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EDIT - Owner Review - RidgeRest - Josh Esteves

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  • pamwyant
    Edit of Owner Review Therm-a-Rest RidgeRest Josh Esteves Hi Josh, you are just about finished with your review – it s looking very good. I have three edits
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 28, 2006
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      Edit of Owner Review Therm-a-Rest RidgeRest
      Josh Esteves

      Hi Josh, you are just about finished with your review – it's looking
      very good. I have three edits and a suggestion that are all minor.

      >Backpacking Background: I started backpacking five years ago, mostly
      >day hiking and overnight trips with a few multi day trips and one
      >3 day trip. I started backpacking in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas
      >and recently returned to California and have been hiking the coastal
      >Santa Cruz Mountains and the Sierras. I started backpacking as a
      >heavy weight ( over a 65# pack for a overnight trip) but now
      >myself a lightweight backpacker ( 10-15# base weight). I have found
      >that lightweight backpacking allows me to carry all my gear and my
      >at the same time.

      ### EDIT: The backpacking background looks good now. The only
      thing I note is that there is an extra space after both beginning
      parenthesis marks that needs removed.

      >When rolled up inside my pack the sleeping pad's
      >texture allowed other gear to easily slid in and out of the pack
      >without sticking to the pad.

      ###EDIT: "slide" instead of "slid"

      >The RidgeRest is enough pad
      >to make the hard established sites bearable.

      ###COMMENT: Ah – now that ties it together. Very good.

      >The pad is a full body pad but can be cut down in size to save
      >weight. The pad also has a tendency to roll up when it is first laid
      >out. Which can be fixed by throwing a sleeping bag on the pad or by
      >laying the pad so it curves toward the ground.

      ###EDIT and suggestion: I suggest removing the "also" before "has a
      tendency", since it really is a new thought. The sentence
      beginning "which can be fixed" as it stands is an incomplete
      sentence. You have two choices to fix it, the first being to tack
      it onto the sentence before by changing the period to a comma and
      changing "Which" to lower case. The second way to fix it would be
      to change "Which" to "This".

      At this point, instead of reposting, you may upload the corrected
      version to the Owner Review test folder in HTML for final approval.
      Please be sure to include any photos you want to use and make sure
      the manufacturer's website link is clickable and that it goes to the
      main website.

      Here's how to upload:
      Go to the BGT website,
      If you have previously registered, log-in. If you have not, then
      register (top two links in menu on left).

      Go to
      http://www.backpackgeartest.org/reviews/test/OWNER REVIEWS/
      This is "Owner Reviews" if you are browsing the category menu after

      Click "Upload File" in top yellow bar.

      Follow the directions from there (clicking the "Browse" button will
      let you indicate the path to your HTML file).

      If you have any problems with your upload, please ask for help in
      our Yahoo! support group, BGTFileUploadHelp at:


      Once you've uploaded there, please post to that effect on this list
      and I will give it the final once over.

      Pam Wyant
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