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revised owners review- Microfast KT2 Tent

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  • Shorrelle Hayman
    Tested Item: Microfast KT2 o Tent Name: Shorrelle Hayman Age: 32 Gender:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 27, 2005
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      Tested Item: Microfast KT2 o Tent

      Name: Shorrelle Hayman
      Age: 32
      Gender: Female
      Height: 5' 4" (1.6m)
      Weight: 70kgs (11 stone), (154lbs)
      Email address: shorrelle@...
      City, State, Country: Perth, Western Australia, Australia
      Date: 24/06/05

      Backpacking Background:

      Started backpacking about 5 months ago and have been on 4 adventures. We are
      starting with the Bibbulmun Track in WA and go out for 2 nights at a time.
      We decked ourselves out with all the gear and in just 4 adventures I now
      manage to have nearly 2 of everything as my initial purchases were wrong for
      me. I go out hiking with my dad and friend and we absolutely love it. We
      don't mind a few luxuries but it's important to keep the weight down so we
      are always trying new things.

      Initially it was the race of who could have the lightest pack and now being
      winter it's all about being warm. My aim is to find the perfect pack

      We will tackle anything and the weather is not a deterrent. We have been
      out in a 42 degree day (108 F) and stayed out in the freezing cold. The
      terrain has to date consisted of the Darling Ranges outside of Perth,
      Australia and sand dunes and forests in the South West of Australia
      (Bibbulmun Track). You could say we are just your average walkers who are
      learning every day.

      The scary thing about us which our families and friends don't understand is
      that we LOVE hiking and we have all caught the hiking bug.

      Why I selected this tent

      I wanted to find the lightest tent possible as I was new to trekking and as
      I only had a 45 +10 litre backpack I had to find something that was small
      and compact and wouldn't take up too much room. After much research I came
      up with the following solution.

      Product Information

      Manufacturer: Highlander (imported by Oz Trail) Year of Manufacture:

      URL of top level manufacture's web site: www.highlander1.com

      Listed weight: 1.6kg including pegs, guy ropes and bag

      Size when pitched: 210 x 75 x 70cm (83 x 29.53 x 27.56 inches)

      (2100 x 750 x 700 mm), (6.89 x 2.46 x 2.3 feet), 2.10 x 0.75 x 0.70m)

      Size when packed: 45cm diameter x 12cm thick (17.72 x 4.72 in), 450 x 120
      mm), (1.48 x 0.39 ft), (45 x .12m)

      Weight as delivered: as above

      Product description: MicroFastR KT2 Self Pitch Bivi Tent

      MSRP: AU $169.95

      Ultralight and Compact 3 Hoop Single Skin Breathable as used by the
      Australian armed forces. PITCHES IN 5 SECONDS. Just release its retainer
      straps and it opens out into a waterproof shelter with a front awning. Full
      weather protection without condensation. Not free standing. If you are in
      a hurry, 2 pegs at the front and back will keep the tent upright.

      Field Information

      Location: (geography, terrain, elevation, etc.)

      This tent has been out on 3 excursions with me, we have traveled some 96km's
      (60 miles) together across large hills and over a few mountains. The
      elevation of the largest mountain was 400metres (.25 miles) in elevation
      over 3 km's (1.86 miles). This was Mt Cooke in Western Australia and we were
      on the Bibbulmun Track. After the 3rd trip I found my tent a bit annoying
      and as a result I now have two tents. It does however have many good

      When the ground is reasonable soft, the pegs go in no worries and like the
      description states, it does only need a few guide ropes and pegs to stay up.
      This is most convenient especially when you are tired and in a hurry to get
      into bed. If you are unable to peg into the ground, just tie the ropes
      around rocks.

      Weather conditions: (temperature, precipitation, etc.)

      I have used this tent in the very hot weather 35 degrees Celsius (95 F) and
      at approx 15 degrees Celsius (59 F). The 35 degree night it was very warm
      in my tent, but comfortable enough to have a good sleep. The 15 degree
      night was a different story as there was a lot of due in the air. The air
      flow inside the tent is minimal and I actually had condensation dripping
      down onto my sleeping bag. As a result it was wet inside my tent and I
      decided it was better to sleep outside of it. I am unsure why I experienced
      so much condensation as in the description it says 'without condensation'.

      The tent is very small and when you get in and out it is very hard not to
      touch the sides. The airflow flaps on the side are there for air circulation
      but I didn't find they stay open very well.

      Performance: (durability, convenience, etc.)

      If it's strictly convenience you are searching for the Microfast KT2 is
      fantastic. You pull it out of its bag and up she pops, just a few ropes
      tired down and you have your tent ready for action.

      The base of the tent is quite thin and if you have any prickly bushes on the
      ground you will find they poke through, so it is important to find smooth

      It carries in an oval shape bag, which is flat. I find that it consumed too
      much of my backpack and made it awkward to carry my other items. If I had a
      bigger pack it would have been more suitable.

      When it comes time to get it back in the carry bag, you just bend the poles
      over and around and poke it back in. You feel like you are squashing it a
      little and I was afraid of breaking my poles, but this has not happened to

      I do like how the tent has doors at both side and a little canopy to protect
      your backpack. The only problem is that the canopy has no floor and your
      pack would get damp from the wet ground. There is no room for your pack
      inside the tent unless you are very short.


      What first attracted me to this tent was its weight and I liked the idea of
      it being small and cozy. What I now don't like about this tent is that is
      very small and cozy. You can not sit up inside your tent only crawl on your
      hands and knees. If you have a slightly largish bottom, you can quite
      easily bring the whole thing down when trying to get in through the door.
      The tent is ideal in the summer months if its only purpose is for sleeping.
      I think it would be ideal for a smaller person or child as it is light and
      easy to erect.

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