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EDIT/APPROVAL: REPOST OR: Crazy Creek Chair Long Back - Eric

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  • nazdarovye
    Hi Eric - Thanks for the edits and repost. I actually found a number of things to edit in this version - but they re minor, so I m going to go out on a limb
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 2, 2006
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      Hi Eric -

      Thanks for the edits and repost.

      I actually found a number of things to edit in this version - but
      they're minor, so I'm going to go out on a limb and say I'm approving
      your review for upload! Just make sure you make these changes before
      you post it.

      Once you've made the changes I've requested, I recommend posting the
      final HTML version of your review to the Test area of the site -
      you'll see that when you log in to backpackgeartest.org at the very
      end of the list of categories for reviews, or you can click this link:


      Review the test version in your browser to make sure it looks good and
      all links work as expected. Once everything is ready to go, you may
      upload your final HTML report on BGT at:

      Reviews > Camp Chairs and Seating > Chairs > Crazy Creek Long Back Chair

      Log in to BGT, then navigate that that folder. Click "Upload Report,"
      be sure to select the "Owner Review" button, and follow the
      instructions to upload your HTML file and pictures (if any).

      If you have questions regarding your upload or HTML, please feel free
      to ask in our Yahoo! support group at:


      This is a good, solid review - thanks for sticking with the process,
      and I look forward to seeing more reviews from you!

      BGT OR Editor


      Crazy Creek Chair Long Back (Owner Review)
      ***EDIT: Put date of review here, right after the title (rather than
      below, after your personal information)
      ***EDIT QUESTION: I note that Crazy Creek spells this "LongBack" (all
      one word, internal capitalization) on their site; I should probably
      have caught that earlier, but it would be best to use their spelling
      throughout when referring to the product name (as opposed to when
      you're simply saying things such as "the chair has a long back"). I
      will also see if we can make that change to the folder name at BGT -
      for now, use the one I gave you above.

      City, State, Country:Waldorf, MD USA
      ***EDIT: Add space after colon

      I go on a lot of weekend trips typically on the AT or in
      Shenendoah National Park.
      ***EDIT: "Shenandoah"

      The chair is made from a half-inch (12mm) layer of closed-cell foam
      padding covered in 420D coated ripstop nylon.
      ***EDIT: "12 mm"

      I also use the chair on
      regular camping trips and even around the house. Its been in
      elevations from sea level up to 5,000 feet.
      ***EDIT: add metric equivalent for 5,000 ft

      And its been in pretty much
      everything from snow to rain and rock to dirt but mainly just dirt, I
      don't particularly like to sit out in the rain or snow if I don't have
      ***EDIT: "have to."

      I have been carrying it
      ever since. It is a little extra weight to carry but it doubles as my
      sleeping pad so it's not to bad.
      ***EDIT: "too bad"

      It is built very solidly. I've had
      the chair for a little over two years and in that time it has seen
      plenty of abuse,
      ***EDIT: end sentence with period at "abuse."

      The long back is also 4 inches (10 cm) longer and weighs 3oz
      (85 grams) more than the original Crazy Creek.
      ***EDIT: "3 oz"

      Over all I really like my Crazy Creek, it is very convenient and
      comfortable but if I'm going for light weight I leave it behind.
      ***EDIT: "Overall"

      [END OF EDITS]
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