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REPOST: OWNER REVIEW Kelty Ion Hydration Pack by Jennifer Koles

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    ***The HTML is in the test files.****** Thank you for the edits Roger. Owner Review - Kelty Ion Hydration Pack Jennifer Koles October 24, 2005 Product
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      ***The HTML is in the test files.******
      Thank you for the edits Roger.

      Owner Review - Kelty Ion Hydration Pack

      Jennifer Koles

      October 24, 2005

      Product Information

      Manufacturer: Kelty

      Year of Manufacture: 2005

      Manufacturer’s Website: www.kelty.com

      Listed Weight: 1 lb 4 oz (0.6 kg)

      Weight as Delivered: 1 lb 2 oz (0.51 kg) according to

      MSRP: $45.00 US currency, hydration system included

      Product Description

      This hydration backpack is for the hiking minimalist.
      It has enough room for 2 L of fluids and cargo space
      to transport the bare essentials.

      The main compartment is panel loading and can be
      accessed with a side zipper entry without removing the
      pack. The outer mesh pocket is ideal to store most
      often used items.

      The pack is fully adjustable to keep the pack secure
      and comfortable with padded shoulder straps, a sternum
      strap, and a non-padded waist belt. The back panel is
      padded and stated by the manufacturer to wick away

      The hydration system has an anti-microbial treatment
      to ensure taste free water. The tube swivels at the
      port and contains a locking Bite-Me Valve.

      Dimensions: 16 in x 8 in x 4.5 in

      (41 cm x 20 cm x 11 cm)

      Size: One Size

      Cargo Capacity: N/A from manufacturer. I estimate
      about 210 in^3 by pocket measurements (0.12 ft^3, 3441

      Water Capacity: 2 L (68 fl oz) reported by

      Colors Available: Desert/Black


      Material: 420D Nylon Shadow Rip Stop


      Front pouch pocket and outer mesh stash pocket.

      TFO-Taste Free Hydration System with 90 degree locking
      on/off bite valve.

      Side zipper access to hydration system.

      Reflective accents and blinker light loop.

      Padded back panel.

      Sternum strap.

      Webbing waist belt.

      Wicking back panel.

      Padded shoulder straps.

      Sternum strap whistle.


      Lifetime warranty on pack.

      One-year warranty on hydration system.

      Field Information

      I have used this hydration pack on short day hikes at
      elevations ranging from approximately 5500 ft to
      10,000 ft (1700 m-3000 m). I was looking for a pack
      that can carry the essentials for a short day hike and
      for mountain biking. It was on sale for over 50% off
      so I decided to give it a try.

      It is appealing to look at. I purchased the
      garnet/black color combination. I am not a fan of the
      color red, but this is a tolerable deep red.

      After adjusting the pack it appeared to fit well with
      no initial discomforts noted. The sternum strap, waist
      belt, and straps to adjust the shoulder straps
      adjusted easily to conform to my body type.

      It was time to fill the reservoir with water. I was
      unable to fill it with more than 62 oz of water before
      the water began to spill out. The cap on the reservoir
      is attached by a plastic piece located on the inside
      of the opening. I found this to get in the way of my
      filling it. My other hydration systems have the cap
      attached to the outside of the opening. In the booklet
      I received with the product it is noted that there is
      an easy fill handle on the opening. This does not have
      the easy fill handle. I believe that this feature is
      included with the larger packs.

      The water tasted good and I was able to open and close
      the cap with my gloves on as noted by the
      manufacturer. The hydration system fits into a side
      pocket. I found it time consuming to place it into the
      pack by using the side pocket, especially when full.
      The hydration system did not show any signs of

      This pack has a small cargo capacity with the
      expectation that the user is going to only carry the
      essentials. For my first hike with this pack I was
      able to fit my digital camera, a lightweight jacket,
      gloves, and a hat into the main compartment. In the
      mesh pocket I was able to fit my small headlamp, keys,
      lip balm, and an energy bar. Everything I needed to
      carry that day fit into the pack with no difficulty.

      On the trail the pack fitted well. No discomfort noted
      on my shoulders or my waist. It was easy to make
      proper adjustments while on the trail. The hydration
      system was easy to use. Just turn the locking on/off
      switch, bite the valve, and take a sip. The tubing has
      a permanent kink in it and I found it to be larger in
      diameter and less flexible than other systems I have

      The manufacturer notes a wicking back panel. I have
      used this pack in various temperatures approximately
      90 F (32 C) to 40 F (4 C) and I still get a wet spot
      on my back from sweating.

      This pack was purchased this year and used over a
      period of approximately 5 months. I estimate that I
      used this pack approximately 40 times. It has survived
      my outdoor experiences well. There are no signs of
      abrasions on the fabric, signs of fabric wear, and the
      zippers are still functioning at this point. The
      hydration system still has the kink in the tubing that
      has not worsened. An adequate amount of water is still
      able to travel through the tubing.


      It is great for short day hikes when I just want to
      carry water and a few essentials. I like this pack
      because at times I do not want to carry a larger pack
      and this suits my needs for short day hikes and riding
      my bike. I do not particularly like the hydration
      system, it is cumbersome for me to fill and my tube is
      kinked. I do like to taste of the water. I am
      currently deciding if I should replace the hydration
      system with one from another pack.

      Things I like:

      Cargo capacity for my needs

      Ease of use

      The size of the hydration system

      The water tastes good

      Things I do not like:

      Hydration system reservoir opening

      The way the hydration system cap is attached to the

      Hydration system tubing

      Reviewer Information

      Name: Jennifer Koles

      Age: 30

      Gender: Female

      Height: 5’ 5” (1.65 m)

      Weight: 140 lb (64 kg)

      Email address: jennksnowy@...

      City, State, and Country: Salt Lake City, Utah, United

      Backpacking Background

      I started taking overnight backpacking trips this past
      summer in the Uinta Mountain Range in Utah. I found
      myself taking entirely too much gear. I am finding out
      slowly how to minimize my needs and not require extra
      luxuries. My previous outdoor experiences consisted of
      4 wheel-drive camping in primitive areas and day
      hiking. I have some backpacking gear I purchased over
      the past few years. I enjoyed my backpacking
      experience this summer. I plan to take more trips,
      increase my duration, and reduce my pack weight from
      45 lb.

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