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OWNER REVIEW - Eureka! Solitaire Tent

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  • Irena Gershkovich
    Eureka Solitaire Tent Reviewer Information Name: Irena Gershkovich Age: 25 Gender: Female Height: 5’ 4” Weight: 118 lbs. Email address:
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 7, 2005
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      Eureka Solitaire Tent

      Reviewer Information

      Name: Irena Gershkovich
      Age: 25
      Gender: Female
      Height: 5’ 4”
      Weight: 118 lbs.
      Email address: igershko@...
      City, State, Country: Champaign, IL, USA
      Date: 7/6/05

      Backpacking Background: I started backpacking four
      years ago with a 10-day university guided backpacking
      trip to the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina.
      I learned a lot from the guides, and since then have
      done several of my own backpacking and hiking trips in
      Oregon, Washington, Michigan, Illinois, and Hawaii.
      Most of the trips I’ve planned have been long weekend
      trips, but I hope to do more weeklong backpacking and
      canoeing trips. I consider myself a three-season,
      lightweight backpacker. I also mountain bike, ski,
      and go on winter day-hikes.

      Product Information

      Manufacturer: Eureka!
      Year of manufacture: 2001
      URL : http://www.eurekacamping.com/
      Listed weight: 2lb 9oz
      Weight as delivered: 3lb 1oz
      Price: $79

      Product description:

      The Eureka! Solitaire comes in a black stuff sack with
      a “Eureka! Solitaire” logo in yellow. It sleeps one
      person comfortably. The stuff sack is about the size
      of a large loaf of bread. Included in the package are
      instruction sheets, 2 fiber-glass poles w/ a sack, 13
      stakes w/ a sack, the tent with an attached fly cover,
      short nylon cords, a long chord, a 2 oz bottle of seam
      sealer and the tent stuff sack. The tent struck me as
      being quite small and light considering the price.

      When pitched, the tent looks like an oversized bivy
      sack. It is supported by two arched fiber-glass poles
      at both ends. The pole at the rear of the tent
      (towards the foot area) is smaller than the entrance
      area pole. The design requires the tent to be staked
      out--- it is not free-standing. The tent fly is
      attached to the larger arch (near the entrance) and
      can be rolled up for sleeping under the stars and


      I was able to pitch the tent just by glancing at the
      instruction diagrams--- the setup is pretty intuitive.
      I found the inside to be roomier than I expected from
      looking at the outside. There is enough space for
      someone bigger than me to sleep comfortably, but not
      much room to sit up. Also, entry into the tent can be
      kind of awkward. The recommended setup steps are to:
      - assemble the poles and insert them into the
      pole sleeves, larger pole first
      - place pins at the edges of the floor into pole
      - stake down the fly near the entrance
      - stake down the fly at the rear end
      - attach s-hooks on the fly’s shock cords to
      rings at back of the tent
      - stake down sides of the fly

      From my experiences, it is important to insert the
      poles before doing any staking. Besides that, the
      variations on the recommended setup produce good
      results. The tent and its components fit easily into
      the stuff sack. I find this very convenient, though
      some may wish to pack it more compactly. On
      backpacking trips, I do not take the stuff sack, but
      rather spread the parts of the tent in convenient
      locations throughout my pack.

      Field Tests

      I have used this tent extensively over the past four
      years. It has been on countless car camping trips,
      and four backpacking trips. I have set it up and
      spent the night in it about 60 times. I’ve heard some
      complaints about the poles being flimsy and breaking,
      but I have not had any problems with mine. The ends
      of the fiberglass are getting a little splintered and
      rounded, but they are still functional.

      The first time I used the tent was on a long weekend
      car camping trip near Mt. Hood, OR. It rained, mostly
      drizzle and moderate, throughout the trip. I noticed
      no discomfort from the rain. There was some slight
      moisture at the sides of the tent, but my sleeping bag
      and I remained dry. The only discomfort I felt was in
      getting used to the small size of the tent. This was
      mainly because I had never slept in a solo tent.

      Since then the tent has been exposed to humid and hot
      Midwestern nights, cooler autumn nights, slight rains,
      as well as thunder storms. The tent has been pitched
      on soft and packed ground, as well as coral and rocks.
      It has held up well! However, I needed to use
      heavier duty stakes than were provided when I pitched
      it on coral in Key Largo. I usually pitch it on top
      of a clear plastic tarp.

      I find it nice to be able to roll up the fly for
      ventilation on hot nights. However, it was kind of
      difficult for me to get out of the tent and secure the
      fly properly when it would begin to rain. The tent
      has proven to be very rain proof. The sides can
      sometimes get a bit wet, but it was easy for me to
      avoid leaning against them.
      Things I Like
      - Light for the price paid
      - Packs compactly
      - Roll-up fly
      - Keeps me dry

      Things I Don’t Like
      - Not enough room do much but sleep
      - Not free-standing

      Overall, the Eureka! Solitaire is a great solo tent
      for those who are not claustrophobic. It is
      relatively light for a tent within its price range,
      rain-proof, and versatile in different weather
      conditions. It was my first tent and I would
      recommend it to anyone who wants a good light
      traditional tent for solo backpacking and camping.

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