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Thank you Ray E. - Owner Review Gerber Guardian Back Up knife

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  • chcoa
    PLEASE READ THIS EMAIL IN FULL. IT IS MOST IMPORTANT! Thanks for your Owner s Review. It has been added to the Owner Review Queue and will be picked up by an
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      Thanks for your Owner's Review. It has been added to the Owner
      Review Queue and will be picked up by an Edit Moderator soon. Do
      not worry if nothing happens with it for several days. All our
      Editors are volunteers and your report will be subject to an
      official edit within fourteen days. If you have not had a response
      from an Edit Moderator via the Yahoo Groups list within this
      timeframe, please let me know directly at jdeben@....

      To assist in this process, if this is your first Owner Review we ask
      that you post only ONE Owner Review for edit at a time. Our
      experience is that it is more efficient for both the Editors and
      yourself, if you post your first review, have it edited, approved
      and uploaded before you post your second and subsequent reviews.
      This way we can work with you on addressing any standard BGT policy
      edits which you can incorporate into your second and subsequent
      reviews before submission.

      If you are new to BackpackGearTest.org, welcome to the community!
      The Editors will work with you, within their own time constraints,
      to get your first two Owner Reviews approved and upload in a timely
      manner. Once these first two Owner Reviews have been approved and
      you have submitted your Tester Agreement you will be eligible to
      start applying for Tests. If you'd like more assistance or guidance
      with the process you can request a mentor by sending an email to
      Jennifer P, the mentor coordinator, at (jennifer.pope@...).

      You may receive edits or comments from other members of the group.
      These edits and comments, while not official, should be considered
      carefully, and if you find them substantial, revise and re-post your
      review. Incorporating member edits and re-submitting to the list
      will usually result in a better review, as well as making things
      easier for the official Editor. Please put REVISED in the subject
      line of your re-submitted review, if you take this route or make any
      changes to your review BEFORE the review has been taken by an Edit

      Additionally, it is important for you to monitor the Yahoo Groups
      list to keep track of the progress of your Owner Review. Once an
      Editor has taken your OR and made the necessary edits they will post
      their comments to the list with EDIT in the subject line. Once you
      have incorporated these edits into your review please use REPOST in
      the subject line. When your OR has been approved by the Editor they
      will use APPROVED in the subject line.

      If you'd like to keep track of the progress of your OR, the entire
      Owner Review Queue is posted to the list on Fridays.

      If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask via
      the list or contact me directly.

      Jamie DeBenedetto
      Edit Administration Officer
    • edwardripleyduggan
      Hi Ray, Thanks for the review. Sorry it s taken me a couple of days to get around to it after plucking it from the queue. The HTML version looks pretty good,
      Message 2 of 4 , Nov 10 6:40 AM
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        Hi Ray,

        Thanks for the review. Sorry it's taken me a couple of days to get
        around to it after plucking it from the queue. The HTML version looks
        pretty good, though I'd like the title in a slightly larger (not huge)
        size. I've noted a couple of issues with links below that will need
        fixing. Otherwise, you are good to go after edit. Upload to


        BTW, that's one scary-looking ninja knife!



        > Gerber Guardian Back Up, fixed blade knife

        ### EDIT: Guardian Back-Up fixed blade knife

        NB: The hyphenation is as per the Gerber site.

        > Owner Review

        ### EDIT: Date here, remove from biographical information

        > Tester Information
        > Name: Raymond Estrella
        > Age: 44
        > Gender: Male
        > Height: 6' 3" (187.5 cm)
        > Weight: 200 lbs (90 kg)
        > Email address: rayestrella@h...
        > City: Huntington Beach
        > State: California
        > Country: USA
        > Date: October 31, 2005
        > Backpacking Background:
        > I have been backpacking since I was 14 years old. My style of hiking
        > is to get up early, and hike hard for most the day. I put the miles
        > on, usually 15-18 miles a day.(24-29 k)

        ### EDIT: (24-29 km)

        I like to get to my days
        > destination early enough to enjoy the afternoon. Most of my hiking
        > is in the Sierras. I hike year `round,

        ### EDIT: I don't think it's necessary to have an apostrophe before
        round. It's like putting an apostrophe before 'phone. Well, I have
        been known to do that...

        in all weather. I am making a
        > concerted effort to lighten weight everywhere I can. So far in 2005
        > I have logged 500 miles (800 km) with a pack on.
        > The product
        > Manufacturer: Gerber Legendary Blades (A division of Fiskar)
        > Web site: http://www.gerbergear.com/index.php?flash=1

        ### EDIT: the root URL is just


        > Product: Guardian Back Up, fixed blade knife
        > Year made: 2005.
        > MSRP: Not listed on web site.
        > Weight listed: 3 oz (84 g) Actual weight 3.1 oz (87 g)
        > Overall length listed: 7.28" (182 mm) Actual length: 7.32" (183 mm)
        > Blade length listed: 3.41" (85 mm) Actual length: 3.45" (87 mm)
        > Knife alone weight: 1.8 oz (50.4 g)
        > Sheath alone weight: 1.3 oz (36.4 g)
        > It comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

        ### EDIT: This presently links off-site to Gerber. We don't allow any
        more than the root URL, because with site redesigns other links will
        usually be broken, in turn breaking the review. Please remove the
        link, and instead put the warranty in the review text.

