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Instructions on the use of Word to generate HTML

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  • edwardripleyduggan
    My editorial colleague Roger Caffin prepared the following text on how to export HTM from Word with minimum fuss and bother. I highly recommend this text to
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2006
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      My editorial colleague Roger Caffin prepared the following text on how
      to export HTM from Word with minimum fuss and bother. I highly
      recommend this text to anyone who is faced with this task. Please note
      that this was prepared for the assistance of a specific OR writer, not
      as a formal document, hence any peculiarities in format.

      You are using Word. I understand, but this is truly one of the world's
      html generators known to man. And it has bugs which make life even more
      difficult for you. Ah well, we can live with it. I will list some
      steps you
      can try in a general sort of manner.
      I have walked through these instructions myself with the old doc file you
      Create the file in Word without the pictures and pretty it up as you wish,
      than save
      it (for safety).

      [Get your pictures.]

      Insert a picture roughly where you want it. Exact position is not
      Left Click on the picture and then drag a bottom corner to shrink the
      picture to the size you want.
      Right Click on the picture to bring up a menu. Click on Format Picture.
      Click on the Size tab. Make sure Lock Aspect Ratio is ticked.
      Click on the Layout tab. Click on Square. Click on Right.
      Click on OK.
      Save file.

      Repeat for other pictures.

      (What you did in the Layout line was to allow word wrap around the
      It makes the appearance look much better.)

      Note that Word has a bug in handling pictures. If the pic is too near the
      top of the page it will pop up to be flush with the top edge. MS
      Pull the pic down several lines below the top of the text to get it to
      where you want it.
      You can edit this position inside the Format Picture window if you wish -
      Layout / Advanced / Vertical / Absolute position and specify. This is not

      When you are satisfied with the whole thing, save it as HTML - but do it
      THIS way!
      File / Save As / Save As Type: Web Page (filtered).
      Give the file a simple name such as RL1.htm
      Answer yes to one or two warnings about loss of formatting.

      You will end up with RL1.htm AND a sub-folder called RL1_files. The sub
      folder will contain copies of the pics, called image001.jpg etc.

      Now upload to BGT in the Tests / Owner Reviews folder.
      Select RL1.htm as the main file.
      Select each (and every one) of the images in the RL1_files sub-folder
      to be
      included as well. (Do not try to send the originals as they will not match
      file names.)
      Click on Upload (or whatever).
      He did all this, but then had problems with the ALT tags:

      > Here's the error message I received: ERROR: Your <IMG> tags require
      > that you have ALT= options.
      OK, easy enough. It may be possible to fix this inside Word, but right
      now I don't know how. So let's do it the easy way.

      Create the HTML file as I suggested.
      Open the HTML file with Notepad.
      Search for the string 'img'
      You will get a line like:
      <td><img width=320 height=240 src="RL1_files/image001.jpg"></td>

      Alter this by adding alt="tent" such that the line looks like this:
      <td><img width=320 height=240 src="RL1_files/image001.jpg"

      or you could stick it at the start thus:
      <td><img alt="tent" width=320 height=240

      It doesn't matter as long as it is after the 'img' and before the
      trailing > bracket, and doesn't break any of the other little bits like

      Do this for each img line.

      Save the file and exit.
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