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Re: Under Owner Review - Hex 3 edit - Tim Todd

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  • nivaun
    Good Morning Colleen, Don t stress over the OR, just relax and enjoy yourself. I am in no hurry and am sure it will get done when it gets done. Kindest
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 5, 2006
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      Good Morning Colleen,

      Don't stress over the OR, just relax and enjoy yourself. I am in no hurry and am sure it will
      get done when it gets done.

      Kindest Regards,

      --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, "Emma Eyeball" <tarbubble@y...> wrote:
      > Tim,
      > hi! i'm in charge of editing your OR for the Hex 3. i apologize for
      > taking so long to get it edited. between the holidays & my
      > computer/connection problems, i have fallen way behind. i will have
      > it edited this week. again, i apologize and thank you for your patience.
      > -colleen
    • Emma Eyeball
      Hi Tim, here are your edits. you have taken a somewhat unique approach in your OR with the section at the end, and i like what you ve done. you just need a
      Message 2 of 4 , Jan 6, 2006
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        Hi Tim,

        here are your edits. you have taken a somewhat unique approach in
        your OR with the section at the end, and i like what you've done. you
        just need a little sculpting. once you have incorporated the edits,
        re-post your OR and we'll go from there. thanks so much!

        > Weight: 182 lb (82.5 k)

        edit: the proper abbreviation for kilograms is "kg."

        > Backpacking Background:

        edit: your biography is 121 words. the maximum is 100.

        > every Sunday is reserved for a wilderness hike where daily life is
        > not allowed interrupt. I try to get away for 3 days two times a

        edit: "allowed to interrupt."

        > Area: 65 sq ft (6m2)

        edit: (6 m2)

        > FEATURES:

        question: are you quoting the features directly from GoLite's site?
        there's nothing wrong with that, but if you are you need to mention it.


        edit: we want to hear YOUR description. we have very few ironclad
        rules, but one of them is that you must have a paragraph titled
        "Product Description," and that it must be your description, not the

        > * Olympic National Forest, Washington State
        > o Terrain varies from snow to rocky.
        > * Bitterroot National Forest, Montana
        > o The terrain was 8 inches of snow.
        > * Mt. Hood, Oregon
        > o Terrain was either snow or soft soil.

        edit: in your Field Conditions section, you must include altitude,
        temperature ranges (approximates are OK, but of course the more
        accurate the better), terrain, and weather conditions.

        > REVIEWS:
        > First Use:
        > All new gear I get is always tested at home first on my seven
        > wooded acres. The incident was quite uneventful. All corners were
        > staked out, the pole set in place, and there it was just like in the
        > picture. Very simple except for one detail - I have yet to achieve a
        > perfectly round base. Maybe my eyes are crooked, I don't know.
        > Fortunately the lack of perfect roundness is only aesthetic and in no
        > way a hindrance to its performance.

        comment: i own three single-pole shelters - one with a square
        footprint, one with an oval, and one with a circle. yes, i'm a big
        fan of this shelter type! it is nigh on to impossible to get them
        pitched symmetrically. you're not alone.

        > Once I was satisfied and confident about the Hex 3, we ventured
        > into the wilderness on a partly sunny day. My wife, two dogs and I.

        edit: your second sentence is incomplete. i would suggest combining
        the two sentences like so: "...about the Hex 3, my wife, two dogs and
        I ventured into..."

        > The tent setup just like at home.

        edit: "set up."

        My wife was happy but concerned
        > about the "no floor" feature. I use tarps a lot when camping solo and
        > the Hex 3 was meant to bridge a gap between tent and tarp that my
        > wife would approve of since she prefers a tent. She was happily
        > surprised. We all had more than enough room and slept comfortably.
        > However, she still prefers a traditional tent with "no-seeum" mesh.
        > That meant purchasing the Hex 3 Nest Inner Tent that is all
        > mesh with a floor and an additional 2 pounds 6 ounces to the weight
        > of the entire Hex 3 package. All in all it's a small price to pay to
        > keep my significant other happy. In an effort to compromise in the
        > weight category, we now use the Golite Trig 2 shelter. I usually
        > reach for the Hex 3 when traveling with friends and in the winter.

        edit #1: start your new paragraph with "However, she still prefers..."

        edit #2: "That meant purchasing the Hex 3 Nest Inner Tent, which is
        all mesh with a coated nylon floor, and which adds an additional 2
        pounds..." sorry, that was multiple edits in one. your sentence
        needed a bit of re-construction and i really think you need to specify
        that the Nest also has a nylon floor.

