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Revised Owner Review – Princeton Tec Aurora Headlamp - Kaushal Desai

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  • kaushal_d
    Princeton Tec Aurora Headlamp Owner Review Date of Review:  January 27, 2006 Biographical Information Name:  Kaushal Desai Age: 29 Gender: Male Height: 5 6
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      Princeton Tec Aurora Headlamp
      Owner Review
      Date of Review:  January 27, 2006

      Biographical Information
      Name:  Kaushal Desai
      Age: 29
      Gender: Male
      Height: 5' 6" or 1.7 meters
      Weight: 127 lbs or 58 kg
      Email address: kaushal@...
      City, State, and Country: Manali City Himachal Pradesh, India
      Date: 1/27/06

      Backpacking Background – I started backpacking and rock climbing as a 15 year old.  My
      trips usually vary in length from one week to one month.  I am a strong supporter of
      Alpine style climbing and believe in climbing/traveling light. I have extensively backpacked
      all over the Indian Himalayas and spend an average of 200 days in the wilderness,
      backpacking, climbing or guiding.  I run a small guiding company out of Manali.  http://

      Product information – The Tech Specs
      Manufacturer – Princeton Tec
      Year of manufacture: 2004
      Website: http://www.princetontec.com/
      Listed weight – 2.7 oz or 77 grams
      Weight as delivered. – About 2.8 oz or 79 g
      MSRP – $ 23.95

      Product description - With its extreme versatility and contemporary design innovations,
      the Aurora is the perfect choice for camp set-up, trekking, climbing, adventure racing, and
      emergency signaling situations. Using the adjustable pivoting head, you can shine light
      where you need it. The three Ultra bright LEDs are configured in a unique triangular
      configuration to provide an extremely even beam of light that keeps shadows to a
      minimum. Using the electronically controlled switch system, you can alternate between
      three levels of light output as well as two blinking emergency signaling modes.

      The durable ultra light head strap provides plenty of adjustment for the perfect fit.
      Weighing less than 80 grams, the Aurora headlamp is lightweight and compact for
      increased comfort.

      The Aurora uses 3 AAA batteries. 

      Field Information and Use: I have used my Aurora headlamp on every backpacking and
      climbing trip in the last 2 ½ years. My usual destinations have varied from the high altitude
      Tibetan plateau of Changthang to alpine environments all over Himachal and Gharwal and
      other extreme high altitudes, in varying conditions and in all seasons. The usual altitudes I
      have used the headlamp vary from 6000 ft and 24,000 ft (1828 m and 7300 m).
      Temperatures I have used it in vary from - 40 C to 35 C (-71 F to 63 F). I have used it in all
      the three regular modes extensively but have not had the need to use the other two
      blinking modes.

      My aurora has seen it all; blizzards, thunderstorms, extreme winds, intense cold and even
      mountain rescues. It has fallen off cliffs and seen some extreme abuse but so far it has
      never faltered and never let me down.

      Life for it hasn't been all abuse as it has seen pleasant camp times. I have cooked and
      cleaned with it at nights, read endless hours lying in my sleeping bag. Over the years it
      has become more like my third eye at night.

      The elastic headband is still very comfortable and so far after all the use hasn't yet
      snagged or curled. The hinge however needs to be regularly tightened. Have never
      calculated its burn times but then considering the variables of my environment I don't
      think I will be able to calculate it. I generally use alkaline batteries and a trio lasts me
      anywhere between 2 to 4 months. The beam is still very good even though the protective
      lens cover has acquired scratches all over it.


      It is the perfect complement to my style of backpacking and climbing.  The Aurora has
      been a perfect companion; compact, rugged, lightweight, and bright enough to climb
      mountains at night as well as comfortable enough to read with.
      I can no longer think of going on trips without it. Overall it is a very good product
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