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EDIT: REPOST - Owner Review MSR WhisperLite Stove - James

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  • nazdarovye
    James - (Note that this is a revised edit, based on your reposted review; you can ignore the first set of edits!) Nice first review. I have a number of edits
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 7, 2006
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      James -

      (Note that this is a revised edit, based on your reposted review; you
      can ignore the first set of edits!)

      Nice first review. I have a number of edits listed below, but overall
      I'll say you "get it" and did a fine job.

      Go ahead and address these edits, then repost your review to the list
      with "REPOST" included in the subject line. As always, if you can
      include a picture of your specific stove in your HTML version, that
      would be a nice addition to the report.

      Thanks for the good work!

      BGT Edit Moderator


      Background: I am a recreational backpacking novice with two
      backpacking trips
      and a handful of car camping excursions. I carry a 40-45 lb
      (18.1-20.4 kg) pack
      because I have car camping gear and refuse to let my wife carry her share
      because it would be unmanly. I hike primarily sonoran desert and mountain
      conifer forest terrain.
      ***EDIT COMMENT: A model of brevity - good job!
      Field information

      Location(s): Phoenix, AZ to Seligman, AZ
      Description of Location(s): sonoran desert (1000 ft, 305 m) and high
      (5500 feet, 1676 m)
      Weather Conditions: sunny, 90 F (32.2 C) and cloudy, light rain, 30 F
      (-1.1 C)

      Product description

      The MSR WhisperLite Stove is a three-legged stove that attaches to an MSR
      standard fuel bottle via a fuel hose. Two of the legs spin to one
      side and hook
      together allowing for a smaller storage. The fuel hose is stiff with
      a gold
      outer casing and a hook attached. The hook is the same hook mentioned
      above for
      storing the legs. The fuel hose terminates in a male like adaptor,
      which plugs
      into the female orifice of the pump.

      My pump has a red plastic handle that has some inherent resistance
      whether or
      not it is attached to the fuel bottle. It does seem to pump easier
      the more I
      use it. It is by no means difficult to pump when new, but required a
      bit more
      umph than it does now.
      ***EDIT: "oomph"

      Up near the red plastic pumping handle there is a red
      plastic and metal fuel control dial. This allows one to control the
      height of
      the flame while the stove is in operation and allows one to turn the
      stove off
      when finished.
      ***EDIT SUGGESTION: This is fine as is - note that you can get rid of
      the somewhat impersonal and awkward "one" if you like, too - e.g.
      "This controls the height of the flame while the stove is in operation
      and turns it off."

      By turning the fuel control
      dial one fills the metal cup with maybe a teaspoon of fuel.
      ***EDIT SUGGESTION: Or simply "Turning the fuel control fills the..."

      After turning the
      control dial off, one strikes a match and holds near the metal cup.
      ***EDIT SUGGESTION: Ditto on "...off, strike a..."

      Though I would not say the burner operates at a whisper level it is
      ***EDIT: "quiet"
      One does not have to raise one's voice to speak over the sound of the
      ***EDIT SUGGESTION: "I don't have to raise my voice..."

      In fact, with just a light breeze the sound of the stove is completely
      muffled. Even at its maximum flame, in the solitude of a desert
      night, you can
      hold a civil conversation completely oblivious to the sound of the stove.
      ***EDIT: "I can hold..."

      It has been taken camping in Arizona desert and high
      desert situations with altitudes ranging from 1000 feet (305 m) around
      AZ to 5500 feet (1676 m) around Seligman, AZ.
      ***EDIT: Totally minor thing, but consider making all of your
      measurement abbreviations consistent throughout (e.g. "ft" versus "feet")

      It requires priming, which is easy enough to do except in windy
      ***EDIT SUGGESTION: it would be of interest to hear more about what
      happened in windy conditions...

      If you take a moment prior to ignition and straighten the fuel line
      out it remedies the situation.
      ***EDIT: "If I take..."

      It will boil just over two cups of
      water at 5500 feet (1676 m) in just under two minutes and it will boil
      a full
      quart of water at the same elevation in a little over 4 minutes.
      ***EDIT: Need metric equivalents for cups and quarts

      The stove's
      stability is good on relatively flat surfaces and it safely and
      supports a pot or pan up to 8 inches (20 cm) in diameter.
      ***EDIT: "it comfortably"

      The initial pressure comes from a pumping action the user has to
      perform prior to priming the stove.
      ***EDIT SUGGESTION: "the user" is fine, but you could also reword to
      eliminate the awkwardness - e.g. "The initial pressure is created by
      pumping before priming the stove."

      IIf you have less than a properly full bottle, more pumping is required.
      ***EDIT: Personalize - for example, "If the bottle is less than full,
      I find that more pumping is required."

      However, if you have more than the maximum suggested
      amount of fuel it is difficult to get sufficient pressure, and a very
      low flame
      ***EDIT: Personalize or reword (e.g., "If the bottle has more than...")

      Do not attempt to pull the legs
      around to pack the stove while the stove is still hot. It will burn
      you and it
      will hurt. Trust me.
      ***EDIT: I totally get your style here and like it...but it would be
      best to reword to eliminate "you" and keep it personal. You could say,
      for example, that the legs get really hot and you've burned yourself
      trying to fold them back...that way you're not projecting what might
      happen to others (no matter how likely you think it is ;-)

      I have yet to find a way around this but it is only a minor inconvinence.
      ***EDIT: "inconvenience"

      The whole unit (pump and stove top) fits inside my 1-quart (0.95 l) pot.
      ***EDIT: use "L" for liter (BGT standard); consider "1 qt" for
      consistency as well

      The pump contains a dial to vary the amount of fuel that passes to the
      stove this does a
      good job of varying the flame between a medium and high heat, but at
      its lowest setting still does not really simmer well.
      ***EDIT: Looks like this should be split into two sentences at "stove

      A big difference between the two is the international version is not
      field serviceable.
      ***EDIT QUESTION: Interesting; are you positive about that? I have a
      WhisperLite Internationale and have found it to be completely field

      All in all the MSR WhisperLite stove is a nice stove that is very
      effective for small and medium size groups.
      ***EDIT QUESTION: I'm curious to learn why you think it's effective
      for small and medium size groups, as opposed to individual or large
      group camping; not sure I saw anything in the review to
      support/document this. If you can explain, that would make your
      statement even more useful to readers; if not, consider removing or
      rewording this.

      It boils water quickly and can effectively heat at medium and high
      ***EDIT QUESTION: Not sure what you meant by "can effectively heat at
      medium and high temperatures"; can you elaborate or reword?

      ***EDIT: "Dislikes"

      [END OF EDITS]
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