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EDIT: Owner Review - Teva Terra-Fi2 Sandals

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  • colonelcorn76
    Hi Eric, Pretty good job here. I ve made some edits and posed a couple of questions for information that might be useful additions. Once you ve had a chance to
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 3, 2006
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      Hi Eric,

      Pretty good job here. I've made some edits and posed a couple of
      questions for information that might be useful additions. Once
      you've had a chance to make the changes, please repost it to the
      group with REPOST in the subject line. I'll take another look
      through it and we'll see about getting it a permanent home at BGT.

      To speed things up, you might also want to create an HTML version of
      your reposted review and post it to the Test folder (use the Owner
      Review sub-folder) on backpackgeartest.org and we'll be able to move
      things along faster.

      Thanks again,
      Edit Moderator

      --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, "ericj_palmer"
      <ericj_palmer@...> wrote:
      > ** I do have pics and captions for this OR**
      > Owner Review: Teva Terra-Fi 2 Sandals
      > June, 2006

      ### A day is also customary.

      > Manufacturer URL: http://www.teva.com/

      ### Year acquired? MSRP?

      > Size: 10 (USA)
      > Weight as measured: 1 lb 5 oz. (0.594 kg)

      ### Do not use the period after unit abbreviations (e.g. oz not
      oz.). Also, It's not critical, but try not to use too many decimals
      in your conversions. Although this is technically the correct
      conversion, .6 kg or 594 g would be just as useful.

      > Height: 5” (12.7 cm)
      > Length: 12" (30.5 cm)
      > Size: Men (7-16 US) Women (5-12 US)

      ### Is this a list of available sizes? It's confusing with your
      notation above of "Size: 10 (USA)".

      > “Technology for support and cushioning for comfort. The Teva
      > sport sandals are proven performance for use in water, on land, or
      > wherever adventure takes you. The Terra-Fi 2 has fresh updates for

      ### I'm assuming the funny characters are ". If not, and this is a
      quote from the manufacturer's website, then it should be quoted. If
      it is not a quote then you need to ditch the "you" as it's

      > moderate on-trail hiking, water activities, or just to wear around
      > town. The sole is thick and made of rubber with deep treads. The

      ### "heel"

      > is adjustable and cushioned with a Encapsulated Shoc Pad™. Teva

      ### "an Encapsulated" (If this isn't a Teva term/trademark, then it
      would also be "Shock".)

      > has a patented universal strapping system which is very durable and
      > easy to use. For me, the manufacturer's standard lacing provided
      > optimal heel/foot stability and secure comfort. A Microban® zinc

      ### A Microban zinc what?

      > fights odor-causing bacteria buildup for the life of the sandals
      > according to the website and midfoot shank provides support for

      ### Not my feet kemosabe. Rephrase to eliminate the "your".

      > Tevas and I can see why. They are comfortable and offer those who
      > to where open-air footwear a product that provides hours of support

      ### "to wear"

      > I have worn these shoes while walking in shallow rivers and they

      ### I'd stick with calling them "sandals" and not switch to "shoes"
      so as not to confuse the reader.

      > provide great grip even when submerged. I most recently wore the
      > white-water rafting. They held us beyond my expectations and dried

      ### "up"

      > avail. I have put foot powder in them and that seems to have a
      > satisfying effect. The website also suggest to bend the heel and

      ### "also suggests bending the heel" is more appropriate grammar

      > under water pressure so that any dirt in the grooves of the top
      > will wash away. Also putting your sandals in a chlorine pool may

      ### Again, not mine. Rephrase to eliminate the "your".

      > rid of the smell. I’m unimpressed with the Microban® zinc that
      > supposed to fight odor-causing bacteria. Either its not fighting

      ### "it's" is the contraction for "it is"

      > ft (2,740 m) and 10,000 ft (3,000 m). On-trail and off-trail
      > rocky terrain, and steep terrain, The boots have been used on short

      ### What boots? Are you still talking about the sandals? Confusing.

      > In my experience with different sandals, the versatility of these
      > sandals is by the best trait. The sandals have provided me a

      ### "by far the" and "provided me" (drop the "a")

      > fashionable and at the same time, comfortable footwear.
      > Cons:
      > The odor that results after wearing them for multiple hours.
      ### Couple of questions you might want to answer to enhance the
      review --- do you wear socks with these? Do socks help control the
      odor? How are they strapped on -- around the ankle strap, do they
      have one of those vertical straps between the big toe & the 2nd toe?
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