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Re: EDIT: Owner Review: Atlas Snowshoes - 12 Series Mike Helminger

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  • Mike Helminger
    Sorry about the delay Roger. My life has been a little scrambled at the moment since I m dealing with a knee injury and everything seems to be out of whack. I
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 29, 2005
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      Sorry about the delay Roger. My life has been a little scrambled at
      the moment since I'm dealing with a knee injury and everything seems
      to be out of whack. I will revise this report later tonight/tomorrow
      and repost accordingly.

      --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, "Roger Caffin"
      <r.caffin@t...> wrote:
      > EDIT: Owner Review: Atlas Snowshoes - 12 Series Mike Helminger
      > Hi Mike
      > An interesting Owner Review (I'm interested in buying some
      > myself).
      > There is a lot of good stuff here, but we do have two two major
      > You emphasise comparisons a lot. We try to avoid
      running 'shootouts' between
      > two brands, focusing instead on reviewing just the brand/model in
      hand. On
      > the other hand, when someone has a lot of experience with many
      brands, it is
      > OK to compare the brand being reviewed with 'the market'. I am not
      > that you have too much shootout here, but it is getting a little
      bit close.
      > It would be different if you had had lots of experience with
      several other
      > brands, but I gather this is not really so.
      > The other problem is the very limited amount of time spent on these
      > snowshoes - only about 10 hours. This means you cannot present any
      long term
      > experience about reliability. Other snowshoe reviews we carry have
      > at least a full hard season of use. For users who might want to
      use the
      > shoes on a trip lasting a week or two, this is a serious
      deficiency. It has
      > caused some discussion among the editors as to whether it is
      acceptable -
      > hence the delay in reply.
      > What to do? At the least, you must make it very clear that you
      have only
      > limited experience with both this brand and with the other brands,
      and that
      > 'this is how it seemed to me' or similar. However, I do NOT think
      you should
      > remove the comparisons: that would remove a lot of the value which
      you are
      > bringing. If you can enhance the review a little more it would
      > There are also some small detail edits to be looked after, as
      listed below.
      > When you have attended to all this could you REPOST on this
      channel and put
      > the full html version in the Tests/Owner Reviews folder please. We
      do need
      > to check that out as well.
      > Cheers
      > Roger Caffin
      > BGT OR Editor
      > -----------------------
      > > Height: 6'0"
      > EDIT: 6' 0" (space)
      > > Weight: 180 lbs (82 kg)
      > EDIT: 180 lb (no s)
      > > Reviewer's Background:
      > > I moved to Washington State in January, 2004. Since then, I've
      > EDIT: the limit for this section is 100 words. You have 114. A
      hard life, I
      > know, but I would be hauled up by the powers that be if I let it
      > > Listed Weight: 4 lbs 4 oz (1.9 kg)
      > > Weight as Purchased: 4lbs 7 oz (2.0 kg)
      > EDIT: lb (no s)
      > > This report is based on five uses of the Atlas 1225 Snowshoe.
      > EDIT: you must include more information about how much use this
      > I understand that you have only had about 10 hours total. That is
      > short.
      > > above average and the float is acceptable.
      > EDIT: I am left wondering what you mean by 'acceptable'. You
      should add an
      > explanation covering snow depth and snow types.
      > > The narrow width allows me to take a normal stride, even if I
      > > to walk duck-footed.
      > EDIT: ah - I got slightly lost here. Could you explain please what
      > means? I understand 'duck-footed', but not what you are implying.
      > > major manufacturers including Atlas, Tubs, MSR, Redfeather,
      > EDIT: Tubbs
      > > And for coming down the mountain,
      > > these shoes are a blast. The traction is such that if desired,
      > > glissading is quite easy - a feature that is not only fun, but
      > > saves time and energy.
      > EDIT: you also need to add a bit here. You seem to be implying
      that the
      > traction is not that great. Does this mean you can come down hills
      slowly as
      > well, or is it usually a bit of a slide?
      > > Durability: Through my limited use, I have found no wear on the
      > Edit: skip comma. The 'limited' bit must be emphasised. You might
      > rephrasing too - 'With my limited use I have ...' perhaps.
      > > 25" x 8" x 4" +/- (63 cm x 20 cm x 10 cm) (LxWxH).
      > EDIT: what do you mean by the '+/-' here? Maybe best to omit?
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