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REPOST Owner Review Asolo Fulcrum hiking shoe

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  • Edwin Morse
    Hi Roger, I thought the bio section was too long but I didn t know about the 100 word limit. Bio revised and I think I m below the word limit. Ed M Asolo
    Message 1 of 1 , May 30, 2006
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      Hi Roger,
      I thought the bio section was too long but I didn't know about the
      100 word limit. Bio revised and I think I'm below the word limit.

      Ed M

      Asolo FULCRUM hiking shoes

      Name: Edwin Morse
      Age: 68
      Gender: male
      Height: 5' 8" (173 cm)
      Weight: 143 lb (65 kg)
      Email address: ed.morse@...
      City, State, Country: Grawn, Michigan, U.S.

      Backpacking background:
      I started backpacking in 1979. First trip was two weeks in northern
      Michigan. Gear was cheap, heavy and sometimes painful. Starting pack
      weight was just over 70 lb (32 Kg), with food but no water. Since
      the first trip I have backpacked in Michigan, Maine, New Hampshire
      and Pennsylvania. After about 12 years I started slowly reducing my
      pack weight. The last trip in New Hampshire my pack, including food
      and water was 35 lb (16 Kg ) for a week. Amazing what a change of
      attitude can do. Very slowly obtaining lighter gear. I only know
      what works by trial and error.

      Product Information

      Manufacturer: Asolo
      Year of Manufacture: 2006
      URL: http://www.asolo.com/
      Listed weight: 445 g (15.7 oz), « pair size 8
      delivered weight: 459 g (16.2 oz), « pair size 10
      Weight with Superfeet insoles: 493 g (17.4 oz) « pair size 10, as I
      wear the shoes.

      On their website these shoes are listed under their Enduro line.
      According to the website
      "Balance and flexibility. True multi-purpose shoes.
      The Enduro Line represents the meeting-point between comfort and
      performance, technology and
      These low cut models are very versatile and offer a completely
      revised line for both men and
      women. All models use the revolutionary Asosorb System, the latest
      innovation form Asolo's
      R&D Team."

      Again, according to the website, the Fulcrum model is :

      Upper water resistant suede mm. 1,4-1,6 +Polyester
      Inner lining Polyester
      Sole Asolo/Vibram Olympus (rubber-Eva)
      Fit MM
      Size 6-13 U.K.
      Weight gr. 445 (1/2 pair, size 8)
      Reference 0M5302 383/402/436/642

      I've been wearing trail runner shoes for about 9 years, after many
      years of full grain leather hiking boots. I decided to try light
      weight hiking shoes after a meeting of our local hiking club where
      the owner of the local backpacking store reviewed his gear with
      emphasis on shoes.
      I went back a week later planning to buy shoes. We spent nearly 2
      hours trying on different models and brands. I can be hard to fit.
      The Asolo Fulcrums were the ones that fit, after he noticed that I
      had Superfeet insoles in my old trail runners, and put the same in
      the new ones I was trying. I bought the shoes a half size larger
      than the outfitter recommended. I like to wear heavy socks and when
      conditions get wet I will wear light socks with Sealskins over the

      I've had these shoes about 3 months now. I am generally out 3 or 4
      times a week doing day hikes, covering 8 to 15 miles each time. My
      hikes are both on and off trail, lately in the hilly areas of NW
      Lower Michigan. I hike for exercise, sometimes going all day as fast
      as I can manage, or off trail, looking for mushrooms or wild
      flowers, or testing gear to see what works for me. I've tried to
      wear these shoes as hard as I can for this area and the weather we've
      had this spring. I have planned routes over as many hills as
      possible, both on trail and off. Partly this has been to see how the
      shoes work for me and partly to get my body in better hiking
      condition. I am looking for comparisons and differences with both my
      heavy hiking boots and my trail runners.

      The Asolo Fulcrums have a stiffer sole than any trail runners I've
      used. They appear to be narrower than the Brooks trail runners.
      Actually the sole is 0.9 inch (2.29 cm) narrower when measured at
      the widest part. The Fulcrum at 459 g (16.2 oz) is slightly heavier
      than the Brooks trail runners at 448 g (15.8 oz).

      I do feel more "in control" with the Fulcrums when hiking on side
      hill trails with too much out slope. The Vibram soles don't have the
      deep lugs that my heavy leather boots do, but they still provide
      good grip and good control on side hill trails.

      I have probably hiked over 300 miles (483 Km) with the Fulcrums by
      now, on both wet and dry trails, and wet and dry oak leaf-covered
      hills off trails. My day pack has been intentionally heavy, about 25
      lb (11.3 Kg).


      The Asolo Fulcrum is a solid, low cut hiking shoe. It will do well
      for any day hiking I will do in Michigan. I still have not decided
      if I will use them for backpacking. Leather dries very slowly and my
      shoes always get wet backpacking.

      Things I like:

      1. Durable, stands up well to my hiking, with no visible signs of
      2. Comfortable for all day walking.
      3. Good foot control - they stay where I put them.

      Things I don't like:

      1. On sandy trails I get sand inside. Low gaiters do solve this
      2. Going down hills my toes are against the shoe if I forget to
      tighten the laces
      before starting down.
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