        > Second Use and Beyond:
        > I am a believer in the teepee design. Its ability to offer
        > height and huge floor space is perfect for my camping needs
        > consisting of canines.

        suggestion: i would re-word this to say "...my needs when camping with
        canines." the original phrasing just seems a bit unwieldy.

        > help some, in order to be effective, they need to be even larger. I
        > am not bothered by condensation; it is nature and part of the
        > experience.

        comment: thanks for including your personal take/opinion on
        condensation. it's too often perceived as a negative or as something
        that can be eliminated with more perfect design (whatever that is).

        > Condensation as never dripped on me, water has never filled the
        > floor, and snow has never crept inside - With the exception of what
        > my dogs' drug inside.

        edit #1: "Condensation has never dripped..."

        edit #2: "inside - with the exception of what my dogs dragged in."

        > claim yet. Is it for everyone? No. If given a chance I am positive it
        > would appeal to more hikers though.

        suggestion: "No, but if given a chance I am positive it would appeal
        to more hikers."

        All too often we categorize
        > everything as positive or negative. I don't like doing that because
        > in most cases a person's con is actually another's pro. I will list a
        > few traits in given situations so that a person can make an educated
        > decision about this product.
        > It is especially vital to realize that lightweight gear demands
        > knowledgeable responsibility of how, when, and where the gear can be
        > used. The Golite Hex 3 is lightweight gear so use caution and respect
        > for nature when using this shelter. As with all single walled
        > shelters the Hex 3 works best when a person understands the nature of
        > condensation so I would highly recommend studying this subject. I
        > have tried to list everything I have experienced in this shelter but
        > I may have forgotten something. If so, I am sorry.

        suggestion: i would eliminate the apologetic tone. instead, why don't
        you say something like "here is a sampling of conditions I have used
        the Hex 3 in, and my experiences and thoughts on them"?

        > Early In The Morning:
        > * As long as and individual have not camped in a low stagnate
        > area or near water there will be no or very little condensation.

        edit: "As long as an individual has not camped in a low stagnant area..."

        question: when you say "stagnant," what exactly do you mean? to me,
        "stagnant" implies foul water. This makes the sentence seem a bit

        > A Wet Night:
        > * There will be some condensation so camp and sleep in a way
        > that will minimize it. Ventilation, ventilation, ventilation

        edit: you are missing a period.

        > * Remember the tent is a cone shape, when the door is unzipped,
        > which is bottom to top; the center of the tent is exposed to rain.

        edit: this sentence is confusing. i see what you are saying but your
        punctuation choices are distracting from your meaning. maybe:
        "Remember the tent is a cone shape. When the door is unzipped, from
        the bottom up to the top, the center of the tent is then exposed to rain."

        > * Remember the tent is a cone shape, when the door is unzipped,
        > which is bottom to top; the center of the tent is exposed to snow.

        edit: same as the prior edit.

        > * Tap the side of the tent to let snow slide down before
        > opening the door.
        > * Wide snow stake or snow anchors are imperative in setting the
        > tent up.

        comment: you should check out this trip report i just saw. one of
        the folks on the trip used a Hex in an insane storm. here's a link:


        > * It is a single walled shelter, there is absolutely no
        > insulating value to the tent - It will be cold unless the proper gear
        > is utilized.
        > * The optional footprint works wonders, I highly recommend it.

        question: are you talking about the Nest again, or the Hex 3 Floor?
        just be sure to use the proper name, to minimize confusion.
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