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Owner Review - Hi-Tec Altitude II Sandals

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  • zydeholic
    Name: Dwight Shackelford Age: 53 Gender: Male Height: 5 11 Weight: 185 Email address: Zydeholic@yahoo.com City, State, Country: Newark, CA Date: 7/22/06
    Message 1 of 37 , Jul 23, 2006
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      Name: Dwight Shackelford
      Age: 53
      Gender: Male
      Height: 5'11"
      Weight: 185
      Email address: Zydeholic@...
      City, State, Country: Newark, CA
      Date: 7/22/06
      Backpacking Background: I just recently did a 3-day 20 miler in
      Yosemite with a Sierra Club group. Before that, it had been 20
      years since I'd done some backpacking, and that experience probably
      put me off backpacking for that long, being too grueling, and me not
      being in good enough shape (11 miles in an afternoon, with a 3000
      foot change in elevation). The recent Yosemite trip has me jazzed
      again, even though it was tough too. I'm now in the process of
      putting together a backpacking system with an eye towards "light" if
      not ultralight.

      Product information
      a. Hi-Tec
      b. 2006
      c. www.hi-tec.com.
      d. No listed weight
      e. Bathroom scale registers less than a pound..
      f. Here's the manufacturers description:

      · Nubuc leather upper with airmesh inserts
      · 3 adjustable straps with moulded strap ends for easier pull
      and ultimate foot fitting
      · Soft neoprene lining
      · Lightweight compression moulded EVA midsole for cushioning
      · Micro fibre forefoot and heel pads for comfort
      · Durable carbon rubber outsole
      · MDT outsole design

      Owners review: Hi-Tec Altitude II Sandals

      I purchased these at the last minute, just before my Yosemite trip
      to use for river crossings, and perhaps camp shoes. I got them
      because they were the cheapest I could find in the little amount of
      time I had to shop. And boy am I glad I got them. These shoes
      saved my feet on the hike out of Yosemite.

      I was wearing some somewhat heavy leather hiking boots for most of
      the journey. They were about 20 years old, and all I had that was
      broken in before the hike, though minimally, since I'd only worn
      them 20 years before. They served me fine for most of the way as we
      were hiking over snow maybe one fourth of the time.

      We finally did have to ford one stream that we could not find a
      downed tree to cross on, and I put them into action. I did not
      leave them on to continue hiking because I was afraid of doing
      something ridiculous like driving a twig up under a toenail, or
      something like that.

      The hike out was all downhill though. This is where my boots
      started making me miserable. They had only vanilla insoles, and
      were hard to lace up tight. My feet kept sliding forward with each
      downhill step, and I started getting not just hot spots, but hot
      feet. I was having a hard time keeping up with the pack. Finally
      at one stream crossing I just said I had to do major damage control
      on my tootsies. I pulled the boots off, taped up what problem areas
      I could find, started to put the boots back on, then decided to put
      the sandals on. The trail was looking like a freeway at that point,
      and I didn't foresee any predatory twigs attacking my toes.

      The affect was immediate. It was like heaven. The cush in these
      sandals was just what my tired heels needed. They conformed to the
      bottom of my foot well, met the shock of each step with a gentle
      depress and then rebound, and I literally took off down the trail.
      No more lingering behind the pack. I was right up with them and
      enjoying it all, despite blisters and hot feet.

      We started navigating parts of the trail that were rock strewn steam
      beds, where there was nothing to walk on but rounded rocks, and this
      did not deter me in the least. I just kept trucking at a pretty
      good clip.

      I still love wearing these sandals. The cush and the rebound just
      feel great on my feet. I do have some lingering foot pain from the
      trip, but that was totally due to my boots and their unforgiving
      insoles. When I wear the sandals, its very soothing. When I wear
      my street shoes, it's a bit uncomfortable. So, the sandals are the
      winning combination.

      I bought these at Big 5 Sporting Goods, on sale for $25, and
      complained about that. They're sandals for cripes sake. I guess I
      was in a flip-flop state of mind. There were other sandals there
      selling for $50. They are well worth the money, and I'm glad I have
      them. They are even a size too large for me, but they were out of
      my size, and the sales clerk pointed out that I could just cinch
      them up by the Velcro straps. This worked, very well.

      I just checked the bottoms and insoles of the sandals for wear and
      found none, despite the extensive rock walking I did on the trip.
      Time will tell how these hold up, but I'm very satisfied for the
      time being.

      Things I like:
      The cushion in the heel.
      The ease of cinching them to your foot, despite being too large.
      The ease of putting them on due to the Velcro straps and not buckles.

      Things I did not like:

      Wouldn't mind a version of these that would protect the toes, but
      then, it would not be sandals.
    • zydeholic
      ... I got thoroughly confused in Ireland once. I was there in July renting a car, and they printed out a receipt saying that I had rented the car on January
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        > > > Since we have international users on BGT we like to cut down on
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        I got thoroughly confused in Ireland once. I was there in July
        renting a car, and they printed out a receipt saying that I had rented
        the car on January 7th, February 7th, and March 7th.
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