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EDIT: REVISED: Owner Review - Eureka Solitaire Tent

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  • Christine
    Hi Irena. Welcome to BGT! We re glad to have you aboard. Thanks for adding the metric conversions in your revision. Since this is your first OR, I ve got
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 11, 2005
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      Hi Irena.

      Welcome to BGT! We're glad to have you aboard. Thanks for adding
      the metric conversions in your revision. Since this is your first
      OR, I've got quite a few edits for you. We want you to go through
      the pain now so that your next ORs will be a breeze. Mostly, I'd
      like you to add more description to the report. Describe the tent.
      Describe how you set it up. I don't get a good picture in my mind of
      what the tent looks like or how it's different from other tents.

      I'm sure you've found these, but if not, you may also want to consult
      the Owner Review Checklist and the Quick Start Guide at the following
      two links:

      Once you have revised your review please post it to the list with the
      word REPOST added to the subject line.

      Thanks for all your hard work!

      BGT Editor

      Eureka Solitaire Tent

      **EDIT: Add "Owner Review" to the title

      Reviewer Information

      Weight: 118 lbs (54 kg)

      **EDIT: Later in the report you use "lb". Use one or the other
      throughout. See http://www.backpackgeartest.org/convert.html (scroll
      to the bottom) for the BGT standards.

      City, State, Country: Champaign, IL, USA

      **EDIT: Spell out state abbreviations for our international readers.

      Backpacking Background:
      I also mountain bike, ski,and go on winter day-hikes.

      **EDIT: Space between "ski," and "and"

      Product Information

      **EDIT: Here or in the text give measurements of the tent packed and
      set up.

      Price: $79

      **EDIT: Indicate this is US dollars. Example: US $79

      Product description:
      The stuff sack is about the size of a large loaf of bread.

      **EDIT: Since bread doesn't come in standard units, we prefer actual

      2 fiber-glass poles

      **EDIT: fiberglass (here and later on)
      **EDIT: are the poles shock-corded? How many sections to each
      pole? What is the length of the poles when packed?

      the tent with an attached fly cover,

      **EDIT: what materials are used for the tent and fly?

      short nylon cords, a long chord,

      **EDIT: "cord"
      **EDIT: are these the shock cords you refer to later? How many
      short cords? What are they used for?

      a 2 oz (57 gm) bottle

      **EDIT: Abbreviation for gram is "g"

      considering the price that I payed.

      **EDIT: "paid"

      It is supported by two arched fiber-glass poles at both ends.

      **EDIT: This sentence makes me think there are four poles.
      Suggested wording "...two arched fiberglass poles, one on each end."
      **EDIT: Later you mention pole sleeves. Talk about those here. Do
      they completely enclose the poles or are there also hooks that attach
      the tent to the poles? Are there grommets at the base of the tent
      that the pole ends click into? Is this where the pins come in?

      The pole at the rear of the tent(towards the foot area) is smaller
      than the entrance
      area pole.

      **EDIT: Please give the height of the tent at the foot and head.
      **EDIT: Are there hooks to hold the rolled-up fly? Does the tent
      have mesh walls/ceiling?
      **EDIT: Are there vents in the tent?
      **EDIT: Please describe the tent some more. How many doors?
      Windows? Interior pockets? What color is the tent? Fly? How does
      the fly set up? Does it attach to the tent or tent poles at the
      base? Is there a vestibule when the fly is up? How big is it? What
      can you fit in there?

      There is enough space for someone bigger than me to sleep
      comfortably, but not much room to sit up.

      **EDIT: In BGT reports, say what you did and avoid talking about
      other people's experiences. Change this to "There is enough space
      for me to sleep comfortably..." Do you bring your pack in with you?
      What do you do with your boots?

      Also, entry into the tent can be kind of awkward.

      **EDIT: Elaborate. What about entry is awkward?

      The recommended setup steps are to:

      **EDIT: Instead of or in addition to quoting the steps from the
      manufacturer, walk us though setting up the tent. Describe the
      steps. There are several areas where you lose me.

      - place pins at the edges of the floor into pole ends

      **EDIT: I don't understand what you mean by this. What are the
      pins? What do they do?

      - attach s-hooks on the fly's shock cords to rings at back of the tent

      **EDIT: Did the s-hooks come with the tent? They're not in the
      equipment list. Are these the cords listed above? Are the shock
      cords attached permanently to the fly? Describe the rings.

      Besides that, variations on the recommended setup produce good

      **EDIT: Describe the variations.
      **EDIT: Do you use all 13 stakes? What is the minimum number of
      stakes needed?

      though some may wish to pack it more compactly.

      **EDIT: Only talk about your experiences. Do you wish it packed
      more compactly?

      Field Tests

      **EDIT: This is a review and not a test so a more appropriate
      heading would be "Field Conditions"
      **EDIT: Add the elevation and temperature ranges in which you've
      used the tent.

      I've heard some complaints about the poles being flimsy and breaking,
      but I have not had any problems with mine.

      **EDIT: Again, only talk about your experiences. I'd remove the
      first part of the sentence.

      The ends of the fiberglass are getting a little splintered and
      rounded, but they are still functional.

      **EDIT: Are there plastic or metal tips on the end of your poles?

      There was some slight moisture at the sides of the tent,

      **EDIT: Why do you think there was moisture in the tent? Does the
      fly not cover completely? Condensation?

      slight rains, as well as thunder storms.

      **EDIT: "thunderstorms"

      However, I needed to use heavier duty stakes than were provided when
      I pitched
      it on coral in Key Largo.

      **EDIT: Please describe the stakes that came with the tent here or
      above. Why did you need heavier stakes? Did the ones provided

      **EDIT: Have you noticed any wear on the tent? Rips, tears, stains,
      worn spots, frayed seams? Did you seal the seams with the sealant

      The sides can sometimes get a bit wet, but it was easy for me to
      avoid leaning against them.

      **EDIT: Is this from rain or condensation?

      Things I Don't Like
      - Not enough room do much but sleep

      **EDIT: "...room TO do..."

      Overall, the Eureka! Solitaire is a great solo tent for those who are
      not claustrophobic.

      **EDIT: Again, only talk from your experiences. "...great solo tent
      for me because I'm not claustrophobic."

      versatile in different weather conditions.

      **EDIT: Describe this versatility when you talk about the tent above.
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