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  • nazdarovye
    Seth - FIne job on the edits; I have just a few more for you, noted below, as long as you take care of those, I m approving your review for upload. Once you ve
    Message 1 of 2 , May 2, 2006
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      Seth -

      FIne job on the edits; I have just a few more for you, noted below, as
      long as you take care of those, I'm approving your review for upload.

      Once you've made the changes, please post the HTML version of your
      review, including any pictures, to the Test area of the site. You'll
      find that at the very end of the list of categories for reviews after
      you log in to backpackgeartest.org, or you can click this link:


      Review the test version in your browser to make sure it looks good and
      all links work as expected. If you have trouble with or questions
      about posting, I encourage you to ask questions at our companion
      Yahoo! support group at:


      Once everything is ready to go, you may upload your final HTML report
      on BGT at:

      Reviews > Footwear > Boots > La Sportiva Makalu Mountaineering Boots

      Log in to BGT, then navigate that that folder. Click "Upload Report,"
      be sure to select the "Owner Review" button, and follow the
      instructions to upload your HTML file and pictures (if any).

      Thanks for your report!

      - Steve
      BGT Edit Moderator


      OWNER REVIEW - La Sportiva Makalus
      ***EDIT: I missed this first time around, but it looks like the
      official name is "Makalu" (which you used correctly throughout the
      rest of the review); please change it here to "La Sportiva Makalu
      Mountaineering Boots" or "La Sportiva Makalu Boots"

      Twice it is tastefully imbossed within the leather on either side of
      the ankle, and the third is on the tongue.
      ***EDIT: "embossed"

      The elevation where I hike ranges from about 2000 ft (610 m) to over
      8000 ft (2438
      m) with summer temperatures ranging from 70 f (21.11 c) to about 90 f
      (32.22 c)
      ***EDITS: Capitalize "C" and "F" for temperatures; add a period at the
      end of the sentence

      Even the sole (which is a Vibram sole, they
      have since switched to a Skywalk MPE sole) has stood up good to the
      hiking I have put these through.
      ***EDIT: "stood up well"

      ***EDIT SUGGESTION: Consider breaking up your text into several
      paragraphs when you create the HTML, which will make it easier to read.
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