), what type of pack (internal frame, external frame,
      frameless), when it was acquired (2006?) and volume (e.g. 3500 cu

      > Hydration and Excessory compatible

      ### EDIT: Is this a quote? I suspect the real word is "Accessory".

      > StraightJacket compression
      > Front hypalon crampon and ice tool buffer with bungee

      ### EDIT: "Hypalon" is a registered trademark of DuPont and should
      be capitalized.

      > The pack reviewed was a size Medium.

      ### EDIT: If you cover it up above where I mentioned it before, you
      can skip this, but what's the torso size for this?

      > Capacity is listed at 3000 cu. in / 50 L.

      ### EDIT: Were you able to verify this at all? Also, we don't put a
      period after the unit abbreviation (e.g. cu in not cu. in and L not

      > 198' / 60 m rope inside the pack loosely coiled. This strap is
      > helpful to keep loose items from jostling if strapped over the top

      ### EDIT: Any idea what cacpacity the collar adds to the pack?

      > -Pixie-P easy release buckle and strap can be adjusted up or down
      > daisy chain
      > -Straight Jacket compression holds tools, pickets, snowboard, etc.

      ### EDIT: Is it "Straight Jacket" or "StraightJacket"? You use both
      in this review. You need to verify how Osprey refers to it and use
      that format.

      > -Side ski straps (Haven't used these yet)
      > -Side picket, wand, etc pocket (Not quite large enough for a 32
      oz. /

      ### EDIT: "Side pocket" and "32 oz" Adding measurements for this
      pocket would be helpful (length x width x depth if it has any and
      material it's made of if it's different than the rest of the pack).

      > 1 L water bottle if the bottom of the pack is full)
      > -Hypalon reinforced crampon patch with bungee cord (One
      > for my purchase of this pack was being able to store crampons on
      > outside without tearing things up)

      ### EDIT: That being the case, are you able to do so?

      > -Leashless tool holster / shovel wing (Seems to work just fine
      with my

      ### EDIT: A little explanation as to what a "shovel wing" is would
      be helpful. It's not a common term.

      > This pack has been taken on around 8 dayhikes/scrambles so far,
      and 2
      > overnights. Trips have been in mountainous terrain to 6500', with

      ### EDIT: This is a little light on usage - over how long a period
      have you used it? (Durability issues don't usually turn up in month
      2 but often will in month 4 or more of usage.) Also, you need a
      metric conversion for the 6500' measurement.

      > / 27 C. No serious temperature or precipitation extremes as yet.
      > pack has not had any problems with water entering so far, and I do

      ### EDIT: Have you had it out in the rain? Waht type -
      thundershowers, sprinkles, monsoons? That's more useful information
      to allow the "not had any problems with water" statement to be
      evaluated. I wouldn't expect you'd have any problems in Death Valley
      but would be very impressed if you had hiked with it for a day in a
      drenching rain without any leakage.

      > This pack was purchased to accomodate my technical climbing
      > endeavors. I wanted a pack that would cover 3 seasons of
      > climbing/scrambling, allow for some rope management while trekking

      ### EDIT: A little explanation about what kind of rope management
      you were expecting & the pack delivered would be useful (vs just
      stuffing it into the top of the pack or something that's just
      capacity vs. "management").

      > Some features that swayed my purchase were the size of the
      > top pocket, the 3 haul loops, the crampon patch, hydration bladder

      ### EDIT: Where are the haul loops? Traditionally there's one on the
      top back, where are the other 2? What value do they bring to using
      the pack?

      > etc.. The pack wouldn't be my first choice for an extended trail-
      > hike, but I will definitely use it for any alpine wanders.

      ### EDIT: Why not?

      > holsters work fine with my ice axe, and I'm sure I'll appreciate
      > Hypalon patch in winter when carrying crampons. Apparently this
      > coating makes puncturing material very difficult.

      ### EDIT: How do you know this?

      > The packs' capacity does get used up pretty quickly when filled

      ### EDIT: "pack's capacity" is the singular possessive form - you're
      talking about your pack not a bunch of packs.

      > stuffed inside. The top pocket adjusts through a very wide range,
      > allowing you to put quite a bit of bulk inside the main pack and

      ### EDIT: Doesn't allow me to do anything, I don't have one.
      Rephrase without the "you" (avoid the use of
      you/yours/your/you're/you'll to help prevent projection creeping in
      the review).

      > it protected. There is a dual set of spindrift collars, which can

      ### EDIT: Explain "dual set" - how does it have 2 collars?

      > The light interior of the pack is a nice feature as well, making
      it a
      > bit easier to find things. The aluminum alloy frame tubing makes

      ### EDIT: What color is the interior?

      > much of an issue. I'll be keeping an eye on how this wears on my
      > back, and adjusting it if it becomes necessary.

      ### EDIT: Some discussion on how you adjust this would be useful.
      How do you adjust any of the pack features (hip belt, shoulder
      straps, load lifters, etc.)? How adjustable is it to match different
      torso lengths? There are the kind of additional details that help
      round out a review.

      > The hip belt is Osprey's Exposure CM custom moldable hipbelt. I
      > haven't felt the need to have this molded to my hips just yet, as
      > a very comfortable system off the shelf. I really like the 2 gear

      ### EDIT: As I understand it, these are supposed to be "cooked" in
      some way. Can you expand a bit on that?

      > I'm a bit skeptical of this packs' usefulness as a haul bag due to
      > all the suspension straps, etc. on the exterior. But if I can get
      > everything I need into it, it would be well worth being the only

      ### EDIT: The difference between a BGT review and one on a site like
      Epinions is that our testers acutally check out things like this
      rather than leave it with an "if I can get everything I need into

      > I'm quite certain it won't be my last. In my opinion, Osprey has
      > most comfortable suspension that works with my body type, and they
      > make gear that stands up to the abuse I put it through.

      ### EDIT: Any comment on specifics would be good. Any fabric tears,
      zipper catching, jamming, buckles breaking or deforming, pockets
      tearing, straps abrading, etc.?

      > I would definitely recommend this pack for climbers looking for a
      > solid pack, reasonably weighted, with a great suspension, that will
      > carry the gear you need in comfort.

      ### EDIT: Wouldn't carry the gear I need if I need to carry 6000 cu
      in of it would it? Rephrase the "you need in comfort" to eliminate

      > -Huge top floating pocket that's easy to open and rummage through
      > the pack on. (Detachable for use as a daypack of sorts.)

      ### EDIT: Does the floating pocket have a hipbelt or something that
      makes it usable as a daypack?
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