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EDIT: Owner Review: Salomon Raid Race 300

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  • colonelcorn76
    Hi, Nice job on this. I ve flagged some edits that you ll need to take care of before reposting here with REPOST in the subject line. Once I see the repost,
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      Nice job on this. I've flagged some edits that you'll need to take
      care of before reposting here with REPOST in the subject line. Once I
      see the repost, I'll take another look and have you upload it to the
      test folder to make sure your HTML works before uploading to its
      permanent home on BGT.

      Thanks again for the nice job.
      Edit Moderator

      --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, "deheyting" <deheyting@...>
      > Owner Review: Salomon Raid Race 300

      ### Add "Pack" to the title...I was well into the review before I knew
      what it was you were reviewing.

      > Email: deheyting@...

      ### This needs to be human readable in full form

      > bulky. The back system is a thermo molded back panel that is

      ### "thermo-molded"

      > designed to allow airflow. The waist belt features some padding at
      > the hips and has two pockets on each side. Both sit on the hips and
      > are easily accessible. One side has a mesh packet and then other is

      ### "mesh pocket"..."the other"..."is a"...You say it has 2 pockets on
      each side and then "One side has a"...it's confusing. Is there a mesh
      and a sealed pocket on each side of the waist belt or 2 mesh on one
      side and 2 sealed on the other or a mesh on one side and a sealed one
      on the other?

      > also has an adjustable (with elastic straps with toggle) mesh pocket
      > on the back – which you can stuff and fair amount of gear and secure

      ### "back" is ambiguous -- do you mean between your back & the pack or
      on the face of the pack to the rear? (I've seen pockets on both
      sides...the one toward the wearer's back to be used for a bladder or
      folded sleep pad.)

      > with the straps. I have used this mesh pocket to carry a bike
      > helmet on adventure races. The inside the pack features a separate

      ### "inside of the"

      > - Belt - Extra light airing wasit belt

      ### "waist"

      > - Hydration – Built in bladder compartment
      > Summary
      > The Raid Race 300 is marketed as a trail runner or light hiking
      > backpack. It is also being marketed towards adventure racers. The
      > Pack features easy to reach pockets on the hip belt and sides, which
      > are great for stashing a Cliff Bar. It also has a unique air vent
      > and foam molded comfort back pad that is extremely comfortable. The
      > pack also nicely integrates a water bladder by having a built in
      > compartment as well as Velcro straps to secure the tube. It has
      > reflective strips on the back for nighttime or low light use to keep
      > the wearer visible. The pack is also equipped with water evacuation
      > bottom eyelets.

      ### This seems very redundant with the preceding paragraphs & could be
      dropped. It's not so much summary as repetition.

      > Short Hikes: Most of my short hikes consist of 3 to 7 miles (5km to

      ### "5 km"

      > 12 km) round trip with 800 to 2,000 feet (250 to 625 meters) of

      ### "2000" since you use other 4 digit numbers without the , -- either
      is okay, but consistency within the report is expected.

      > elevation gain. Typically on these hikes I am carrying a small
      > first aid kit, a rain jacket, fleece jacket, about 1 to 1.5 liters

      ### Imperial conversion required

      > of water, and food. Around 10 pounds (450 grams) or so. I have

      ### Check your conversion please, it's wrong.

      > found that carrying 10 to 20 pounds (450 to 900 grams) with the Raid

      ### Check your conversion please, it's wrong.

      > Race 300 is extremely comfortable. The hip belt pockets are great
      > for carrying a power bar of other food to keep you going. After

      ### "Power Bar or"..."keep me" -- 1st person please, avoid
      you/your/yours/etc. as those lead to projection.

      > for a comfortable ride. The hydration system seems to keep the
      > bladder secure during most of the hike. In short a wonderful ride.

      ### Please explain how the "hydration system" (whatever that is) helps
      keep the bladder secure.

      > and longer. In terms of weight, these hikes I typically carry more
      > like 25 pounds (900 grams). The extra weight is mainly made up of

      ### Again, an incorrect conversion.

      > However I have noted that if the weight exceeds 30 pounds (1350
      > grams) the pack is not able to comfortably carry the weight, as the

      ### Conversion

      > you keep the weight below 30 (1350 grams) pounds the Raid Race 300

      ### Conversion...also "if I keep"

      > Trail Running: I have found the Raid Race 300 to be a bit large for
      > trail running, as the pack tends to move and shuffle on your back.

      ### "on my back."

      > The water bladder is held in place tightly, however the pack still
      > moves up and down as you run more than I would desire. Based on

      ### "as I run"

      > to be removed. With only the lower compression straps I have still
      > be able to keep the pack compressed. I sort of found the failure of

      ### Reword the "I have still be able"

      > of use. Also the two buckles that hold down the top pack could be a
      > little bit larger as they can be difficult to open, if you have

      ### "to open, with"

      > For any application one thing that is great about the pack is the
      > room and ease of carry hydration in any form – bladder or bottle.
      > Along with the bladder pouch you can easily carry two more Nalgene

      ### "I can easily"

      > bottles in the two outside pockets. This is great as typically on a
      > day hike, water is the heaviest item in your pack. With the Raid

      ### "in my"

      > Race your water is held securely so that it does bounce around and

      ### "my water" or "the water"

      > Back is not comfortable with weight exceeding 30 pounds (1350 grams).

      ### Conversion

      > Recap:
      > The Raid Race is an ideal pack for day hikes where you are carrying

      ### "day hikes carrying"

      > less than 30 pounds (1350 grams). It features some great features

      ### Conversion

      > shoulder straps and comfortable foam back pad. The Raid Race 300 is
      > extremely comfortable lightweight.

      ### "comfortable and lightweight."

      ### A couple of questions -- have you ever gotten it wet? How quickly
      does it dry? Do the drainage grommets work? Have you used it for
      overnights? Have you had it in the rain? Does it leak?
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