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EDIT: Asolo Fulcrum hiking shoe - Edwin Morse

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  • Roger Caffin
    EDIT: Asolo Fulcrum hiking shoe - Edwin Morse Hi Ed Getting on track. I have some small edits for you to fix, as detailed below. When you have done these,
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2006
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      EDIT: Asolo Fulcrum hiking shoe - Edwin Morse

      Hi Ed

      Getting on track. I have some small edits for you to fix, as detailed below.

      When you have done these, could you please REPOST this OR on this channel. At the same time could you put the HTML
      version in the Tests / Owner Reviews folder on BGT please, along with any pictures you intend to use. We check the HTML
      version as well, for various things like a clickable manufacturer's URL and some details of the layout.

      Some of us have an unofficial convention here:
      EDIT: you must fix this
      Edit: you are advised to seriously consider this
      Comment: just that.
      However, if you think I have got something wrong or that what I am criticising is actually a matter of personal style,
      feel free to say so. Personal style is accepted, as long as it is reasonably clear what you mean.

      If you are not sure exactly how to get going, we have a Mentor program that was established to help newbies through the
      somewhat confusing process of becoming gear testers. We're also here for veteran testers who'd like to get some feedback
      on their test applications or test reports. Whatever stage you're at we're here to help. If you'd like a Mentor, please
      contact the Mentor Coordinator (jennifer.pope@...) and please include "Mentor Request" in your subject line.

      In some cases when editing a review I find problems with the layout of the text version. This can happen when an HTML
      file is badly converted - possibly by Yahoo. If this seems to be a problem, you could consider trying one of the free
      HTML/text editors such as Note Tab Lite: this one has a good conversion tool built in. Some people who know nothing
      about HTML like NVU, although I don't. Both can be found through Google.

      In other cases where there are serious HTML problems, the source of this may be that you used Word to generate the HTML
      file. We have had extremely bad results from Word: in fact it has been responsible for most of the really bad layout
      problems I have ever seen. In addition, if you feed a cleaned-up HTML file through Word to fix just one small error,
      Word will usually completely rewrite the HTML into a mess. If Word is all you have to create the HTML, please save the
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      know we will understand. The agreement can be found at:

      The signed agreement should be forwarded to Jim hatch. For Jim's address see msg

      If this is your second approved review and you have submitted a Tester Agreement which has been acknowledged, you are
      now eligible to participate in the testing process by applying for tests. Further details on this may be found at

      You will also need to join the Yahoo group where the Tests are announced:
      This is where everything related to Tests and Testing takes place.

      Roger Caffin
      BGT OR Editor
      > Asolo FULCRUM hiking shoes
      EDIT: we would name and date under the heading please, and date with the month spelt out. The different date formats
      around the world can be confusing.

      > Backpacking background:
      EDIT: down to 103 words! Can you prune just a few more off please. Yeah, a hard world.

      > delivered weight: 459 g (16.2 oz), « pair size 10
      Edit: prettier with a capital - Delivered

      > According to the website description:
      > "Balance and flexibility. True multi-purpose shoes.
      EDIT: we don't mind quoting the manufacturer's description where it is technical and adds value, but where it is mainly
      marketing spin we don't accept it. In this case it is at least half spin. Could you just include the technical
      descriptions; the reader can get any amount of spin from the web site.

      EDIT: we need a bit more description in your words as well. At present I have no mental image of what these boots look
      like. Pictures will help enormously, and we strongly encourage the use of a couple as well.

      > Again, according to the website, the Fulcrum model is :
      > FULCRUM
      Comment: the description here is technical, but far too brief. I have no mental image yet.

      > Sole Asolo/Vibram Olympus (rubber-Eva)
      EDIT: that should be EVA in caps.

      > Fit MM
      EDIT: what does this mean? I honestly don't know, so the reader won't either.

      > Weight gr. 445 (1/2 pair, size 8)
      EDIT: you need the imperial value here, and also you need to clarify the '1/2 pair' bit. Does this mean half a pair - a
      single shoe?

      > I bought the shoes a half size larger
      > than the outfitter recommended.
      Comment: SMART! Very smart.

      > I am looking for comparisons and differences with both my
      > heavy hiking boots and my trail runners.
      Comment: aha! A Gear Tester! Welcome!

      > The Asolo Fulcrums have a stiffer sole than any trail runners I've
      > used. They appear to be narrower than the Brooks trail runners.
      > Actually the sole is 0.9 inch (2.29 cm) narrower when measured at
      > the widest part. The Fulcrum at 459 g (16.2 oz) is slightly heavier
      > than the Brooks trail runners at 448 g (15.8 oz).
      Comment: we avoid shoot-out comparisons. However, in this case I will accept the comparison as it is more for
      information than competition.

      EDIT: we also need some discussion of what wear is visible and how you have been maintaining them (wax, boot polish,

      > The Asolo Fulcrum is a solid, low cut hiking shoe. It will do well
      > for any day hiking I will do in Michigan. I still have not decided
      > if I will use them for backpacking.
      Comment: verging on 'projecting' into the future, which we avoid doing. However, this is a comment only.
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