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Re: [BackpackGearTest] Fw: New Greeting

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  • Mara Factor
    Jerry, Looks like a good letter. In the interest of putting our best foot forward, there are a couple of minor edits I would suggest... (If you re not
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 30, 2001
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      Looks like a good letter. In the interest of putting our best foot forward,
      there are a couple of minor edits I would suggest...

      (If you're not interested, delete this email now. :-)

      In the first sentence, just use "clear picture" rather than "clearer".
      Also, I recommend three more paragraph breaks - one, just before "Our main
      purpose here..." - another just before "While I don't necessarily expect
      professional..." - and the last just before "If you are not interested..."
      There are also some typos that I saw: In the fourth sentence, manufactures
      should be manufacturers; in the fifth sentence, your should be you; and in
      the second paragraph, two instances of manor should be manner. Spell
      checkers just can't catch everything.

      I do a bit of this type of editing for work so it's just habit to find the
      little niggling typos that just love to sneak into our writing.

      I hope this helps and I look forward to participating in the upcoming gear

      Thank you for pulling all of this together.


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      >Subject: [BackpackGearTest] Fw: New Greeting
      >Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 00:40:11 -0700
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      >From: Gear Tester
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      >Sent: Monday, January 29, 2001 10:59 PM
      >Subject: New Greeting
      >This is the new message every new lister will receive upon joining the
      >Welcome to BackpackGearTest. I would like to take this opportunity to give
      >you a clearer picture of what we do here and how it works. We do not give
      >away free gear here. The purpose of this list is to trade our input and
      >product exposure for the gear we receive from the manufactures. If you
      >receive gear through this list your will be expected to post the required
      >reviews in the time frame expected and in an organized and intelligible
      >format. You will be free to make any comments you like, in good taste, as
      >long as you substantiate your findings be they good, bad, or indifferent.
      >The people on this list will discuss your findings and, I hope, ask you
      >questions about them. Our main purpose here is to put out unbiased reviews
      >in a setting that encourages discussion about those reviews both among
      >ourselves and with the people that made them. Your reports will be uploaded
      >to our file section for future reference. If you see reviews of equipment
      >here that you own or have used I encourage you to upload your comments
      >about either the review process or the piece of gear in question to the
      >Non-Tester Comments folder that will accompany every test series.
      >Requests (I call them applications) will be periodically posted to the list
      >calling for testers for each piece of gear to be reviewed. You must apply
      >for each individual test series. You will not be allowed to participate in
      >more than one test at a time nor in two successive tests. You will be
      >expected to use the gear in the manor in which the manufacturer intended.
      >If you do not feel that you have the time or inclination to do the reports
      >in a timely manor or to put forth a good faith effort in the reviews please
      >do not apply for the gear. This is not a gear lottery. It is a serious
      >forum for the review of gear that many of us would not have an opportunity
      >to see any other way short of putting down our hard earned money and hoping
      >for the best. While I don't necessarily expect professional quality writing
      >in your reviews I do expect you to write clearly and at reasonable length
      >about the gear, how and where you used it, and the results of that use. I
      >expect you to own a spell checker and to use it. The manufacturers are free
      >to quote our reviews and to use our names in any promotions they may do as
      >long as we are correctly quoted both as to actual content and intent. If
      >you are not interested in reviewing the gear presented here you are welcome
      >to set back and enjoy the free flow of information about it. Pass the word
      >about this list and the information contained in it to any other lists to
      >which you subscribe. The more people we have on this list the more interest
      >the manufacturers will have in us. Enjoy
      >Jerry Goller

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