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EDIT: Sea To Summit Thermolite Reactor Sleeping Bag Liner - Karl

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  • edwardripleyduggan
    Karl, Here you go. Sorry for the delay. please post to test folder when ready. best, Ted. ... ### COMMENT: 963.1? Why not just 963, or even 960? (598.4 mi)
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 6, 2006
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      Here you go. Sorry for the delay. please post to test folder when ready.




      > Product Specifics:
      > Manufacturer: Sea To Summit, in cooperation with DuPont
      > Year of manufacture: 2004
      > URL: http://www.seatosummit.com.au/
      > Listed Weight: 265 gm (9.2 oz)
      > Measured weight: gm ( oz) – WILL MEASURE BEFORE POST

      ### COMMENT: OK. This just here as reminder <g>

      > Listed shape: box foot tapered with drawstring hood
      > Listed dimensions: 210 cm x 90 cm (82 in x 35 in)
      > Colour: Black
      > Temperature rating: Adds up to 8 degrees

      ### EDIT: C or F (add both)

      > RRP: AU$71.95 (US$53.16 as at 2006.06.17 12:23:53 UTC.)

      ### EDIT: Date sufficient

      > Long Term Field Review:
      > Introduction:
      > I bought my sleeping bag when preparing for my multi-week cycle
      > touring experience, and in that time I was carrying a significant
      > volume of clothing that I only wore in the bag at night as
      > supplements. When preparing for my 963.1 km

      ### COMMENT: 963.1? Why not just 963, or even 960?

      (598.4 mi) trek across
      > Western Australia that I expected to take 3 months, I researched
      > sleeping equipment further and found bag liners generally only add a
      > few degrees to the bag temperature range, so I stocked up on
      > polypropylene clothes, including underwear, socks and gloves. About
      > half way down

      ### EDIT: Half way down? Did you mean "half-way through?" Please clarify.

      > Treatment Received:
      > I used the bag liner to supplement my sleeping bag on most of the
      > nights I was on the

      ### EDIT: drop "the"

      long term hiking expeditions, and a few other
      > nights since then while in the forest and national parks. In my
      > experience, getting in and out of the liner took some time to learn
      > to do well, but I think I have a sort of knack for it now.

      > Maintenance:
      > Minimal. When in use on the track, It gets filled with body odour
      > like the rest of my clothing, so upon arrival in town I add it to the
      > washing along with the polypropylene and coolmax

      ### EDIT: Coolmax

      clothes for a cycle,
      > followed by either machine dryer or clothes line. The maintenance
      > instructions I received when first purchased are gone now, so I
      > cannot quote here, but It strictly mentioned to keep washing machine
      > water and machine dryer temperatures to warm or cold, not hot.

      > Conclusion:
      > Summary:
      > The Thermolite Reactor is a vitally essential addition to my hiking
      > gear, and in the event that anything should go wrong regarding it, I
      > would not hesitate for a second to replace it with an identical item.
      > Its features fit my needs perfectly, and I cannot detect a flaw in
      > its design or manufacture. I can only but wait for a liner that
      > provides more than an 8-degree

      ### EDIT: F and C equivalents

      addition to my sleeping bag of choice,
      > so that the cost of this one will reduce, but even today it is more
      > than affordable given the benefits received.
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