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EDIT: OWNER REVIEW: Lowe Alpine Voyager Plus 55+10

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  • edwardripleyduggan
    Hi Cynthia, Looking over your review, I note that you didn t supply metric equivalents for any of your measurements, a BGT requirement. You do have a lot of
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 1, 2005
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      Hi Cynthia,

      Looking over your review, I note that you didn't supply metric
      equivalents for any of your measurements, a BGT requirement. You do
      have a lot of the other required data, and that's to the good.
      However, although you describe your experiences with the pack, you
      don't actually describe the pack itself in any detail, and this is a
      major omission. This calls for a description of the pack's bag and its
      construction (fabrics, compartments, lid), the internal frame
      structure (assuming it's internal frame), the suspension, etc.

      Unfortunately, packs are a difficult, technical item to successfully
      describe (same goes for tents). My preference, given this gap in your
      review, would be to suggest that you join the BGT mentoring program.
      One of the crew will help you prepare your two reviews and help you
      with gear applications, etc. E-mail stephanie@...
      with "Mentor request" as subject.

      Alternatively, I will work with you, although I can't, as an editor,
      provide you with one-on-one attention as a mentor can. If you wish to
      go this route, please resubmit with the appropriate information
      (conversions, full pack description) appended, and REPOST in the
      subject line where EDIT is now. For conversions, review the conversion
      utility on http://www.backpackgeartest.org/convert.html including the
      footnotes on abbreviation use. If you have not done so, I would
      recommend reading the BGT survival guide (or doing so again), see


      especially chapter 3.




      --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, "Cynthia Audo" <tinti74@h...>
      > Name: Cynthia Audo
      > Age: 31
      > Gender: Female
      > Height: 5' 6"
      > Weight: 150
      > Email address: Tinti74@h...
      > City, State, Country: Longmont, Co. USA
      > Date: 9/23/05
      > Backpacking Background: I grew up loving the wilderness and going
      on long
      > camping trips each summer with my mom. My backpacking history has
      > included day trips, camping and backpacking trips when I travel. I
      > taken 2day-2month camping trips in California, Oregon, Colorado and
      > I love the outdoors and I spend as much time as I can hiking, camping,
      > snowshoeing and scuba diving. I generally hike on mountainous
      terrain and
      > camp in flat, easily accessible (sometimes a mile or two walk-in)
      > campground-type places (no snow camping for me, but no car camping
      > 1. Product information
      > Manufacturer: Lowe Alpine
      > Year of Manufacture: 1999
      > URL: http://www.lowealpine.com/
      > Listed Weight: 4 lbs
      > Arrival Weight: 4.5 lbs
      > Product Description: This backpack comes in a box with packing
      materials and
      > includes a 55 cubic inch backpack with detachable 10 cubic inch
      > This backpack is built for women and has an internal frame.
      > Product Function: This backpack is designed for light or heavy hiking,
      > backpacking, camping, etc. and can be used on any terrain in any
      > (although the pack itself is not waterproof).
      > 2. Field information
      > a. Tested on 2-month backpacking trip across Northern, Western and
      > Europe, also tested at Burning Man. Preparing to bring on a 2-week
      trip to
      > Costa Rica and Panama.
      > b. Terrain was mostly urban, with rocky streets, some dirt roads,
      > level (not mountainous) conditions. At Burning Man the terrain was
      > with high winds and dust.
      > c. Weather conditions: Rain, heat, dust, wind, and sweat. Temperature:
      > 60-120 degrees F.
      > d. During my trip to Europe the backpack tested extremely well with
      > minor issues. The backpack was comfortable, easily accessible due to
      > two-way zipper (could access top or bottom compartments), and
      durable. I
      > liked the fact that it was contoured for a woman's body so the
      shoulder and
      > harness straps didn't dig in where they weren't supposed to. By the
      end of
      > my Europe trip there were two slight problems. One, the buckle
      around my
      > waist came open easily (which I managed to fix by pulling the clips
      on the
      > `male' side of the buckle so they were further apart—when I returned
      home I
      > ordered a new buckle). Two, there was minor tear on the inside of
      the pack
      > near where the material snapped over the internal frame. This I
      still have
      > not fixed, but it has not ripped further. During my trip to Burning
      Man the
      > backpack held up well though was quite dusty and needed several
      airing outs
      > and brushing off of dust.
      > I contacted Lowe Alpine about the tear and broken buckle and how to
      > the backpack. They contacted me about 2 weeks after I sent them an
      > with a post card telling me they would be happy to help me with the
      > and tear and that I could wash the backpack or have it dry cleaned.
      > Unfortunately, I moved and lost the card before contacting them and
      > yet gotten around to doing so again.
      > 3. Summary : Overall this is an excellent backpack and one I highly
      > recommend. Although this line is probably not manufactured any
      longer, Lowe
      > Alpine is an excellent company and makes high-quality backpacks
      > from this one).
      > Pros:
      > A good amount of space for several changes of clothes, a small
      pillow and
      > sheets, plus toiletry bag, camera travel books and journal and
      whatever else
      > you might pick up on your travels!
      > Comfortable, many places for adjustment
      > Detachable daypack
      > Zippered flap covers harness straps so can be check-on luggage
      > Compression straps to secure load
      > Lockable zippers
      > Economical, great value for the money.
      > Cons:
      > No outside pocket for a water bottle. In fact, no outside pockets
      at all
      > (good for if you are conscious about getting ripped off, not good if
      > just want to stow something easily and accessibly).
      > Not much back padding. This was ok for me, but could be
      uncomfortable for
      > some.
      > Not many internal pockets if you want to divide or store your things
      > No built-in rain flap
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