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  • edwardripleyduggan
    Hi David, This is a very good first effort. I have a few edits for you below, nothing too major that I ve spotted so far. Please incorporate these changes, and
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      Hi David,

      This is a very good first effort. I have a few edits for you below,
      nothing too major that I've spotted so far. Please incorporate these
      changes, and repost to this list (use REPOST at the beginning of the
      subject line). I'll want you to place an HTML version in the test
      folder of the BGT site, but we've just changed servers and the site
      isn't a hundred percent remounted yet.




      --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, "deheyting" <deheyting@y...>
      > Owner Review: Marmot PreCip Jacket

      ### EDIT: Review date here, please

      > Tester Information:
      > Name: David Heyting
      > Age: 28
      > Gender: Male
      > Height: 6' 0" , 1.83 m
      > Weight: 205 lb, 93 kg
      > Email: deheyting@y...
      > City, State, Country: Snoqualmie, Washington, USA

      > Test Conditions: The primary test conditions were done in the
      > Central Washington Cascades. Moderate temperatures: spring and fall
      > down to the 40 F (4 C) up to 85 F (30 C). Typically a wet climate.
      > Most of the trekking occurred on steep trails on varying terrain,
      > from soft pack trails, scree fields, to snowfields and some minimal
      > glacier travel.

      ### EDIT: An elevation range would be useful here


      > Product Description:
      > The PreCip features a lightweight design. It has a built in hood
      > with drawstrings. On the back is a Velcro strap that can be used to
      > adjust the fit of the hood. There are two main pockets on each side
      > that both feature a zipper closure. The angle is such on the pockets
      > that they are easy to get in and out of while wearing a pack. The
      > inside of the pockets have a mesh lining, designed to carry your
      > stuff and shed weight.

      ### EDIT: Please reword to avoid "your." In general "you", "yours"
      etc. should be avoided in reviews.

      Both pockets have a weather flap that covers
      > each zipper to prevent water from leaking in. The jacket seams are
      > fully taped on the inside to make the jacket waterproof. There are
      > pit zips on each arm to help with venting the jacket. When the
      > jacket when fully zipped, the zipper is concealed by fleece-lined
      > flap that provides additional comfort to the wearer's chin. The
      > jacket covers just below the waist and features a drawstring to keep
      > the jacket close to the body.

      ### EDIT: Maybe "the jacket covers to just below the waist"

      > Key Features: Here are some of the key things that are advertised in
      > Marmot's literature and on their website.
      > - Extremely lightweight
      > - Waterproof Shell – Fully taped seams
      > - Pit zips for proper temperature control
      > - Full visibility roll up hood with Peripheral Cord adjustment and
      > integral collar
      > - Front pockets that are accessible while wearing a backpack

      ### EDIT? Is there any information on the textile used for the jacket?
      I didn't see any mention made here of the material. It's good to know
      this for purposes of comparison.

      > Summary:
      > The Marmot PreCip jacket is a lightweight shell that is intended to
      > be worn as a three season

      ### EDIT: three-season

      waterproof jacket. The jacket is a
      > straight

      ### EDIT: perhaps "straightforward" would read better here

      shell and does not offer any additional warmth or layering.
      > The jacket packs up nicely and fits easily into a daypack. The
      > listed weight is only 12 ounces (340 grams) (although my jacket
      > weighed in a tad bit heavier), which means that for me should never
      > be a debate as whether or not to carry the jacket on a hike.
      > I have owned the PreCip for three years now and take it just about
      > everywhere. It is the ultimate summer security blanket. Although I
      > don't think it is quite heavy

      ### EDIT: I'm unclear as to whether you are speaking of durability,
      warmth or performance when you write "heavy." Please clarify.

      enough for high alpine or glacier
      > travel, I have found that the PreCip is perfect for a day hike, multi-
      > pitch rock climb or short overnight trip. I have worn the PreCip
      > through very heavy rain in the Pacific Northwest and have remained
      > dry.

      I would
      > not want to only have the PreCip on a week-long trip facing an
      > unrelenting downpour. However that is not really the design or what I
      > would call proper use of the jacket, thus should not be considered as
      > a major knock on the jacket.

      ### EDIT: Could you reword the previous sentence? Maybe "However the
      jacket is not intended for this kind of use, and so this shouldn't be
      considered a defect in the design.

      It is designed for light rain and as
      > something that you always carry while hiking.

      ### EDIT: I agree with you on this (I own one myself) but, out of
      curiosity, is this in line with Marmot's claims for the jacket? If
      not, perhaps you could outline what those claims are, and how close
      the actual performance comes to that. BTW, please rewrite to avoid the

      Especially in the
      > Northwest as I have to always be prepared for rain, even when the
      > forecast doesn't call for it. If worn for the designed

      ### EDIT: "intended" expresses what you mean better than "designed"

      use of the
      > jacket, I think one would be hard pressed to find a better choice.
      > In terms of wear and tear, the PreCip has held up extremely well in

      ### EDIT: "for" or "over" three years

      > three years. I have not noticed any tearing or other issues that I
      > should be concerned with. I take my PreCip on almost every hike I do
      > so it has gotten a lot of consistent use. During this time it has
      > kept up its ability to shed water. I have even fully submerged my
      > PreCip several times on kayak trips and after drying out the jacket
      > still works great.
      > A feature that I love about the PreCip is that it has a fleece lining
      > that covers the main zipper. This is awesome as it allows my chin
      > and mouth to avoid having to rub against the back of the zipper. A
      > definite bonus in my book.

      ### EDIT: Incomplete sentence, should read "This is a definite bonus
      in my book."

      > Marmot seems to prop up the hood quite a bit. The hood system, I
      > thought works great, provides good movement and does not get in the
      > way when not in use, however I did not view it as one of the best
      > features of the jacket – nor earth shattering.

      ### EDIT: This last sentence is a bit awkward. It would read better as
      two sentences.
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