        > Field Conditions
        > I got the Guardian on April 20, 2005

        ### EDIT: period missing

        Since receiving it I have taken
        > it on every hike except a trip to Mount Shasta. I have logged 373
        > miles (597 km) with this knife on my backpack. I have hiked from
        > 400' (120 m) to over 14000' (4200 m) elevations, in temps ranging
        > from over 100F (38C) by the Kern River, and down to 17F (-8C)

        ### EDIT: speace between temperature and unit, please

        on the
        > John Muir Trail. I have encountered extreme desert conditions, snow
        > and rain in the Sierra's, and beautiful days in Southern California.
        > I have been from as far south as Palm Springs, to as far north as
        > Tuolumne Meadows, in California.
        > Product description
        > The Guardian Back Up (hereafter referred to as the Guardian, or the
        > knife) is a double sided fixed blade knife. Here is a picture of the
        > knife and sheath.
        > The blade is made of High Carbon Stainless steel, and has been
        > blackened to make it non-reflective. Indeed the only shiny part of
        > the knife is the sharpened edges on either side of the blade. It is
        > a "3/4 tang blade", meaning that the blade continues three quarters

        ### EDIT: three-quarters

        > of the way to the end of the handle. With the use of a magnet I was
        > able to verify that this is the case. On one side of the blade is
        > the Gerber logo, and the words Portland OR beneath it. All are in
        > gold lettering.
        > The blade came in a very sharp state. And I have not had to sharpen
        > it yet.

        ### EDIT: The blade came in a very sharp state, and I have not had to
        sharpen it yet.

        I have cut freeze-dried food packages, cheese, salami,
        > summer sausage, and moleskin with it. I have made tinder, and shaved
        > wood with it. I have cut rope, accessory cord, and webbing with it.
        > A couple of times I threw it into a tree trunk. (We were bored)

        ### EDIT: period after bracket.

        > has held up very well.

        > Conclusions
        > I started using this knife for a couple of reasons. First was it's

        ### EDIT: its

        > low weight. It is a lot of knife for such a light package. But my
        > main reason was the carrying options. While I am not afraid of our
        > California animals, a couple of mountain lion attacks caught my
        > attention this year because the animals attacked adults, and did not
        > want to break off the attack even when hit with rocks and sticks by
        > other people. I always carry a knife. Usually a Gerber EZ Out
        > Skeleton.

        ### EDIT: I always carry a knife, usually a Gerber E-Z Out Skeleton.

        [That's the correct product name].

        But I started thinking about the Tekna whitewater knife
        > that I use when rafting or kayaking. It hangs with the handle down ,
        > from my whitewater vest. Allowing it to be drawn with either hand.

        ### EDIT: It hangs with the handle down from my whitewater vest,
        allowing it to be drawn with either hand.

        > And because it is double edged, it is always ready to cut no matter
        > how you draw it. But it is heavy, and is hard to sharpen, and to
        > keep sharp.

        ### COMMENT: You start a lot of sentences with conjunctions, esp.
        "and" and "but." Used sparingly, although the standard rule is
        (generally) to avoid beginning a sentence this way, it gives the
        writing a sense of immediacy. Still, two back-to-back is overdoing it
        a bit.

        > When I saw that the Guardian could hang inverted and be adjusted to
        > easily draw with either hand, I figured my search was over. I slide
        > the sheath clip on to the cross strap on my backpack's left shoulder
        > strap. This allows me to remove it with no difficulty what so ever

        ### EDIT: whatsoever

        > Here is a picture of it on a Mountainsmith pack.
        > It has never come out inadvertently. I have used it on 4

        ### EDIT: four

        > backpacks, all with the same good results. It stays on the pack most
        > of the time, and therefore takes its share of scrapes when I lean it
        > against rocks or it falls on the ground. It stays out when it rains,
        > and once took a dunking in a river. T
      • rayestrella1
        Thanks for the help Ted. It is done and loaded. Ray
        Message 3 of 4 , Nov 10 9:42 AM
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          Thanks for the help Ted. It is done and loaded.


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          > Thanks for the review.
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