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Re: EDIT: OR - Mystery Ranch BDSB - Richard

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  • richardglyon
    Steve - I reposted the review, with corrections, on Monday, but somehow it didn t find its way onto the chatboard. I also reposted in the Test/Owner Review
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 29, 2005
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      Steve - I reposted the review, with corrections, on Monday, but
      somehow it didn't find its way onto the chatboard. I also reposted
      in the Test/Owner Review file. A few comments, then I'll separately
      repost the Repost. First, your comment on the pockets ("easily
      attached"): I have personally attached both the new MR and older DD
      pockets, so the "easily" is from my own experience. Second, the
      penultimate comment (about adjustment): I did my initial adjusting
      at the Bozeman store, so my comment about advice over the phone was
      indeed projecting. I deleted that sentence.

      --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, Nazdarovye
      <nazdarovye@y...> wrote:
      > Richard -
      > Excellent review - informative and interesting. Just a few minor
      > edits noted below - please address and repost with "REPOST" in
      > subject line, and I should be able to approve it quickly for
      > posting.
      > Regards,
      > Steve
      > BGT Edit Moderator
      > [EDITS FOLLOW:]
      > Listed weight: 8 lb 8 oz (3.9 kg).
      > ***EDIT: remove period after parenthesis for consistency with
      > entries in this section
      > Weight as delivered: 8 lb 5 oz (3.8 kg)
      > ...
      > MR sells accessory pockets that are easily attached to the
      > sides, and DD pockets (still have some from my Terraplane days)
      > too.
      > ***EDIT QUESTION: sounds like it may be the case, given that you
      > older pockets that you say work, but is "easily attached" from
      > own experience? If not, limit the comments to things you've
      > personally tried and can verify.
      > ...
      > The BDSB has several features not found on DD packs. The most
      > useful is the addition of one stretch pocket (made of spandura, a
      > spandex-cordura cross) on each side of the pack.
      > ***EDIT: Not sure if Spandura or Cordura are trademarked, but if
      > are, please capitalize them here and elsewhere in the review
      > ...
      > Special Features. is Shoulder straps on the detachable top section
      > are an inspired innovation.
      > ***EDIT: two comments - this sentence starts with what looks to be
      > superfluous "is"; also, I'm wondering if you will call out the
      > sentence fragments/titles (e.g., "Special Features" and elsewhere
      > throughout this section) - for example with bold type, or by
      > them on their own lines. That's your call as a style issue - just
      > curious.
      > ...
      > I found this much
      > more comfortable and efficient for my day hikes from base camp or
      > hike from camp to a fishing spot, since I could attach water bottle
      > and fishing box to my waist and carry lunch and rain gear on my
      > back.
      > ***EDIT: perhaps just a style thing, but "a water bottle" might
      > better
      > ...
      > Once one has decided to purchase,
      > the only minor adjustment is moving the frame to fit one's back,
      > this is easy enough to do oneself with telephone help.
      > ***EDIT: reword to fit your own experience, rather than project
      > others' (e.g., "The only minor adjustment I found necessary was
      > moving the frame to fit my back, and that was easy enough to do
      > myself...")
      > As to hip belt sizing, from experience with the Alpacka and other
      > packs, I
      > know that MR will send replacement parts, including improved
      > features, to its customers quickly and at its own expense.
      > ***EDIT: same comment; you can say from past experience what they
      > for you, but should avoid projecting how they might treat others
      > the future
      > [END OF EDITS]
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