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  • graham blamey
    Hi Mark. Many thanks for your Owner Review and once again apologies for the delay. A nice, straightforward review and I have few real edits for you. We do have
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 12, 2005
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      Hi Mark. Many thanks for your Owner Review and once again apologies for
      the delay.
      A nice, straightforward review and I have few real edits for you.
      We do have one fundamental problem that you're going to have to do a
      little work on though. In BGT we have a rule, One reviewer = One
      product. You're verging very slightly towards a joint review here. In
      your bio you refer to 'we' and there's no problem there, many of us
      backpack as couples, but then in the review, you chop and change between
      'this spork' and 'the sporks' and 'my initial impressions' and 'it
      didn't take us long' etc. So, what you need to do is have a short
      passage at the beginning that explains that you bought the sporks for
      yourself and your wife, but then go on to write the review from your
      solo perspective.
      If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
      When you've completed the edits please post your review back to the list
      with REPOST in the heading and I'll give you a folder to upload to,
      Many Thanks,
      BGT Edit Moderator

      > Snow Peak Titanium Spork Owner Review
      > Reviewed June 25, 2005
      > Name: Mark Wood
      > Age: 25
      > Gender: Male
      > Height: 5' 11" (1.8 m)
      > Weight: 240 lb (109 kg)
      > Email Address: woodmark0 at yahoo dot com
      > Location: Chenango County, NY U.S.A.

      ### should be a comma after NY

      > Year of Manufacture: Presumably 2005

      ### if you're not sure it's best not to presume but use instead '...Year
      of purchase...'

      > MSRP: $8.95 U.S. Dollars

      ### the word '...Dollars...' is superfluous here

      > The Snow Peak Titanium Spork is a ultralight backpackers eating

      ### the way you've written it suggests it's only for ultralight
      backpackers, so '... a backpacker's ultralight eating utensil...'
      or '...an ultralight, backpackers eating utensil...'

      ### you have also capitalised Spork here, so if it's a proper name
      rather than a generic term, you have to capitalise it throughout :(

      > The spork is constructed of titanium, a metal which is actually
      > heavier than stainless steel. The weight savings of titanium comes
      > from the fact that it is much stronger and therefore, items can be
      > made thinner and still be strong. Because of this, the Snow Peak
      > Titanium Spork is quite thin. Initial impressions rationalized that
      > this might make the spork hard to hold in one's hand. However, Snow
      > Peak does a good job of ensureing that there are no sharp edges on

      ### should be '...ensuring...'

      > the handle and therefore, I find the spork quite comfortable to
      > hold. The design is reminiscent of the fast food sporks I grew up
      > with as a child. Basically, this utinsel is a spoon with slots cut
      > into the front of it to form teeth, somewhat like a fork.

      ### This last sentence here might be better placed at the beginning of
      this description and it might be useful to say (approximately) how deep
      the slots are and should be '...utensil...'

      > Reason For Purchase
      > I'd like to say I purchased these for my wife and I because we
      > wanted to find the most effective ultralight utensil around. But
      > let's face it, plastic utensils, though not as durable, are in fact
      > lighter. Truth be told, my wife and I saw these and decided they
      > were just too cool to pass up! Plus, we justified the extra weight
      > over the plastic versions since we no longer needed to carry two
      > things (I know, it's a weak argument -- but we had to rationalize
      > spending close to $20 on sporks somehow)!

      ### This paragraph is fine as it is, but consider my note at the
      beginning of this edit

      > The sporks have performed well. They clean easily and work quite
      > efficiently to get the burning hot food from the bowl into our
      > mouths.

      ### any problems with hot spoons burning lips? (this is sometimes a
      problem with s/s or titanium mugs)

      > These sporks were also used to stir cooking food to keep it
      > from sticking to the bottom of the pot. For this task they worked
      > well also, but I would have liked the handles to be about one inch
      > (2.5 cm) longer. I realize this would add more weight, but I felt I
      > had to get my hand a little too close to the flame from the stove to
      > stir the food.

      ### again, any problems with the spoon heating up too much while
      stirring food?
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