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EDIT: Owner Review Asolo TPS 520 GTX Boots

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  • edwardripleyduggan
    Hello Robert, Thank you for your OR. Your initial edits follow. They are fairly numerous, but generally not major. Please make these, and send the result back
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 3, 2006
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      Hello Robert,

      Thank you for your OR. Your initial edits follow. They are fairly
      numerous, but generally not major. Please make these, and send the
      result back to the list, substituting "REPOST" in the subject line
      where "EDIT" is currently.

      I did note that you have not really discussed the soles of your boots.
      A paragraph on these would be a very useful addition to the text. How
      heavily lugged are they? Are they a standard Vibram sole which any
      cobbler can replace, or a custom-made sole which needs special
      equipment (many of Asolo's soles fall in this category). How well does
      it grip wet and dry rock? And so on... The fit and comfort of the boot
      is very important, and you discuss this, but the quality of the sole
      is also an issue.

      In all, I thought this was a very good start, though!



      BGT OR Editor

      > Asolo Hiking boots TPS 520 GTX

      ### EDIT: Owner Review
      Asolo hiking boots TPS 520 GTX

      [specify owner review in title; hiking doesn't need to be capitalized]

      > Backpacking Background: I began backpacking at age 14 in Colorado
      doing weekend trips in mountainous Terrain. I backpacked quite often
      from the ages of 14 to 21. I have just recently returned to hiking and
      camping with my family in tow. I have 5 year old triplet's two boys
      and one girl. We do weekend hikes at this point in the mountains of
      Utah. My pack is typically moderate in weight and hikes are generally
      short between 2 to 6 miles. On occasions I do get opportunity to do
      longer hikes in mostly mountains terrain. I really like summit hikes
      that require little climbing experience.

      ### EDIT: If you could put a numerical value to that packweight,
      before food and water, it would be helpful.

      One further thing. Bios tend to be retained from review to review. You

      "I have just recently returned to hiking and camping with my family in
      tow. I have 5 year old triplet's two boys and one girl. We do weekend
      hikes at this point in the mountains of Utah."

      The first sentence above is already out of date, and should be
      dropped. You'll need to remember to update your children's ages. Of
      course, with triplets (wow) this is easy!

      > Product Information
      > Manufactory Asolo
      > Year of Manufactory 2005

      ### EDIT:

      Manufacturer: Asolo
      Year of manufacture: 2005

      > URL www.Asolo.com
      > Listed weight 2.2Lb or 1.00kg each
      > Weight as delivered 2.2Lb or 1.00kg each

      ###EDIT: Listed weight 2.2 lb or 1.0 kg each
      Weight as delivered 2.2 lb or 1.0 kg each

      Please note the correct spacing of number and unit of measure, and the
      abbreviation of pound does not need a cap

      ### EDIT: Also needed here is your shoe size, and the color of the
      boots (brown)?

      > Product Description
      > The Asolo TPS 520 GTX is a full grain leather boot with a gusseted
      tongue, Vibram sole and Gore-Tex liner.
      > I purchased the Asolo TPS 520 GTX boots because I was seeking a
      sturdy comfortable boot which I hope will provide years of comfort. I
      have a low volume foot and had a hard time finding a boot which would
      fit my feet well. When I tried the Asolo boot I was very pleased that
      the boot held my feet in place so well. I was also surprised by how
      comfortable they were without being broken in. The boots came in a
      standard shoe box with tissue paper in the boots.

      ### EDIT: Packaging is not really necessary information unless out of
      the ordinary, certainly not to the point of specifying the tissue paper.

      The box also had a Gore-Tex guarantee card that states Gore-Tex will
      stand behind the waterproof and breathability of the footwear.
      > The boots appear to be well constructed they

      ### EDIT: ...constructed. They... [open new sentence]

      are brown in color with a black tongue which is well padded and
      protected by a thick layer of leather. These boots came with nylon
      boot strings

      ### EDIT: bootlaces [not strings]

      which thread through a series of five metal shoe string holders one
      on each side that lead to three speed loops for ankle support. Overall
      the boots look well made and of high quality.
      > Field Information
      > My first test of the Asolo TPS 520 GTX boots was in May 2006 in
      Utah's Wasatch Mountains the

      ### EDIT: ...Mountains. The... [new sentence]

      temperature was around 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit (15 to 21 degrees

      ### EDIT: There's no need to spell this out in full, or state degrees
      (which are implied). More Customary would be "...60 to 70 F (15 to 21

      on a bright sunny day. The trail started at about 7000 feet (2100 meters)

      ### EDIT: 7000 ft (2100 m) [also correct the next measurement]

      and goes up to about 8700 feet (2600 meters) in elevation. The trail
      in May was wet from spring run off

      ### EDIT: runoff

      and changed to snow pack for the rest of the hike. I was very pleased
      with well

      ### EDIT at how well [instead of "with well"]

      these boots felt walking on the snow pack they

      ### EDIT: ...pack. They... [new sentence]

      provided excellent support and traction on the melting compact snow.
      I did have to stop a few times to remove snow that got into the top of
      the boots.

      ### COMMENT: This is a less an issue with the boot than the fact that
      you were presumably not wearing gaiters?

      My feet remained dry and comfortable throughout the hike. The boots
      performed well and were quite comfortable. The only "breaking in" I
      did with these boots was walking around the house for two days. I
      have since gone on several more hikes in the Wasatch Mountains and the
      boots have been very comfortable at every temperature and condition I have
      > experienced.

      ### EDIT: new paragraph

      The only time I had occasion to truly test the boot water resistant
      capabilities was on July 23, 2006 at Great Basin National Park,
      Nevada. I was hiking at an elevation around 10,000 feet (3000 meters)

      ### EDIT: correct measurement as noted above

      when a thunderstorm brought heavy rain and hail for about two hours.
      I walked down the rain drenched trail and had no problems stomping
      through puddle after puddle from anywhere form ½ an inch (1cm) of
      water up to about 4 inches (10cm)

      ### EDIT: ...from .5 in (1 cm) up to about 4 in (10 cm)

      of water

      ### EDIT: I'd drop "of water"--it's implied by "puddle" in this context

      and the boots remained dry inside. I was very please

      ### EDIT: pleased

      with their performance.
      > I have been on at least seven hikes wearing these boots since May
      and they have not disappointed me. All of these hikes have been done
      in mountainous terrain they

      ### EDIT: ...terrain. They... [new sentence]

      have been through snow, rain and hail but in primarily dry
      conditions. The leather

      ### EDIT: of the boots

      is a little scratched up, but other than that they are in great shape
      and have not shown much signs of breaking down. The only area I see a
      sign of breaking down

      ### EDIT: instead of repeating "breaking down," maybe "deterioration"

      is at the top of the boot were

      ### EDIT: "where"

      the lining of the tongue of the boot is stitched to the leather top
      of the boot it looks like one of the stitches is broken. These boots
      have provided very good traction on dry dirt, loose gravel, rain and
      snow. I believe these boots are an excellent choice for hiking in
      mountainous terrain.

      ### EDIT: You really need a summary paragraph here. You could take
      from "These boots" on and add a few sentences to that.
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