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EDIT/APPROVAL: OR - MSR MiniWorks Filter - Greg

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  • Nazdarovye
    Greg - Great job on this review. I addressed your liters/quarts question in the edits below, and other than that, the edits are minimal. I m approving your
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2005
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      Greg -

      Great job on this review. I addressed your "liters/quarts" question
      in the edits below, and other than that, the edits are minimal. I'm
      approving your review for uploading to BGT as long as you include
      these edits in your final version.

      Once you've made these changes, please post your review to the Test
      area of the site - you'll see that when you log in to
      backpackgeartest.org at the very end of the list of categories for
      reviews, or you can click this link:


      Review it to make sure it looks good and all links work as expected.
      Once everything is ready to go, you will find the page where you can
      upload your final HTML report on BGT at:

      Reviews > Water Treatment > Filters > MSR Mini Works

      Log in to BGT, then navigate that that folder. Click "Upload Report,"
      be sure to select the "Owner Review" button, and follow the
      instructions to upload your HTML file and pictures (if any).

      Congratulations on completing your second owner review. Go ahead and
      get your signed tester agreement to Shane, and you'll be eligible to
      apply for tests.

      BGT Edit Moderator

      PS - Bandelier is one of my favorite places; how nice that you live
      near there!


      Height: 6� 1� (1.85 m)
      ***EDIT: Probably just Yahoo text translation nonsense, but be sure
      the symbols you actually want show up here

      The MSR MinWorks EX is a mechanical water filter that uses a field
      serviceable ceramic filter with a carbon core.
      ***EDIT: "MiniWorks"

      There is no outlet hose included for the clean water
      because the MiniWorks EX is designed to screw onto 1L Nalgene bottles
      and MSR Dromedary water bags, though I found you can also connect
      Camelbak bladders to the clean water outlet nipple.
      ***EDIT: as per your question, go ahead and add "1 qt" wherever you
      say "1 L"; add a space before "L" for consistency with your other
      measurements; use "CamelBak" as the trademarked spelling

      Finally, the intake hose uses a foam pre-filter to prevent the filter
      from ingesting large particle matter, and a foam float to keep the
      hose from sinking to the bottom of the water source.
      ***EDIT SUGGESTION: "particulate" is preferable

      Simply attach the intake hose and
      place it into the water source, screw the MinWorks EX to a Nalgene
      container (both 1L bottles and Nalgene canteens are compatible), and
      begin pumping the handle.
      ***EDIT: "1 L (1 qt)"

      I was only able to
      find a pool of water leftover from a not-so-recent flash flood event
      that had clearly been stagnant for some time.
      ***EDIT: "left over"; consider rewording to eliminate the grammatical
      implication that the flash flood was stagnant

      With no other choice
      for a water source, I began filtering water, but had to clean the
      filter after filling only one 1L Nalgene container.
      **EDIT: "1 L (1 qt)"

      I filtered three
      liters of water from that pool, cleaning the filter after each liter,
      and headed back to camp.
      ***EDIT: "liters (quarts)" and "each one"

      Filtering from clear streams required that I clean the
      filter element after filtering three liters of water.
      ***EDIT: "liters (quarts)"

      We continued to
      use the filter over the course of the three days in Bandelier,
      filtering 4 to 6 liters per day with no problems.
      ***EDIT: "liters (quarts)"

      I have used the MiniWorks EX on every backpacking trip this season,
      including some dayhikes where I knew there would be reliable water
      sources so that I didn�t have to carry more water than necessary.
      ***EDIT: be sure the proper quote symbol appears in the final HTML

      I have filtered roughly 200 liters of water with the Miniworks EX to
      date, and have not had any intestinal distress as a result, nor am I
      near needing to replace the ceramic element.
      ***EDIT: "liters (quarts)"

      [END OF EDITS]
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