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OWNERS REVIEW - Gasmate lamp

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  • dennis hayman
    GASMATE BUTANE LAMP Testers Biography Name: Dennis Hayman Age: 53 Gender: Male Height: 5ft 5in or 165 cm Weight: 163lbs or 74kg Email:
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 29, 2005
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      Testers Biography

      Name: Dennis Hayman

      Age: 53

      Gender: Male

      Height: 5ft 5in or 165 cm

      Weight: 163lbs or 74kg

      Email: luckys57@...

      Residence: Bullsbrook Western Australia

      Date: 24/06/05

      Backpacking Background:

      Started Backpacking late in 2004 and have now been out 4 times and covered 152 kms on various types of terrain from beach to dense forrest to hilly. I am basically a weekend backpacker and addicted to it already. All of my trekking has been done on the Bibbulmum track in Western Australia and the weather conditions have varied from 107 farenheit (42c) to 42 farenheit (6c) over the past 6 months.

      Product information

      Brand: GASMATE

      Weight using kitchen scales .61 lbs (.28g) inc chain,mantle

      Weight of protective case 0.088 lbs (.04g)

      Self ignition

      Frosted glass Made in West Germany

      Hanging chain

      Lamp Dimensions: Height 120mm

      Diameter 90mm at maximum point

      Carry case Dimensions Height 4.92 inches (125mm)

      Diameter 3.7inches (95mm)

      Description: This is a little beauty gas lamp. It comes with the self igniter and a hanging chain. Connection to gas bottle is of thread type and is of brass construction with an inner and outer rubber grommet seals. There is a plastic but very robust knob for adjusting the gas flow and ignition. Around the glass is a chrome wire cage with a flip up solid stainless lid hinged on one side and spring clip on the other. The glass is frosted . A hanging chain is connected to either side of the wire cage and is 50 inches (600mm) in total length giving you 25 inches (300mm) in clearance when hanging up. The chains have clips for easy removal

      The carry case come in a green color and has a zip around the top for removal of the lamp. Inside there is a plastic sleeve to keep its shape and strength against crush . On the outer there is a loop strap for attaching to your pack.

      Field test and review

      The lamp has now been out on 3 treks and traveled 60 miles (100k) over some rugged terrain. The carry case although very well made I have noticed the inner plastic strengthener has parted from where it is joined to itself by two staples. The outer loop attached is a good idea but the only way to attach it is to thread a webbing through it. To me its more of a hand carry loop than an attachment loop. Zip fastener on the top has to date given no trouble.

      The lamp runs on a butane/propane mix and gives of adequate light but you do need to keep the lamp low to the ground for best lighting thus rendering the chain not necessary as you can carry the lamp by the bottle.The hanging chain also tends to tangle around the wire cage when in transit in its carry case. The normal string tie mantle is still holding together so it seems to travel quite well.

      The lamp connection to the bottle is very strong and the sealing o rings are good . My other walking partners are envious of my gas lamp and the weight is minimal extra to carry but the advantages of it are great

      The Regulator for the gas flow is not as good as one would expect. As you depress the igniter and open the valve to get it started you do tend to lose a bit of gas and once going the flow of gas can vary when you move the lamp around. Once up and running and left alone it works great.


      The GASMATE lamp is durable and compact and lightweight and gives off enough light

      and is economical although the gas control valve could do with some improvement. I would like to give this product further testing time and report on it again

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    • chcoa
      PLEASE READ THIS EMAIL IN FULL. IT IS MOST IMPORTANT! Thanks for your Owner s Review. It has been added to the Owner Review Queue and will be picked up by an
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