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EDIT: REPOST- Owner Review- Metzeler Thermo Mat- Ralph Ditton

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  • Christine
    Hi Ralph, Here are some more edits on your OR. Of particular concern is the spacing on the HTML version. When you ve encorporated these edits, please REPOST
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 26, 2005
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      Hi Ralph,
      Here are some more edits on your OR. Of particular concern is the
      spacing on the HTML version. When you've encorporated these edits,
      please REPOST to the list and test folder.



      EDIT: There are extra spaces in the HTML version in the test folder,
      especially in the FEATURES section

      Personal Information:
      * Height: 1. 76 m (5' 9")
      EDIT: remove space after decimal – 1.76 m

      Product information
      EDIT: This is a different sized font than the rest of the report

      * Website: http://www.metzeler-schaum.de
      EDIT: The manufacturer's website isn't clickable in the test
      folder. Make sure it's clickable.

      * Listed Dimensions: 180 cm x 50 cm x 3 cm (71" x 19 " x 1 ")
      EDIT: no space between number and inch sign – 19". This comes up
      throughout the report (do a find and replace to remove)

      * Manufacturers Insulation Rating: 0,08 WK at a mat thickness of 3 cm
      (1 ")
      EDIT: if you know what WK stands for, please write that out

      * Fabric Cover: Air and water-tight anti-slip Polyurethane (PU)
      coated PES fabric
      EDIT: if you know what PES stands for, please write it out

      Field Information
      ranging from 16 C-42 C (61 F-108 F) during December to March and cool
      winters ranging from -3 C to 28 C (26 F to 85.5 F) during June to
      EDIT: remove dash in ranges to be consistent – "16 C to 42 C (61 F to
      108 F)"

      The sudden change of temperature on my body parts not on the mat
      EDIT: verb tense - "RESULTED"

      Packing the Mat
      On a few occasions I have packed the mat inside my backpack and
      letting the
      mat partially inflate.
      EDIT: verb tense- "...and LET the mat..."

      This results in the mat pushing the sides
      EDIT: verb tense- "This RESULTED..."

      Stuff Sack
      I always use the stuff sack when backpacking as it gives me one more
      of protection when wrapped inside my groundsheet..
      EDIT: "...as it gives THE MAT one more layer..."
      EDIT: extra period at end of sentence

      Points to Consider
      * Put a hot cup on the mat. The mat's fabric was not damaged or
      caused delaminated at the spot where the cup rested
      EDIT: remove the word "caused" – "...was not damaged or

      * Sat on the mat near a campfire. The mat did not over-pressurized
      causing a burst mat or delaminate
      EDIT: "The mat did not over-pressurize, burst, or delaminate."
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